Peggy’s  Fabulous  7-­‐Layer  Salad  

Serves Eight! Layer Ingredients: ! Lettuce, celery, onion, peas and cheese.! Dressing:! Mix mayonnaise and sugar! Spread Dressing over cheese and refrigerate overnight. Top with bacon, tomato and sliced eggs and serve.! Don’t be afraid to switch ingredients and/or layers. This salad works well with scallions, parmesan cheese, broccoli or cauliflower. Have fun! I like to let my guests season their own salad, but feel free to salt and pepper your ingredients as you layer them, and feel free to layer in a different order. ! Cake Plate/Salad Dish: $21.85/Each!

1 Head Iceberg Lettuce, Chopped, Washed, Dried! 1 Red Onion, Diced! 1# Bacon, Cooked, Diced! 5 Stalks Celery, Diced! 2 Cups Shredded Cheddar or Parmesan! 5 Roma Tomatoes, Sliced or Diced! 15 oz. Frozen Peas! 6 Hard Boiled Eggs! 2 Cups Mayonnaise! 1 Tablespoon Sugar!

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