We, CLIENTE Nº3 (hereinafter referred as “the Buyer’s) acting with full and corporate responsibility, that we are ready, willing and able to enter into a contractual agreement with Seller on the Sale Of Product (defined below) for the Quantity (defined below) on the following terms and conditions: Commodity : DIESEL GAS D2 LO.2/62-GOST 305/82 Quantity :2.000.000 BBLS x 12 months. Price per BBL: PLATT NWE MINUS USD 15 GROSS / USD 10 NET per BBL Delivery Port : FOB PORT CARTAGENA O MUSKIZ (Vizcaya) Total Quantity: 24.000.000 BBLS Products Origin: REPSOL YPF Payment : LETTER OF CREDIT Loading Port :To be designated by the seller Inspection :: SGS Banking Details Bank Name: XXXX Bank Address: XXXXX Account No. (USD) Swift Code XXX-XXXX Bank Officer Xxxx Bank Phone No. 12345 Bank Fax No. 12345 Account Name: Xxxxxx Soft Probe Allow Xxxxxxxx


LETTERHEAD  OF  BUYER   Payment and Procedure: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6). The validity of this LOI can be extended upon mutual written agreement between the Buyer’s and Seller’s. Signed and sealed by and onbehalf of: Xxxxxx Name: Xxxxx Title: Xxxxx . This LOI valid forfourteen (14) working days from the date of issue in above.