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Satyamev' Jayate next episode 15 July 2012
Will Aamir Khan bring to book those Culprits who have been glorified, and set
right the history books of India?
8 July 7¯l° 2012 Sunday ¯l¬¬l¯ 16:15 PM
Moghuls created vast number of untouchables amongst Hindoos by forcing them to pick up and
dispose off massive amounts of excreta coming out of Haarems which housed hundreds of wives
and thousands of kids. When Aamir Khan will bring his forefathers to books who did this
inhuman act to the Hindoos?
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Kaayen' Vaacha Mansendriyaiva Budhyaatmana va Prakrite Svabhaavaat';
Karomi Yad Yad Sakalm Parasmai Naaraayanaayeti Samarpayaami!
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