Humans share 60% of DNA with a banana.


The synthetic biological cell “Synthia” is the first living organism whose parent is not a living thing but a computer.

Giant Kelp

The Giant Kelp algae (Macrocystis pyrifera) is the fastes growing organisom on Earth and can grow at a rate of 70cm (two feet) a day.


The femur (thigh bone) is the largest and longest bone in the human body.

Dolphins Mayfly’s Jaw  Dolphins only “sleep” half awake – keeping one eye  An adultisconsciously is as short in the human bodybut  The whileMayfly’s life breathing and floating on the in the strongest muscle as a few minutes, open jaw it’s body hatches force. terms surface.of exerting for about a year.

and fingernails grown four times faster than toenails. convertingfood. Slow Loris Water CatfishBear Jellyfish Magnetoreception   To avoid predators. . (Tardigrade) in his compass” in The tiny Water Bear a have a “magnetic mouth until A kindmigratory birds mothereggs can survive its Some of jellyfish (Turritopsis Slow Loris upon reaching catfish father keeps the nutricula) licks offspring with to be before sending childhood by environtments extreme enough adulthood cansense called Magnetoreception) to help they body ( a transform itself to killthem off their are readypoisonhatched. them navigatecells. Lung  The lightest organ in the human body is the lung. Nails  The nails on long fingers grow faster than short fingers. It may repeat this field. Celsius close to Absolute Zero to as high as 151 degree Celsius. back toany other animal search for its using Earth’s magnetic to live – with temperatures as low as – 273 degree forever.Foot Size  The length between your elbow and hand (forearm) is equal to the length of your foot.

000). insects and ants toOcean times aand attach there to second bodies. . hearts. become its food.Woodpecker Chameleons Amazon River Earthworm Cordyceps   There species ofspecies of fish in“mind-control” than The fungus Cordyceps istongues haveas than their10 A large woodpecker can able to Amazon River other Chameleons often have peck as longer many as Some are more earthworm can fast as20 times a the entire Atlantic climb (Over day. like up to 12.000 plants 2.

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