Proverb Nation is a Brand New weekly column featuring an illustrated proverb combining beautiful graphics with a cultural proverb

, saying, or riddle from around the world. Each illustration quite cleverly depicts the proverb giving readers something simple yet sophisticated to ponder during their daily routine. While the proverbs have general themes such as encouragement, accomplishment, wisdom, friendship, happiness, love, family, etc. and could apply to absolutely anybody, they touch each reader differently in a unique, personal way. The weekly syndicated Proverb Nation contains an ethnic proverb written in the native language, with the English translation (equivalent if applicable) and

Proverbs, folk sayings, and riddles from around-the-world

illustration of course. The authors of this concept, two young women from southern California knew they had stumbled onto a hidden treasure when they printed and packaged their first box of Proverb Cards which were a huge sensation at a local so cal street fair. Taking the idea just a little further, they have collected over 170+ cultural proverbs from around the world and matched them up with artist Juste’s imaginative illustrations to create a novel “Why didn’t I think of that?” business. As part of Around-The-World proverb card packs, the two young entrepreneurs plan to debut their ‘Love & Friendship’ proverb card series just in time for Valentines Day 2008 and a Biblical proverb series in spring of ’08, each containing 12 unique proverbs from around the world.

by juste grumslyte & dalita lovett


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To feature the Proverb Nation syndicated column, please contact Dalita Lovett at (760) 715-6436 or email:

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