Marketing research Proposal

ON “Downfall of sales of nokia”

SUBMITTED TO Prof. Tripti ghosh Sharma SUBMITTED BY Chandan Gupta shah Deepak kumar jaiswal Prateek Khare Sagar Jena Pulkit sinsinwar Abhinav Sharma Abha Chaudhary

Usage data of popular mobile operating system of the decade Financial data of nokia company itself. The data are to be analyzed through different standard methods of data analysis. The research design is used in this research is descriptive research. On behalf of a marketing research firm.9% in 2008.survey. The objective of this research is to find out the various trends prevailing in the mobile market in India. The information are collected from secondary and also primary sources through online surveys and personal interview. Primary data collection through questionnaire. From this research. The cost and the time required for the research project is also mentioned in the research proposal.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Nokia has been leading the market in the mobile handset industry worldwide but the market share in India has decreased to 30. we have prepared the particular research proposal to be drafted to the nokia company to win the project of research to be conducted on behalf of them. RESEARCH PARAMETERS:      Past performance data of market share of mobile companies. MEASURES UNDERTAKEN: A throughout research will be done in order to identify the key areas responsible for the decline on the market share of nokia . The various reasons that had been responsible for the same and in what peculiar way it had contributed to the declining market share of nokia. The problem that had been addressed here is the decline of nokia sales in the mobile market. Past performance data of nokia for the decade. questionnaire.1% in 2011 from 59. we will try to find out what are the various problems the company is facing to regain it’s market share. . and secondary data has been taken into consideration for the same.

The report for 2011 shows that sales has been declined by 7% and operating margin decreased by 41% year on year.6 million units compared to 28. The main reason for decline in sales is low demand for smartphones. The company posted a 31 percent decline in smartphone shipments. such as Samsung. The sales data given below with market shares in India Market share and sales of Nokia and it’s competitors Market Share In 2009 1. selling only 19. The Customers of Nokia Mobiles are shifting to these companies. Micromax. According to the recent report in jan-2012. are the major players who had shared the share of Nokia. the problem with the company is to find out why the customers are shifting to other handset and decreased demand for smart phones launched by Nokia. sales had been continuously decreasing and had been overtaken by competitors.20% 11% Nokia 54% Samsung Micromax . and Lava. Thus.6 million the previous corresponding quarter.Background (Information and research) Nokia was leader in the market of mobile handsets till 2008. but after 2008.

24% 20.90% 39% Nokia 28% Samsung Micromax Market share in 2010 6.30% Samsung Miromax .50% Nokia 49.Market share in 2011 11.

Sales of Nokia and Competitors (2009-2011) 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2009 9.29 48 76.73 2010 2011 Figs In Millions .9 Sales 55.98 36 Nokia Samsung 15.3 Micromax 9.1 1.2 31.

Identify the competitors and ways to compete.  Purchasing habbits of customers. To clarify the customer’s attitude towards the Nokia products & services. Internet. To get insight into the demand and behavior of customers targeted by Nokia. Internet and E-mail.  Usages pattern of the customers.  The data will be collected regarding the perception attitude and preferences of the customers regarding various handsets. . Research Design       The research design will include Descriptive research Primary data Surveys and questionnaire methods.  Finally the data will be analyzed applying various tools of data analysis to find out the required conclusions. mail and Mall intercepts. Nominal and Audinal scale.OBJECTIVE OF RESEARCH      To find out the reasons for decline in sales of Nokia cell phones. Approach to the research Our methodology to develop survey will combine literature review and sampling from major retail outlets of Nokia and other mobile providers. The approach will be based on the following factors  We will conduct a survey to collect the data required for the research through – Mall intercepts. Types of questions: Attitude and perception towards mobile handsets.

Appearance E. Awareness. HTC D. Which company’s mobile are you using. Which mobile would you prefer to purchase? A.Function C. Internet: . Samsung C. Others . Micromax 2. On what basis do you choose this company’s mobile? A. attitude and perception towards Nokia brand.  Sampling Plan The sample will be selected through convenient technique of sampling.200 samples Sample of questions to be asked. Samsung C. blackberry E. We have made decision to carry out total of 1000 samples using various techniques.mails:.400samples Mall Intercepts:. Nokia B. Price B. 1. Trend 3.400 samples E. Blackberry E. Features D.HTC D. This will help to find out the differences and choice of the customers regarding different handsets. Nokia B. Micromax F. currently? A.

Which company mobile do you think are perfectly viable for the present generation? A.Nokia B. Reliability C.  Regression analysis.we will analyse the relationship between prices of various handsets and the no. What are the reasons according to you are lacking in nokia ? A. Features B. blackberry E.4.price 5.  Reporting  Cost & time  Appendices .of customers using various handsets. Samsung C. technological parameters D.others D. Micromax Field works and data collection  Primary data collection Internet – controlled E.mail – controlled Mall intercept – controlled Data analysis  Percentage analysis – what percentage of customers are using which mobile?  Central tendency – The average no. HTC F. customers are preferring.


Does the nokia phone offers a reasonable price? A. others 8. micromax D. On what basis do you choose this company’s mobile? A.QUESTIONNAIRE 6. htc D.Except nokia your other preferred brands ? A. Features B. Features D. Nokia os C.Price D. blackberry E. samsung C.Nokia .Nokia B. samsung C. blackberry E.Nokia B. Which company mobile do you think are perfectly viable for the present generation? A. Which mobile would you prefer to purchase ? A.RIM D. blackberry E. samsung C. micromax F. which of the following mobile os you find the best? A. micromax F. technological parameters D. What are the reasons according to you are lacking in nokia ? A.symbian B. micromax F. Which company mobile has the widest product range? A. Which company’s mobile are you 9.others 11. htc D. blackberry E.Function C. others 7. Trend 8. Samsung C.yes B. Realiability C. samsung D. Appearance E. others 9.price 10. micromax F.Nokia B. currently? A. blackberry E.

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