Saldivar v JPMorgan Chase
Jackson v Countrywide
Foreclosure Overturned Due To Faulty Assignment
Final Judgment - Quiet Title
The Florida Bar
Negotiability in Foreclosure Crisis
3.8% Tax on Real Estate Closing Effective 1-1-2013
Vidal v Liquidation Properties Inc.
Hsh v Barclays Consolidated Complaint
PEB Report - November 2011
PEB Report - November 2011
RMBS Harvard Study
78758368 Letter to GAO on OCC Fed Foreclosure Review Process
78562631 JPMorgan Class Action
Cfo Ig Report on Bondi
69356099 Bevilacqua v Rodriguez Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court October 18 2011
Securitization Crisis
Reuters investigation finds that many banks are still employing the controversial foreclosure practices
Pub Test 2011 91 Written
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