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1. The Ossington Strip is "Lowrise" (1 to 4 storeys). Ossington does NOT fall under any of the categories (Downtown, Avenues, etc.) that Toronto's Official Plan targets for "Midrise" (5 to 10 storeys) development. 2. Midrise growth on Ossington would have destabilizing negative impacts on the Ossington business community: loss of distinctive character that makes Ossington a destination district, chain retail threatening local small business the residential community: looming over and shadowing of dozens of homes, balconies up to 70ft bringing noise and privacy intrusions, typically small units means transient population, doubling of cars and trucks on laneways and side streets the school communities: serious safety concerns about 70+ cars and trucks crossing paths of children and families walking to Givins-Shaw and Santo Christo schools, increased traffic around playgrounds, balconies up to 70 ft up raising concerns about overlook 3. Most buildings on Ossington are 1 to 3 storeys, far below the current bylaw limits. We have not outgrown the bylaws. For these reasons, I thank Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton for setting up the summer Ossington Visioning Process and passing through City Council the resolution for an Ossington Area Study, and call on Councillor Layton to act further to Keep Ossington Lowrise, including: 1. Vote only for Lowrise on the Ossington Strip; 2. Require pre-application community consultation for developers hoping to do business on Ossington and the Dundas Bend; 3. Maintain full transparency in any negotiations with developers; 4. Take as the starting point in the summer Visioning Process the assumption that Ossington is, and will remainin fact and in lawLowrise.

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