Pagan gods in America

Egyptian gods in the DC

The obelisk symbolized the sun god Amon Re Amon Re - king of the gods
True obelisk is carved out of one stone. Washington Monument consists of many stones, representing in Washington Society; “Out of the many, One”. Obelisk – Phallic symbol for Baal Washington Monument

The Roman goddess Libertas The designer, Bartholdi, said that had conceived the idea of an effigy of the Egyptian goddess, Isis, when he designed it, but changed it to Libertas, when Egypt refused it as a gift.

Isis – goddess of magic and mother of Horus

Statue of Liberty

Persephone Queen of the Underworld


Phoenician Baal – Bearded Man Dagan – Corn god Baal – Son of Dagan
Baal rising from the earth? 100 foot statue located at National Harbor, DC The Awakening

(Occult Idol)

George Washington

The Absolute Gestures symbolize “As it is above, so it is below”


Washington, DC was designed correlating to the stars/astronomy Most notably the star “Sirius”

Broken pentagram is a recognized symbol in the occult. Broken pentagram inhibits the devil from leaving (Faust) Faust was published at the same time the streets of DC were designed.

Washington depicted as God!

The ceiling of the Capital Building, Washington, DC

USA depicted as warmongerer Crushing the people.

Annuit Coeptis means “Crowned with Success”

Eye of Horus (Ra)
Horus – god’s Son (risen son) god of the rising sun (morning) Blasphemy of Jesus Christ

Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order Secular)

Owl - Baal

“New World Order”

13 Leaves 13 bars & striped in Shield 13 feathers in Eagles’ tail 13 leaves in talons 13 stars in hexagram 13 levels of pyramid 13 letters in E Pluribus Unum 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis
Great Seal of the US Source of “13”
Gen 14:4 “Twelve Years they Served Chedorlaomer (Persion King), And in the 13th year, they rebelled.” 13 stands for Rebellion, Apostasy And Revolution.

13 in occult means to ascend above the stars of heaven.

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