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Report on Hotel Industry

Report on Hotel Industry

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Published by Katherine Willis

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Published by: Katherine Willis on Jul 15, 2012
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International society of Hospitality consultant represents a significant part of the lodging

industry brain power, it was disheartening that rising energy costs and other environment

related issues. Is it any wonder that the lodging industry has such a long way to go to

become sustainable keeping in mind that there are lot of positive things happening in the

industry, and that are a lot of industry leaders who do recognize the importance of

environmental protection, here is my own list for the new year. The environmental issues

facing the Hospitality industry in 2009.

Staying ahead of rising energy costs. Industry didn‘t get a breather from

skyrocketing energy costs in he second half of 2008, but prices were still higher

than the previous years for the fifth straight year.

Climate change as evidence continues to mount regarding the reality of global

warming, how will the lodging industry reacts. What companies will demonstrates

the greatest leadership.

Indoor air quality last year saw Marriott, Westin and other transition to 100 percent

non-smoking environment.

At the association level, the lodging industry is hungry for leadership. Individual to

take the lead in pushing the industry towards sustainability.

Meeting planner‘s increasingly will require green practices as they select their

meeting destinations. What hotel companies and cities will be best poisoned to

take advantages of this trend.

There is a needed for a greater environmental presence at the lodging industry

largest trade shows. Will that happen in 2009, The national restaurant Assn show

in Mumbai will feature a Green Restaurant products pavilion for the second year.



These are just some of the environmental related issues the lodging industry will face in

new year. As you meet with your management teams this month, be sure to set

measurable, green goals and make the environment a priority.

Indian Hotel Industry:

Hospitality is about serving the Guests to provide them with, “FEEL-GOOD-EFFECT”.

ATITHI DEVO BHAVA, [GUEST is GOD]. Has been one of Central tenets of Indian

culture since times Immemorial.In India, the Guest is treated with Utmost warmth and

respect and is provided with Best Services. Today, Hospitality sector is one of the Fastest

Growing sector in India. It is expected to grow at the higher rate in the upcoming years.

Now a day, almost the Travel and Tourism industry is also included in Hospitality sector.

The boom in Travel and Tourism industry has led to the further development of

Hospitality Industry. Even, the Tourism department in India has come up with a new

Brand. The ―INCREDIBLE INDIA‖ and has a Slogan ―ATITHI DEVO BHAVA‖. A

campaign to boost Tourism and Hotel Industry

The Indian Hotel Industry has witnessed tremendous boom in recent years. It is

inextricably linked with Tourism Industry and the Growth in Indian Tourism Industry has

fuelled the Growth of Hotel Industry.

Indian Hotel Industry Continues to Grow Robustly in the upcoming years. The highest

Growth can be attributed to the Increase in Foreign Tourist arrivals, the popularity of

Heritage sites and International events such as the Common wealth Games being held in

the Country.



Thus, The Future Scenario of Indian Hotel Industry looks BRIGHT. [TAJ HOTEL:

Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata Opened Taj‘s First Hotel on December 16, 1903, The Taj

Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai. This Grand Hotel Epitomized a Philosophy that still

holds True Today, Provide Impeccable Service and Unparallel Facilities so Every Stay is


This significant growth of the tourism industry is the direct result of changes in

international consumer behaviours as well as economic prosperity and political stability

within the region. Historically, the supply of lodging facilities within the region has

proved to be both inadequate in terms of product quality as well as insufficient in quantity

for meeting the increasing levels of demand

These elements of supply and demand have created a favourable investment climate for

development within the region, resulting in a real estate boom in both tourism and

residential development. The growth in residential real estate development has been

primarily driven by foreign demand for vacation and retirement homes in both urban and

resort destinations within the region. Investment and development has been further

supported by the variety of financial incentives for investment in tourism projects offered

by national governments as well as the availability of local capital for the financing of

large projects.

The first goal is to find ways to operate the hotel according to the idea of a ―triple bottom
line,‖ which embodies profitable operation combined with attention to the people who use

and work in the hotel and a focus on careful stewardship of resources. While that goal is

important, even more vital is to use the hotel‘s position as an industry leader in the
nation‘s capital to demonstrate to the hotel industry, customers, and vendors that

sustainable operation is the best strategy to ensure successful hotel operation. The

sustainability initiative goes beyond such well-known ideas as reusing guest linens,

recycling waste materials, and changing to compact fluorescent lamps.



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