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Title: - Present scenario of Rival LMVs (Vehicle Performance Department)

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Interns: - Desai Kushaal J. Vanani Manthan V .

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Mr. Atulkumar Patil Mr. Sujit Venugopal

GM Technical Center India (GMTCI) ITPL Bangalore. (June 2012)


3. 1. No. No.Sr. 2. 4. 7. 3. Topic Objective Scope Vehicle Classification Segment Definitions Pg. 3. 3. 2 .

 To compare each vehicle with respective segment and analyze the data. The classification is defined by SIAM (society of Indian automobile manufacturers) which is referred by every automotive firm to classify their vehicles to maintain uniformity of classification. in what segment and in what parameters must GM focus in upcoming vehicles. passenger capacity. 3 . which can guide us towards the improvement that is required in GM’s car and the upgradation that is required to be ahead of the rivals and to delight the customers. Indian classification of vehicles is done on the basis of length for passenger vehicles and on basis of seating capacity and price for MUV’s and SUV’s. It gives clear picture of where. Vehicle Segmentation Vehicle segmentation can be done in various ways on the basis of its length. cost.Objective  To understand Indian automotive industry. However there are certain European as well Indian standards listed out for segmentation of vehicle which has to be followed for uniformity and to avoid the ambiguity (they are shown in the chart below).  To analyze General Motors strategic initiatives. weight. Scope After studying different segment of vehicles of different companies and after doing survey of customer reviews and expectations a clear picture of where GM’s car stands among rivals and how it is rated by customers can be found out. engine size etc.  To understand how the automotive car is classified in to different segments and accordingly study of each segment of car.

4 Mt) • A2-Compact (3.5) • A4-Excecutive (4.7-5) • A6-Luxury (>5) D-Segment •Large E-Segment •Excecutive B-segment • MUV F-Segment •Luxury S-Segment •Sports C-Segment • Van M-Segment •MUV J-Segment •SUV SUV a) European standards b) Indian Standard (SIAM) 4 .7) • A5-Premium (4.5-4.Vehicle Segmentation A-Segment •Mini Vehicle Segmentation A-Segment B-Segment •Compact C-Segment •Mid-Size • A1-Mini (<3.4-4) • A3-Mid-size (4-4.

6. It is usually between 4 to 5-seaters 2. It generally has capacity of at least 5 people and can extend up to 8 or more. Coupe It is a sporty variant of sedan and 4 seats in sedan are usually reduced to 2 for a sporty look and curve.Definitions 1. especially an aerodynamically shaped one-passenger or two-passenger vehicle having a low center of gravity. Hatchback It comes in small or medium car segments and it is of 2-box type structure with one compartment for engine and other for passenger and luggage. 3. 5. Sedan A Sedan is a 3-box kind of structure which has separate compartments for passenger. MPV Multi Utility Vehicle or MUV class represents large bodied vehicles with at least 6 adult passengers capacity. 4. Minivan is a type of automobile similar in shape to a van. It can be used on off-roads too. designed for personal use. Sports Car An automobile equipped for racing. Steering and suspension are designed for precise control at high speeds. engine and luggage. Rear door is provided which is usually hinged upwards and has to be lifted upwards for opening. SUV It is an abbreviation for sports utility vehicle. 5 . Minivans are typically either twobox or one box. It usually has four doors and 1 for boot. It has comparatively more ground clearance than sedan.

Among the less wealthy. Convertible A convertible is a type of automobile in which the roof can retract and fold away. traditionally without a roof. They are usually liveried vehicles. limousines are also often hired during special events. driven by professional chauffeurs. used for transporting goods or people. is a two-seat car. 6 .Limousine They are usually vehicles with extended wheelbases to a large extent and are mark of royalty and wealth. 10. The roof may operate either manually or automatically via hydraulic or electrical actuators. converting it from an enclosed to an open-air vehicle. side or rear windows. It is hence a single or 1-box structure. 8.7. also known as a spyder or spider. 9. typically having a rear door and sliding doors on the side panels. Van A covered boxlike motor vehicle. Roadster A roadster.

. sound interior . . Mahindra Reva.enough boot space .Fuel economy.They have target customers who are lower middle class . Peugeot mini cars etc which range around 25 to 30 lakhs. .All the vehicles with length 3400 .Maruti 800 and TATA Nano are the examples of mini car in A segment vehicles in India.4000 mm are classified under this category. Bajaj mini car are yet to be launched in India.They are usually not more than 5-seater. good looks and styling are the key features expected from vehicles of this segment . . young people around 20’s and first time car purchasing category of customer .Segment definitions A-Segment Mini-Car . spaciousness .Their cost usually ranges from 1-3 lakhs with some exceptions like BMW minicooper. 7 . All the vehicles with length up to 3400 mm comes under this category . . B-Segment Compact Car .It is classified on the basis of length.BMW minicoopers.Mini-Car segment according to US as well as Indian classification system comes under A-Segment category. moderate pick-up and stability up to 110km\hr of speed .

Spaciousness. maintenance. Beat. good handling and stability at speeds up to 150 km\hr. The other manufacturers are VW (POLO). brand name. Wagon-R.. Alto. .The A2 segment accounted for more than 60 percent of the overall passenger car sales in the country. fuel economy. safety. TATA. after sales service. Indica) in this segment.A mid size car is referred to as an automobile with a size between that of compact and full size cars. with usually 3-box type structures that come under this segment. GM are having the maximum volume of their car (Swift.They are all 5 seater vehicles.Maruti Suzuki. i-10. . . Hyundai. Honda (Brio).It is usually 5 seater passenger vehicles. resale value and features are the characteristics that will decide the success of this segment of vehicles.India’s major market and major segment of customers opt for this segment of vehicles. . looks. better after sales 8 . ample boot space. It is best suited for middle class people. ample interior space.The price range of mid size cars lies between Rs 5 to 13 Lakhs with exceptions .There has been a new emerging segment-that of B segment hatchbacks or "super minis". .On the basis of length it is classified as cars between 4000-4500 Mm of length . Ford (Figo) and many others. . C-Segment Mid-Size Car .Good performance and acceleration. stability at speeds up to 150 km\hr. good exterior and interior material quality. performance. adequate features. brand name. . .These vehicles usually range from 3 to 8 lakhs with some exceptions. i-20.The target customers are usually in stable and executive segment. .

etc.Nissan Sunny. Pleasing interiors. Hyundai Verna. Renault Fluence. Maruti Kizashi. . Power Windows. . VW Jetta.High performance. Chevrolet Cruz.They are generally targeted towards executive class people. Honda City. Rear Defogger. Toyota Etios. are examples of vehicles of this segment. E-Segment Premium Car Large cars having length in the range of 4700 to 5000 mm comes under this segment.C.Honda Civic.Indigo. Mp3/radio.service. head turning looks are expected out of this segment of vehicle. . . are examples of vehicles in this segment. better resale value. Mercedes Benz C-Class. D-Segment Large Car/ Executive Car . Power steering. high safety are expected from these segment of vehicles. Toyota Corolla. . Volkswagen Vento.The length of these cars lies in the range of 4500 to 4700 mm. Ford Fiesta. beetle . Mahindra Verito. Mitsubishi Lancer. Maruti Sx4. great stability. TATA Manza .They are 5-seater passenger vehicles and generally all are sedan. etc. 9 .Large car comes under D-Segment and is also known as Executive segment cars. .Fuel economy is usually compromised. .These cars are generally equipped with all the basic features like A. . Hyundai Sonata. Cup-Holders. Central Locking. accent.Dzire. Skoda Rapid.

BMW 5-Series etc are examples of cars in this segment. Volvo S80. Skoda Superb. . Audi A4. . .The engine size is large around 2. . great handling at high speeds. A6. great pick up and comfort.They are 5-seater passenger vehicles and all of them are Sedan.The targeted customers are also of a premium segment and all qualities from that of a large segment car above are expected.They have nearly perfect aerodynamic shape to reduce drag..They are highly costly and are usually for the customers who are passionate about cars and fond of sport cars. handling and pick-up are exceptionally high BMW 7-series . Mercedes EClass.Volkswagen Passat. Nissan Teana.They are expensive and have ample of space in the interiors. Laura. A7. Toyota Camry. 10 .Jaguar XJ are examples of cars of this segment S-Segment Sport Car .5 to 6 liters. These are categorized into luxury cars and are highly costly The fuel economy is very low They are 5-seater sedan vehicles The power.The cars in this segment have very low centre of gravity. . .This segment is especially for sports cars and are independent of their length . F-Segment Luxury Car These cars lie in the range above 5000 mm.

. compacts and station wagons. Chevrolet Tavera are examples of this segment of vehicles popular in India. Bugatti Veyron. and are designed for maximum interior room. . speed and acceleration are of utmost concern instead. 11 ..Bolero. Toyota |Innova.This segment of vehicles is usually preferred by customers having joint/large families or having travel business. M-Segment MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) . Xylo. etc are examples of this segment of vehicles. Mahindra Thar . Toyota also has modified sports version of Etios. minibus or people carrier which comes under MUV is a type of vehicle which has a body that resembles a van. . but which has rear side doors.They cost as less as 7 lakhs and as high as 50 lakhs or more depending on the company. Enzo Ferrari. Porsche 911. etc. . .They have moderate fuel efficiency but large luggage carrying capacity.Fuel economy is of no concern for this segment of cars. and interior fittings to accommodate passengers similar to a station wagon. Minivans are higher than normal sedans. Mercedes SLS AMG. rear side windows.Often vehicles from other segments are also modified with higher engines or turbochargers and are used for racing purposes like Volkswagen polo is modified for polo racing. .Audi R8.A minivan. minivans often feature three seat rows and can seat 7 people or more .TATA Sumo. engine capacity and the facilities provided.They are having sitting capacity ranging from 6 to 9 people. Maruti Ertiga.

12 .TATA Safari. . is a type of passenger vehicle which combines the load-hauling and versatility of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a van or station wagon. .A sport utility vehicle. BMW X-series etc are examples of vehicles of this segment. Mahindra Scorpio. an engine compartment.However. often abbreviated to 4WD or 4x4. and no dedicated trunk.It is known in some countries as an off-road vehicle or four-wheel drive. Hyundai Santa-fe. or SUV. Toyota Fortuner.J-Segment SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) .Most SUVs are designed with a roughly square cross-section. . not all SUVs have four-wheel drive capabilities. . Honda CRV.These vehicles have high ground clearance and torque and can be used on off roads as well as on smooth roads.Most mid-size and full-size SUVs have 5 or more seats. and a cargo area directly behind the last row of seats. a combined passenger and cargo compartment. .