Kindergarten Supply List WCCA 2012-2013

Please label these supplies: Plastic Box approx. 5”x8” 1 pack Crayola Markers/broad tip 1 pack Crayola Markers/fine tip 1 pair Scissors (5”, child-safe) 2 Binders/hard cover, 1” Pocket Folders with prongs (paper, not plastic): 1 of each color-red, yellow, green, blue, purple 1 Beach Towel/Large Towel Backpack (will hold binders, extra clothing) Do not label these community supplies: 12 glue sticks (remove from packages) 6 pencils (yellow, #2 lead) 24 color-pack Crayola Crayons 1 spiral notebook (1 subject, wide-ruled) 1 pack Multi-Colored Construction Paper 1 box Tissues 1 box Bandaids 1 box Gallon or Quart size Ziplock Bags 1 container Lysol/Clorox Wipes

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