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Gale WS . aoe a > pati s ~ " &) ae an Masquerage speaker s¥Stenmm ...when fine art meets sound What is a Masquerade speaker system? ‘A Masquerade speaker consists of a high-quality speaker, a special sound-permeable fabric printed with a picture image of your choice and a frame for the picture. ‘You can even choose the number of speakers and fl your room with beautiful pictures and ear-soothing music instead of large boxes, as querade The advantages of a Masquerade speaker system Anhiigh-quality sound system no longer has to be an invasion of the interior of a home. A. Masquerade speaker system is designed in such a way that it can be perfectly integrated in any interior. The speakers are only 7 cm deep and can be fitted with a picture so that it looks just like @ painting or a photograph. This means there is no more black patch or high tower in the interior, but a print of your choice that connects perfectly with your personal taste, ‘The Masquerade speakers can be chosen in 3 different qualities to complement or even completely replace your existing system. Installation is also simple, because the speakers are hung like photo frames. You can even choose whether they oriented horizontally or vertically. How to use a Masquerade system ‘The Masquerade speakers find their place in every interior: from professional home cinema to a comfortable living room or a board room. Masquerade speakers find their place wherever high quality sound is required without a disturbing effect on the interior. For example, place one left and right of your plasma or LCD TY, or upgrade your system with 2 rear speakers. A 5.1 solution for a complete surround sound is even possible. War your friends before you start the system, because with Masquerade speakers they will not believe their eyes and ears. ...when fine-art meets sound Striking images that brighten up your living room Beautiful pictures are an addliton to your interior. The design of the room is enhanced with photos specially made for your Masquerade speakers. The special printing technique combined with high-quality, sound-permeable fabric gives an excellent image reproduction, The Masquerade speaker cioths are specially selected for their sound-permeabilty properties and their printing possibilities. ‘A careful production process in combination with the high-grade materials gives a crystal clear sound system with the perfect “looks”. A speaker that only you have Besides the broad selection of themes, Dellegno offers you the possibility of personalising your speaker with your own print. Imagine that your speaker looks like your dream holiday destination, your family or a favourite photo- ‘graph that you took. Not only unique, but also a pleasure to look at each day. A great difference with the rectangular litle monsters that now offend the eye.