Executive Summary Yoodles by Demeter want to enter in noodles category which has been a monopoly c ategory of one brand

. Consumer purchase behavior is transforming in the growing self-service model of MT. Consumer look for batter value, Discounts, USP, bulk p urchase, combo packs while want to process least information in the ‘Brand Clutter’. Since Yoodles USP is health values, we propose our new target segment to be th e professionals and institutions, while retaining kids focus and logically our v arious BTL activities will promote health and nutrition at similar reference pri ces. We propose innovative placement of Yoodle’s with nutritious items in the reta il stores. We also propose unique CSR drive against mal-nutrition for customer e ngagement while strengthening health focus. Objective Study the modern trade consumer behavior in noodles category Based on primary research, find the sales opportunity and identify the segments Design a BTL strategy based on purchase behaviour of the target segment Design a shopper’s engagement program to retain customers and build brand loyalty Methodology for the case study –

Field Study: Analysing various products in the noodle’s category: Spensor’s Daily in a market in a residential area in Aliganj, Lucknow – Used for dai ly utility purchases by households

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