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Personalllty of Addiction

Personalllty of Addiction

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Published by Carey Pickard

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Published by: Carey Pickard on Jul 15, 2012
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Addiction a personality illness .~
No longer can the community eccepi.dns; addiction as being untreatable,nor cen we any longer accept that drug usage itself constitutes addiction.Addiction is a disease that causes a person to use chemicals or other means as a crutch in an attempt to make life bearable.

i.. The old adage that Marijuana usage will almost always tum a person into a

chronic heroin addictJis not a valid or a true statement. Many people use Marijuana for social intercourse, and it causes no problems in their socioeconomic lives nor apparent harm to their health. If the community were reaJly serious about stopping chemical usage, it would ban the sale of alcohol and to bacco .We realise this is not about to happen.

Addiction is now recognizable in its pre-chemical stage. This recognition will eventually lead the community to accepting addiction on a far wider scale when less emphasis on the chemical content (especially narcotic substencesi-is. stressed and more emphasis is placed on addiction, a personality disease. To treat the addict successfully we need to do two things;. (a) Stop doing those things and expressing those attitudes that force the addict out of the community. (b) By changing concepts and community attitudes make provisions for his/her acceptance in the community. New understanding about this problem will cause a revolution in the treatment of the addict, but at this point of time persons whose attitudes would further qehumanize a person suffering from this illness will resist such changes. Social ignorance is therefore the first thing that needs to be broached and this should be done on a national scale. The disease of addiction is disrupting the family unit, the communityanctthe nation on such a scale, that it is a growing danger to our industry, nationhood and national security. Any other disease would constitute a national emergency if it were as prevalent as the disease of addiction.

What is addiction?
Addiction is a disease, and the most surprising thing about it is the disease was present long before the introduction of a chemical. Ignorance of this point has been and still is the great stumbling brock to any person trying to help or to understand the addict. It leads to the confusion of treating the drug and not the addict.


"'Rebelliousness-no self discipline. An addict is an addict despite his environment. *Impulsiveness-the addict will often do things on impulse and think afterwards what he is doing. ~ Other traits noticeable to the astute observer in the young child are *Extreme sensitivity. He reacts to situations and learns the value of fantasy.8. Addictions an accident of birth and we reached the conclusion that 10% of all people are born with the potential for drug addiction Recognizing the yt)tItfTaddicL An addict is a person isolated from the family and community in terms· of communication. AddiCtion comes from within. broken home. Certainly the addict may verbaiize with others but if the addict says anything. . in assessing weather a person could be an addict. and often gets pleasing people and goodness mixed up (looking for approval). Secondly.!!. drinking parent etc.g. *A vagueness-contradicted at times by the ability at times to perceive things beyond his years. we come to understand the act of taking chemicals by a young person is the first open (even though subconscious) indication that he/she is an ill person and looking for help.!ng addicts have difficulty getting on with their peer 9!E. Mothers should not feel responsible for their offspring's addiction nor can the community be held at fault.II To accept the fact that the disease was present before chemical use opens up a whole new realm of understanding. Addiction is a perS(:}rra/fty oiseese . At this point we would !ike to emphasize that any of these personality traits on his or her own should not be construed to mean or insinuate that any individual is or could be an addict. the addict tends to beJn capable of emotional expression. so the first trait in an addict is loneliness. we come to realize that chemicals (In the early stages) do something for the addict and are not just taken for kicks. e. the isolation of that person becomes noticeable in a physical sense. Many people are blind to the real causes of addiction because they look for external causes. e. addicts room will either perfectly tidy or a continuous mess. Rather it is the sum total of traits and the expression of such a personality that can only be the determining factors. be An addict senses early in !ifehe is different. but he is not a product of this environment.q. When this sense of being ditterent becomes a conscious recognition. Firstly. Having no emotional model. this child will often burst into tears when criticized. YOl.hades of Grey' in the thinking or actions of the addict. Addicts are people who live by extremes} nothing is seen except as black and white and there are no §. The young addict tends to do things to _please people. its real significance is not recognized or ignored. An addict can be affected by home environment. and tend to get on better .

he has won a war of attrition Vl(ith his parents by effectively utilizing the tantrum technique .echoed as a child "You have no sense of responsibility"? Before embarking further on responsibility. In most cases the child addict hasa unique relationship with his mother. As the young addict approaches teenage years. the fact becomes more obvious as the child moves to puberty. again highlighting the contradictory nature of the personality. that to cover up they become proficient scholars. it is the point that the addict lies when there is no apparent reason. but in a family of some size. but is incapable of coping with such a personality. it is not uncommon for a young addict to posses a close friend. "I don't know" is truly genuine. Another high point or should we say sore pomt with the young addict is the word responsibility. It is not just the fact that lies are told. but lie for the sake of a lie is the most frustrating trait. honesty to a fault In a single child family recognition of the addictive personality can often-qe different. Another trait of the young addict that may already be noticeable is an. his answer. At this stage addiction is obviously a family illness. A person seen to be studious diverts attention from his loneliness eno it becomes a perfect excuse for not mixing with other people. These reports reveal a teecner who recognizes the potential of the student. As this is worthy of a chapter on its own. an empathy excising between them that causes parents to shake their heads. How often has it b~en-. The term " seein_g 'some friends"has covered more criminal intent than parents would believe.A reflection of the addicts personality can often be picked up in his school reports. one trait above all else starts to become noticeable . another trait that is significant Tn the majority of YOl)ng addicts is the telling of lies. This self-centeredness will never be broken unless a crisis arises. the other extreme is epoerent. In fact. a young addict is a mass of contradictions and when asked why he does things he does. Usually at this juncture of the young addicts life. the parent is party to the act. Usually excellent in intuitive subjects or any subject he does naturally." self-centerlines At this stage the child tends to ireet-tne world in general as if he were the center of the universe. However if effort and concentration is required he seldom even tries. Usually by the time the potential addict using this phrase. With a few addicts. we will simply mention it in passing. . All people can understand a child lying Wfienconfronted with a wrong doing. On the other hand. Parent is party to the' act Secretiveness is another common trait of the young addict.obstinf)te reluctance to admit when he is wrong. they may not recognize in their own child ft. It is also the mark of some addicts.III with older persons. for the personality traits they will recognize in the friend. that will precipitate a complete de flation of the ego.

At this stage we can list the traits that constitute the personality of an addict before chemical usage begins: Feels different Inadequacy . spread evenly over the total personality.he becomes part of a fami/y-doctor-patient syndrome.Impulsiveness. thereby heightening his feeling of inadequacy) He/she often expresses hislher perfectionism unconsciously by straightening ul2gJctures on walls etc. These feelings quickly become aggravated the moment the addict starts to lie to cover up obvious behavior changes when chemical use begins.Inferiority . Doctor tells the addict he is schizophrenic. have bouts of self-pity and frequently shows signs of exaggerated personality disorder§_and is commonly diagnosed as schizophrenic. One can truly say the addict is a poorly integrated personalit'L. flxEung addict will lapse into periods of depression for no apparent reason. maladjustment is . it must be said that many try hard to fit in and do those things that are expected of them by the family and the community even whilst recognizing the futHityof trying. In this situation he/s. He always seems to be looking for something ana no one least of the entire addict knows what he is looking for.Rebelliousness .Oeceit . known as the schizophrenic game.Self-centerlines .IV . the addictl but usually as the addict reaches that age where he is forced to accept more and more responsibility. many lie just below the surface. and while one or more of these traits may be recognizable. It should be stressed that no addict is a happy person.other traiJ§ such as inferiority and a sense of inadeguac't" could too this point be well hidden b't.Self-consciousness Lack of self-discipline Vagueness . The addict really would like nothing more than to be part of one group or another.fear . doctor tells the parent (he addict is schizophrenic and the addict becomes a victim and actor in a melodrama many families know so well.his reality is an uncomfortable state of being.No concept of time . self-consciousness and is a bugbear that causes the addict to exaggerate the feeling of loneliness. . Addiction is a progressive disease and before chemical usage.Loneliness . Usually by this stage the addict suffers from two feelings for which no real cause can be found: The feelings of guilt and fear. At this point in defense of the addict.Guilt . Another ffait that often embarrasses the addict is his/her . cracks start to appear. Add to this a ~se of perfectionism (he/she sets him/herself ideals he/she is incapable of achieving.

. The addict hasaresiless mind and is violent in his/her sleep. he/she is. This lndecisiveness is caused by his need to be light. . Having interviewed scores and scores of parents of addicts.versed in procrastination. "Grandma. "they would like to help other pe_QJ2le". r07es. The young addict aware that something is not quite right within will etten Ietches onto something external as a tangible reason for things going wrong.. He may think himself superior to others but feels inferror at the same time. offen forgetful and by this time . They become experts at playing many roles. without fail. Addicts tend to be people who are slow learners and late in developing learning "skills. He will talk more often of the past and the future than of the present.I. The majority of addicts even when young tend to be night people. sober and well. .'re involved.We would be the first to admit that not enough research has been done into addiction a personality disorder. Tile male addict tends to deny this as his idea of masculinity is that of the community and Is not in line with his true feefings .~s death" was another.--At the conclusion. the addict assumes many different . Self-centered. Having no identity of his/her own. last significant hallmark of the addict as he/she nears his/her chemical use is his/net inability to make a decision. "S . in retrospect.. they all recognized the addict as being different before chemicals we.they will often awake in the rriOriiing feeling washed out. but we could give many instances where wrongful diagnosis of a young addicts personality has further complicated and aggravated the misery that person has felt. . and on it goes..as mey are.!N. His thinking is also at opposites with his feelings. One other aspect worthy of note is that the addict a ruleJ. Because of his/her type of thinking. At least it gives some relevance and comfort to the addict before some better help arrives . hislher thinking is out of step with time. addicts often express a desire. Through treating hundreds of addicts as personality problems. so much of our experience has been gained from addicts who are know drug free. The thinking of the young addict is also an inclination. Anxlousfy involved with the eastand Qften fancifully involved with the futu[g. the addict's personality is something that is sensed more than recognized and we are sure many mothers reading this will know what we meen. On the surface the addicts appear to be stable but to dffferentobservers the eodict-is a different person. It is a very true statement when we say that addicts become very accomplished actors. One thing that can positively be said is that drug addicts are not mentally sickthey has all their mental furniture. "I had a motorcycle accident" was one excuse used by an addict we know. has a vivid imagination but unfortunately he/she tries to live the((~~ The addict generally likes sophistication and elegance and has a natural incuneuon towards the finer things in life. it simply needs re-arranging.. .

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