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OBJECTIVE: Gauging the impact of Dabangg among the audience and film industry to evaluate the potential created by the brand

PREAMBLE: Dabangg starring Salman Khan was well-received by both audience and critics. It broke several box-office records upon release and went on to win several awards. Though the movie is now old, the brand created by it still has a cult following. In light of the upcoming sequel, this project aims to gauge the impact of this brand on the audience and the industry to help arrive at an accurate brand valuation

DELIVERABLES: To understand the structure of the film industry with a special focus on distribution from the production point to the audience point To identify the key drivers of business in the film industry To analyse the impact of brand Dabangg on audience across different economic and social strata To understand reasons for Dabanggs success and potential for sequels from film makers To identify critical factors that a distributor considers while purchasing movie rights and perceived benefits of engaging with Dabangg To understand the crowd pull of Dabangg and reasons for the same from theatre and multiplex owners To understand the brand Salman from companies endorsed by him and evaluating his contribution to the Dabangg brand

Stakeholder Audience Film Makers Film Distributors Theatre Owners Companies endorsed by Salman TV Channel Home Entertainment Other Channel Partners(Radio, Internet, Mobile etc) Sample Size 100 5 5 10 5 3 3 5

Conducting secondary research for understanding the film industry through internet, Designing and reviewing questionnaires for each stakeholder Shortlisting stakeholders to be contacted in each category and setting appointments through cold calling/ Star Konnect assistance Conducting primary research through meetings, telephone and online forms Week 1: Questionnaire design Week 2, 3: Data gathering Week 4: Analysis and Presentation

Customer Segmentation: (Sample size: 100) Age Group <20 years 21-30 years 31-45 years 45+ years Multiplex audience 10 10 10 5 Non-multiplex audience 20 20 15 10