Agricultural Genetic Engineering

By: Michael Yoo Jake Schuler Matt Miller

etc. pests.  Crops produce more  More nutrients in crops  Pharmaceutical reasons  When did we start engineering crops?  Ever since we have bred them selectively  Modern “genetic engineering” began in 1970’s . disease.History  Why use genetic engineering for crops?  Crops survive longer through cold.

. – This can be done in several ways: • Gene gun • Virus • Bacteria • These new organisms are bred so the trait spreads.Inner Workings • Genetic information is transferred between organisms.

Capabilities in the Future • More rich harvests • More nutritious crops • Sturdier crops .

Benefits • • • • Will increase profits for farmers Provides cheaper and better quality food Can make crops available in alien climates Breed faster .

Disadvantages • Crops can cause allergies or cancer • Cause soil erosion and harm to environment • Environmental groups accuse engineers of “playing God” • Can harm natural ecosystems .

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