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SAP MM & CIN Interview Questions

SAP MM & CIN Interview Questions

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Published by: Nikhil Patil on Jul 16, 2012
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JEXS and JEXC in pricing procedure? What is the purpose of subtotal 5 & 6 in the pricing procedure? What setting do we need to do so tax code can work during creation of purchase order and sales order? What are the excise transaction types (ETT)? What is sub-transaction type? Which settings determine that during MIGO transaction.What is excise duty? What is excise group? Which business processes are covered under CIN? Which t-code display CIN menu? What master data set up is required before CIN customization can take effect? How many types of registers are there to be maintained in CIN? How does system know that which register to update during GR? How the CIN registers are updated? What do you mean by extraction and printing of Registers? What is the difference between the tax procedure TAXINJ and TAXINN? How does system know that which condition types in tax procedure and import pricing procedure are CIN relevant? How does system differentiate between deductible excise duty and non-deductible excise duty? What are the purpose of condition types NAVS. excise invoice can be captured (posting of part I entry) or Pos What CIN settings are required if we have to do STO between two manufacturing plants or between manufacturing an Why should a STO (stock transport order) have pricing procedure? Explain domestic procurement at manufacturing unit? Explain domestic and import procurement at depot plant? What needs to be done if the Excise Invoice quantity is not equal to GR quantity? Is the depot plant process applicable to all the industry sectors? Explain import procurement at manufacturing unit? Explain STO process from manufacturing unit to Depot Plant What is the functionality of the rejection code/reason code? Specify which movement types involve either excise invoices or part 1 entry of register or both In the subcontracting attributes (CIN IMG) what is the difference between Movement Type Group Issues and Moveme What are two different possible scenarios for subcontracting process? How is the recursive BoM scenario (the parent and the child material being the same) handled in subcontracting? For which of the movements will I run the Quantity Reconciliation for the subcontracting Challan? How do I delete challans assigned to the Goods Receipts document? How will you handle sales return from customer? How will you handle vendor return and GR cancellation? How does system determine accounts to be posted for CIN registers? How does fortnightly utilization determine the accounts to be posted? What is transaction type ‘UTLZ’ used for? What will be the accounting entry during GR of raw material. Excise invoice posting and subsequent LIV of materia How does the credit of the amount taken which has gone to Cenvat ON Hold account? Under what circumstances we may need to transfer the credit amount (against a specific invoice) from Cenvat ON Ho How the accounts are determined when capital goods are procured? What will be the accounting entry during scrapping of excisable goods? What will be accounting entry when the materials are stock transferred from manufacturing unit to depot plant? What will be the accounting entry for sales excise invoice? What will be accounting entry during PLA entry and utilization? What is utilization? How do we execute it in CIN? How do we take utilization against service tax receivable and payable? What are PLA and TR6C Challan? What are the number range objects for which number range should be defined? What is export under bond? . Excise invoice posting and subsequent LIV of material? What should be accounting entry in subcontracting reversal / Recredit? What will be the accounting entry during GR of capital material.

sting of excise invoice is allowed (part II accounting entries) or the other options are available or not? nd depot plant (sending and receiving) (or two excise group with excise registration manufacturing unit) ent Type Group Receipts? al? old to current Cenvat account. within the same fiscal year (as year of purchase)? .

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