MENTOR TEACHER WORKSHEET* Use this worksheet to jot down ideas about your expectations.

This isn’t a complete list – feel free to add extra stuff to it as you need it. It’s just to help you get started. Routine Teacher Duties:
Time to Be at School Duty Posts Grade book (yours, theirs, online, etc.) Grading Attendance for Dept. or Faculty Meetings Attendance for Clubs You Sponsor Tutoring Dress Code Making Copies Lunch Period Teacher Cell Phone Policy Parent Contacts and/or Conferences Time to Leave School

Lesson Expectations
Lesson Plan Format Lesson Plans/Materials Due Bell Activity Group/Collaborativ e Objectives Stated Student Interaction Closure Activity

While you’re teaching, the ST should: ST creation tests/quizzes If the ST has a question during your teaching: If the ST makes a teaching mistake that you find: If the ST has an issue with a student: If the ST will be absent the day he/she is teaching: Leaving during the planning period

Some other questions you might want to jot down for the student teacher: a) how do you handle HW? b) how are bell activities graded? c) is closure required and how is it implemented? d) do you require students to keep/turn in a notebook? e) what do you do the first few days of school? f) are there any classroom norms that aren't listed anywhere? g) what types of duties do you do and are you required to assist? h) what is your policy for student cell phones and/or MP3 players? i) how do you handle/document parent communication? j) do you expect the student teacher to communicate with parents? k) do you give a participation grade and how is that documented? l) do you allow retakes on any assignments/assessments? m) what are your policies on make-up and late work? n) how do the students know about upcoming assignments/assessments?

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