Barrons Word List 1 to 5 Abet Actuarial Acuity Adjuration Adjutant Adventitious Advert Aerie Affected Affix Affliction Affront

Aghast Agog Alcove Alimony Allay Allege Allegiance Alliteration Allude Allure Aloft Ambivalence Ambrosia Amenities Amiss Amity Amnesia Ample Amok(Amuck) Amulet Analgesic Anathema Anecdote Animadversion Animus Annals Annotate Anodyne Anoint Antagonism Antediluvian Anthology Antic Anticlimax Antiquated Antithesis Anvil Ape Aphasia Aphorism Apiary Aplomb Apocryphal Apogee Apologist Apostate Apothegm Apotheosis Appall Apparition Appellation Application Apposite Apprehend Apprehensive Apprise Appropriate Appurtenances Apropos Apropos Aquiline Arabesque Arable Arboretum Arcane Archipelago Ardor Argot Aria Armada Arraign Array Array Arroyo Artifact Artifice Artisan Ascendancy Ascribe Asinine Askance Askew Asperity Aspersion Aspirant Aspire Assail Assiduous Assuage Assumption Astral Astringent Asunder Asylum Atavism Atone Atrocity Atrophy Attenuate Attribute Attribute Augury August Aureole Automaton Autopsy Avenge Aver Averse Avert Avid Avocation Avow Awe Awl Awry Azure Babble Bacchanalian Badger Badinage Bait Baleful Balk Balk Balmy Banal Bandy Bane Baneful Bantering Barefaced Baroque Barterer Bask Bastion Bate Bauble Bawdy Beatify Beatitude Bedizen Beeline Begrudge Beguile Beholden Behoove Belabor Beleaguer Belie Bemoan Bemused Benison Bent Bequeath Berate Bereavement Bereft Berserk Beseech Beset Beseige Besmirch Bestial Bestow Bevy Bigotry Bilk

Barrons Word List 6 to 10 Billowing Bivouac Bizzare Blanch Bland Blandish Blare Blasé Bleak Blighted Blithe Bloated Blowhard Bludgeon Bluff Bluff Blurt Bluster Bode Bouillon Bowdlerize Braggadocio Brandish Bravado Brawn Brazen Breach Brindled Bristling Broach Brocade Brooch Brook Brunt Brusque Buccaneer Buffet Buffet Bugaboo Bullion Bulwark Bungle Burlesque Burnish Buttress Buxom Cabal Cadge Caldron Callous Callow Calumny Cameo Canard Canker Canny Cant Cantankerous Cantata Capitulate Captious Carafe Carapace Careen Carillon Carousal Carping Carrion Cartographer Cataclysm Catechism Categorical Catharsis Catholic Caucus Caulk Causal Cauterize Cavalier Cavil Cede Celibate Centaur Centurion Cerebration Cession Chafe Chaff Chaffing Chagrin Chalice Champion Chary Chase Chaste Chasten Chastened Checkered Cherubic Chimerical Chisel (v) Chivalrous Chortle Cipher Circumlocution Circumscribe Circumvent Cistern Citadel Clairvoyant Clamber Clangor Clapper Clarion Claustrophobia Cleft Clemency Clientele Climactic Clime Cloister Clout Coda Coddle Codicil Coercion Coeval Cog Cogent Cogitate Cognate Cognitive Cognizance Cohabit Cohorts Coiffure Coin Colander Collage Collate Collateral Collation Colloquy Comely Comeuppance Comity Commandeer Commiserate Compact Complacency Complaisant Compliance Complicity Comport Compunction Conceit Concerted Conciliatory Conclave Concoct Concomitant Concur Condescend Condign Condiment Condone Conducive Confidant Confiscate Conflate Confluence Confound Congeal Conjecture Conjure Connivance Consanguinity Conscientous Conscript Consecrate .

Barrons Word List 11 to 15 Consequential Conservatory Consign Consort (v) Consort (N) Constituent Construe Contempt Contend Contention Contentious Contest Continence Contingent (N) Contortions Contraband Contravene Contrite Contrived Contumacious Contusion Converse Convert (N) Convoke Coquette Corpulent Corroborate Coterie Countenance (v) Countenance (N) Countermand Covenant Covert Covetous Cozen Crabbed Crass Craven Credence Credo Creed Crestfallen Cringe Crone Crotchety Crux Crypt Cubicle Cuisine Culinary Cull Culmination Culpable Cupidity Curmudgeon Cursive Cursory Cynical Cynosure Dabble Dais Dally Dank Dapper Dappled Daub Deadpan Debauch Debilitate Debunk Debutante Decapitate Decollete Decoy Decrepitude Defeatist Defection Defer Deference Defiance Defile Defoliate Defray Deft Defunct Degenerate Deign Delineate Delirium Delude Deluge Delve Demeanor Demented Demolition Demoniac Demotic Demur (N) Demur (v) Demure Denigrate Denizen Denotation Denouement Denouement Deplore Deploy Depose Deposition Depravity Deprecate Depredation Derange Derelict Deride Descry Desecrate Desolate (ADJ) Desolate (v) Despoil Despondent Desuetude Desultory Detterent Devious Devolve Diabolical Diadem Dialectical Diatribe Dictum Didactic Diffidence Dilapidated Dilatory Dilettante Diminution Din Dingy Diorama Dire Dirge Disabuse Disaffected Disband Disburse Discerning Discombobulated Discomfit Disconcert Disconsolate Discretion Discursive Disdain Disgorge Disgruntle Disjunction Dislodge Disparate Dispel Disport Disquietude Disquisition Dissemble Dissent Dissident Dissimulate Dissolution Distrait Distraught Divest Divulge Docket Doddering Doggerel Doldrums Dolt Domicile Don # Doff Domineer .

Barrons Word List 16 to 20 Dormer Dotage Dote Dour Douse Dowdy Downcast Drab Draconian Drivel Droll Drone (v) Dulcet Dupe Dwindle Ecclesiastic Eclectic Edict Edify Eerie Ebullient Effervescence Effete Effluvium Effrontery Effusion Egregious Elated Elicit Elixir Ellipsis Emaciated Emancipate Embed Embellish Embroil Emend Emetic Emissary Emollient Emolument Empathy Emulate Enamored Enclave Encomiastic Encumber Endue Engage Engender Engross Enjoin Enmity Enrapture Ensconce Ensue Entail Enthrall Entity Entrance Entreat Entrée Enunciate Epaulet Epicure Epigram Epilogue Epistemologist Epithet Equable Equipoise Equity Errant Escapade Eschew Espionage Espouse Estrangled Ethos Eugenic Evince Exact Exalt Excoriate Execrable Execrate Exegesis Exemplary Exempt Exhilarating Exhort Exigency Exiguous Exorcise Expansive Expatiate Expedient Expiate Expletive Expository Expostulation Expropriate Extant Extemporaneous Extenuate Extirpate Extort Extradition Extraneous Extricate Exuberance Exude Exult Facetious Facile Factious Factitious Factotum Fallow Fancied Fancier Farce Fastidious Fatalism Fatuous Fawning Faze Febrile Feckless Feint Felicitous Felicity Fell Felon Feral Ferment Ferret Fervid Fete Fiat Fickle Figment Figurine Filch Filial Filigree Finicky Firebrand Flaccid Flag Flail Flair Flamboyant Flaunt Flay Fleck Fledgling Fleece (N) Fleece (V) Flick Flippant Flit Floe Florid Flounder Flout Fluster Fluted Foil (N) Foil (V) Foist Foliage Foment Fop Foray Ford Forestall Forgo Forlorn Forsake .

Barrons Word List 20 to 25 Forswear Forte Fortitude Fortuitous Fracas Fractious Frail Frantic Fraught Fray Fresco Fret Frieze Frigid Fritter Frolicsome Frond Froward Fructify Fulcrum Fulminate Fulsome Functionary Furor Furtive Fusillade Gadfly Gaffe Gainsay Gait Gale Gall (N) Gall (V) Galleon Galvanize Gambol Gamut Garbled Gargantuan Garish Garner Gastronomy Gaunt Gavel Gawk Genteel Gentry Genuflect Germane Gerrymander Gestate Gesticulation Gibe Giddy Gingerly Gist Glean Gloat Gloss over Glower Glut Glutinous Gnarled Gnome Goad Gorge (N) Gorge (V) Gory Gossamer Gouge (V) Gouge (v) Gourmand Grandiose Grapple Grate Gratuitous Grievance Grill Grimace Grisly Grotto Grouse Grovel Grudging Gruel Grueling Gruff Guffaw Gull Gusto Guy Hackles Haggard Haggle Halcyon Hale Hallowed Hap Harangue Hardy Harping Harrowing Harry Haven Headlong Hedonist Hegemony Heresy Hermetiage Hew Hiatus Hilarity Hirsute Histionic Hoary Holster Homage Homeostasis Homily Horde Hortatory Hovel Hover Hubbub Hubris Humdrum Humility Hummock Hurtle Hypercritical Hypercondriac Idiosyncrasy Idyllic Ignoble Ignominy Imbecilty Imbroglio Imbue Immolate Immure Impale Impasse Impeach Impediment Impel Imperative Imperious Impertinent Impetuous Impetus Impinge Implacable Implicate Implore Impolitic Imponderable Import Importunate Importune Imposture Imprecation Impregnable Impropriety Impudence Impugn Impuissance Impunity Impute Inadvertently Inallienable Inane Incapacitate Incarnate Incendiary Incense Inchoate Incidental Incite Inclement Incognito .

Barrons Word List 25 to 30 Inconsequential Incontinent Incontrovertible Incrustation Incubus Inculcate Incumbent Incursion Indelible Indentation Indenture Indigence Indignation Indignity Indolent Indulgent Inebriated Ineffable Ineluctable Inexorable Infernal Infirmity Inflated Infraction Ingenious Ingenuous Ingrained Ingrate Ingratiate Inimical Inimitable Iniquitous Inkling Innocuous Innuendo Inopportune Inordinate Insalubrious Insensate Insidious Insinuate Insouciant Insubordination Insularity Insuperable Insurgent Insurmountable Innsurrection Intelligentsia Interdict Interloper Internecine Intervene Intimate Intransigence Inundate Inured Invective Inveigh Inveigle Inveterate Invidious Inviolable Invocation Iota Irate Irrefutable Irrevocable Istmus Jaunt Jaunty Jettison Jibe Jocose Jocund Jollity Jostle Jubilation Juncture Junket Jurisprudence Kindle Knave Knell Knit Knoll Kudos Labile Laceration Lackadaisical Lackluster Laggard Laity Lambaste Languid Languish Languor Lank Lap Larceny Lassitude Latitude Laud Lavish (v) Lax Leaven Lechery Lectern Leery Leeway Levy Libel Libertine Libidinous Libido Lien Limber Limbo Limn Lineaments Lionize Liquidate Litany Lithe Litotes Livid Loath Lode Loll Loom Lope Lout Luminary Lurid Luscious Luster Mace Maculated Madrigal Maelstrom Malaise Malevolent Malfeasance Manacle Mangy Maniacal Manumit Marsupial Martinet Masticate Matrix Maudlin Maul Mauve Mawkish Meander Mediate Meek Menagerie Mendacious Mendicant Mercurial Meretricious Mete Mettle Miasma Milieu Militate Minatory Mincing Misapprehension Miscellany Miscreant Misdemeanor Missive Mite Mode Modicum Modish Mollycoddle .

Barrons Word List 31 to 35 Molt Momentous Monolithic Moodiness Moratorium Morbid Mores Moribund Mortify Motility Mottled Mountebank Muggy Mulct Multifarious Mundane Munificent Mural Murky Musky Mutilate Mutinous Naivete Nascent Natation Natty Necromancy Nemesis Neophyte Nether Nettle Nexus Nicety Niggardly Niggle Nip Noisome Nomadic Noncommittal Nondescript Nonplus Nostrum Nuance Nubile Nugatory Oaf Obeisance Obfuscate Objective Obliterate Oblivion Obloquy Obnoxious Obsequy Obsessive Obsidian Obstreperous Obtrude Occlude Occult Odious Odium Officious Ogle Oligarchy Ominous Onomatopoeia Onslaught Onus Opalescent Opiate Opprobrium Opus Oratorio Ordain Ordeal Ordination Orient Ossify Ostensible Oust Outlandish Outstrip Outwit Ovation Overbearing Overt Overweening Overwrought Paean Palate Palatial Palimpsest Pall Pallet Palliate Pallid Palpitate Paltry Panache Pandemic Pandemonium Pander Panegyric Parable Paradigm Paramour Paranoia Pariah Parity Parlance Parley Paroxysm Parquet Parry Passe Pastiche Patent Pathos Patina Patois Patrician Paucity Pauper Pedant Pedestrian Peerless Pell-mell Pellucid Penance Penumbra Peon Perdition Peregrination Peremptory Perfidious Perfunctory Perigree Peripatetic Pernicious Peroration Perpetrate Perquisite Pert Pertinacious Peruse Perverse Perversion Pestilential Pestle Petulent Pharisaical Philistine Philology Phlegmatic Piebald Piecemeal Pied Pillage Pillory Pine Pinion Piquant Pique (N) Pique (V) Piscatorial Pith Pittance Placebo Plaintive Plait Platitude Platonic Plaudit Pleabeian Plenitude Plight Pluck Plumage Plumb .

Barrons Word List 36 to 40 Plummet Plutocracy Poignancy Polemic Polemical Polity Polyglot Ponderous Pontifical Pore Portend Portent Portly Poseur Posterity Posture Potentate Potion Potpourri poultice Prate Prattle Precarious Precept Precipice Precipitous Preclude Precocious Predilection Predispose Preeminent Preempt Preen Prefatory Prehensile Preiate Prelude Premeditate Preponderance Preposterous Prerogative Presentiment Preternatural Pretext Prevail Prevaricate Primogeniture Primp Pristine Privation Privy Prod Prodigious Profligate Progenitor Prolixity Promiscuous Promontory Prone Propensity Prophylactic Propinquity Propitiate Proponent Propound Propriety Proscenium Proselytize Protégé Protract Protuberance Provenance Provender Proviso Prowess Prude Prurient Pry Puerile Pugilist Pugnacity Puissant Pulchritude Pummel Punctilious Punitive Puny Purchase Purgatory Purport Purported Purse Purveyor Pusillanimous Putative Pylon Quaff Quail Quaint Qualms Quandary Quarry Quarry Quash Queasy Quell Querulous Quintessance Quip Quirk Quisling Quiver Quiver Quotidian Rabid Reconteur Raggamuffin Rail Raiment Rakish Rally Ramble Rampart Ramshackle Rancid Rant Rapacious Rapport Rapt Raspy Raucous Ravage Rave Ravel Ravine Raze Rebate Rebuff Rebus Rebuttal Recalcitrant Recant Recast Recidivism Recluse Reconnaissance Recount Recorse Recrimination Rectitude Recumbent Recuperate Redolent Redoubtable Redress Reek Refectory Refulgent Regale Regatta Regimen Rejoinder Relegate Relent Relinquish Remiss Remonstrance Rendition Renegade Renege Repartee Repast Repercussion Repine Replete Reprehensive Reprive Reprisal Reprise Reprobate .

Barrons Word List 40 to 45 reprovation repudiate reputable requiem requite resilient respite resplendent restitution restive resumption resurge resuscitate retentive reticent retinue retiring retract retrench retribution retroactive revelry reverberate reverie revert revile revoke revulsion rhapsodize rhetoric ribald rider rife rift rig rile riveting rivulent roil rostrum rote rotunda rout rubble rubric ruffian rummage runic sacrilegious sacrosanct salacious salutary sanctimonious sanguine sardonic satyr saunter savant scabbard scad schism scintillate scoff scotch scourage scruple scuffle scurrilous scurry scurvy scuttle seamy sear secession seclusion secrete sedate sedition sedulous seedy seep seethe seine semblance seminal sententious sentient sentinel sepulcher sere serenity shambles sheaf sheathe shoddy shunt sibylline sidereal sinecure sinewy skimp skinfint skirmish skittish skulduggery skulk slacken slake slapdash sleeper slew slipshod slough slur (N) Slur (V) smattering smolder snicker snivel sobriety sodden sojourn solace solicit solicitous soliloquy somber sophist sophistry sordid spat spate spruce spurn squabble squalor squander squat staid stalwart stanch stealth stentorian stickler stigma stilted stint (v) stint (n) stipple stockade stodgy stolid strew striated strident strut (N) strut (N) stultify stupefy stupor stygian stymie subjugate sublime suborn subsistence substantiate subterfuge subversive succor succumb suffragist suffuse sumptuous supercilious supererogatory supine suppliant supplicate surfeit .

Barrons Word List 45 to 50 surreptitious sustenance suture swarthy swathe swill sybarite syllogism tactile tantalize tantrum taper taut temerity tendentious tender tepid testy thrall throes throng tightwad timbre timorous tipple tirade tithe titillate titter titular toady torrid totter tout traduce transcribe transgression transpire transport trappings travail traverse travesty treatise tremor trenchant tribulations trite troth trough truculence truism tryst tumid turgid turncoat turpitude tutelary umbrage unanimity unassuming unbridled uncanny unconscionable unction undermine undulating ungainly unguent unimpeachable unkempt unobtrusive unprepossessing unravel unrequited unscathed unseemly unsightly untenable untoward untrammeled unwieldy unwitting unwonted upshot urchin usurp usury uxorious vacillate vacuous vagary vagrant vagrant vainglorious valedictory valor vanguard vantage vassal vaunted veer venal veneer venerable venerate venial veracious verdant verdigris verge vernacular vernal vertigo verve viand vicissitude victuals vigor vignette vindictive vintner virile virulent visage viscernal vitiate vituperative vivacious volition vouchsafe voyeur waffle waft waggish waif wan wangle warren wary wastrel waylay wean welter whelp whet whiff whinny whit whittle whorl wily wince winnow wither witticism wizened wrangle wreak wrest wry yen yeoman zany zephyr .

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