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Know your case study [LINBY – A GROWING SETTLEMENT]


Linby is a village near the town of Hucknall in

Nottinghamshire. From Linby there is easy access to:

· The M1
· The A6 and the A611 – to Nottingham or Mansfield

Settlement Change
Site of the proposed new development
· In 1988 the population of Linby was
67. This had risen to 140 by 2002.
· Due to increased personal mobility (more families with cars) people are now more able to live
further from urban areas such as Hucknall and Nottingham with their jobs and services.
· There is high demand for housing in Linby, largely due to counterurbanisation, as people seek a
rural/semi­rural life.
· Linby has been targeted by Ashfield District Council as a location for new development.
· There are currently plans for a large development in Linby, mostly on land at Top Wighay Farm.
· This development will form a new compact community including;
o 595 new homes.
o A new primary school.
o A healthcare centre.
o Shopping facilities, including a small Tesco.
o A park and ride facility with access to an extension of the Tram system.

The effects of the change

· The growth in population has eroded the village’s character and the natural beauty of the area.
· The local population have banded together with the Parish council to fight the development as the
Greenbelt Action Group – this is causing conflict between different groups.
· However, with an increase in population there will be the necessary threshold population to
support a range of new services (listed above).
· Further developments are likely to increase congestion in the village and on the A611 and A6.
· The new development would take pressure off the local housing stock, providing much needed new
housing for the local population.
LAJ – June 2007