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10539 12V Trigger Box

Electric-Screen Controller

• Rugged Case: size—143mmx80mmx30mm
: colour— white

Indicative LED’s:
Green: illuminates during Electric-Screen DOWN time.
Red: illuminates during Electric-Screen UP time.

AC-DC 5V Common Neutral connection
Power-pack (Earth-in & Electric-screen Earth)
Red (+5VDC)

Switched 240Vac Electric-Screen DOWN (Black /
Black (0 V)
Projector Relay/Trigger output 240Vac Live-in (Cable to mains)
+12V DC

Switched 240Vac Electric-Screen UP
0V Common Neutral Connection (from the screen to
the trigger and from the trigger to mains)

1. Trigger level can be from 4VDC(min) to 20V DC(max). 12VDC is the output voltage level for most projectors.
2. The Electric-Screen Controller can also operate 120VAC Electric-Screen if 120VAC is used instead of 240VAC.
3. The rated Electric-Screen switching current is 3A/250VAC Tel: +32 11 40 30 90
4. The AC-DC 5V power-pack is supplied. E-mail;
5. The trigger requires two power supplies, one using the AC-DC 5 power-pack and one using a Take a look at for the
normal power cable to mains . latest informtation regarding Beamax
projection screens.