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Licensing Act 2003

Licensing Act 2003

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(1) Where, before the end of the period for which relevant premises are to be
closed under a closure order or any extension of it (the “closure period”), the
responsible senior police officer reasonably believes that—

(a) a relevant magistrates’ court will not have determined whether to
exercise its powers under section 165(2) in respect of the closure order,
and any extension of it, by the end of the closure period, and

(b) the conditions for an extension are satisfied,

he may extend the closure period for a further period not exceeding 24 hours
beginning with the end of the previous closure period.

(2) The conditions for an extension are that—

(a) in the case of an order made by virtue of section 161(1)(a), closure is
necessary in the interests of public safety because of disorder or likely
disorder on, or in the vicinity of and related to, the premises,

(b) in the case of an order made by virtue of section 161(1)(b), closure is
necessary to ensure that no public nuisance is, or is likely to be, caused
by noise coming from the premises.

(3) An extension in relation to any relevant premises comes into force when a
constable gives notice of it to an appropriate person connected with any of the
activities to which the disorder or nuisance relates or is expected to relate.

(4) But the extension does not come into force unless the notice is given before the
end of the previous closure period.

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