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Gilmore The Experience Economy:
Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage

By:Nupur Bhatia Abhishek Baliya Arun Jain Sonali Patange Leena Sonparate

 That 10 Rs cup of coffee at the local shop becomes a 100 Rs cafe latte when served at a Barista.  Companies must “experientialize” their goods.Introduction  It’s no longer enough for companies to simply provide goods and services to consumers.  Simple experience wrapping around services will not work but companies need to design engaging experiences that command a fee.  Surround products with experiences that make using them more memorable. This is because of the experience. .

Progression of economic value commodities services goods Experience Designing an experience Harmonize Positive cues Mix n Memorabilia Eliminate negative cues Engage 5 senses .

FEATURES OF EXPERIENCE • Commodities. goods and services are external while experience is inherently personal. 1 memorable 2 revealed over a duration 3 seller is a stager 4 buyer is a guest 5 factors of demand is sensation .


No company sells experiences as its economic offering unless it actually charges guests an admission fee.IDEA • The idea behind selling experience is to bring the company image and brand both to life and differentiate from other competitors. . it can be an indication of what company is offering different from others. • It is to be noted that charging admission is fair.

Objectives • The primary objective is to reach the consumer by delivering the Brand’s promise through memorable experiential brand interaction. the ambience. . waterfall. • E.: The service in Taj Hotel gives a memorable experience with soft music.g.

. • • Content = idea + display + entertainment Context = right audience + right activity • Eg: Vodaphone gave away ZooZoo toys to the new customers enrolled.Strategy • In every instance bring branded content to the right context to give a good experience.

It is tattoos. It is companionship.Harley-Davidson: More than a motor cycle? HarleyDavidson is more than a product. It is the experiences of the long and winding roads. . It is a way of life.

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