CLASS SCHEDULE FOR THE 5TH YEAR (9TH SEMESTER) LL.B STUDENTS FOR MONSOON SEMESTER 2011 W.E.F. 25.07.2011 (R.No: 121 & 122) 8:00/08:25- 9:30-10:30 10:35-11:35 11:4012:4502:20-03:20 03:25-04:25 04:30-05:30 05:35-06:35 06:40-07:40 09:25 12:40 01:45 ADR (S.Karmakar)

Days Monday

Section A B A

Direct Tax (SK)
ADR (S.Karmakar)

Direct Tax (SK)
Intl. Law applicable during armed conflict (A.Mishra)

Intl. Law applicable during armed conflict (A.Mishra)

Law & Impoverishment (SB)

Intl. Aviation Law (Dr. SBB)

Comparative Trade Mark (Dr. Communicatio n Regulation I VD) (CA)

Clinic I (AC) Trade Mark (Dr. VD) Direct Tax (SK)


ADR (S.Karmakar)

Direct Tax (SK) ACH - I (Dr. BD)
ADR (S.Karmakar)


Clinic I (AC)

Forensic Science in Criminal Advanced IP Law (Prof. S. Basheer) Investigation &Trials (Dr. PM)


Comparativ Humanitarian e Law Law (Dr. (Prof. MPS) TVGNSS)


Direct Tax (SK)

Clinic I (AC) Direct Tax (SK) Trade Mark (Dr. VD)

ACH - I (Dr. BD)

Clinic I (AC)

Intl. Environmental Law(Dr. TVGNSS)

A Thursday
Comparativ e Law (Prof. MPS)

Clinic I (AC)

Direct Tax (SK) Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation &Trials (Dr. PM) Clinic I (AC)
Intl. Environmental Law (Dr. TVGNSS)

Intl. Criminal Law (Prof. MKS)


Direct Tax (SK)

A Friday Healthcare Law and Bio-ethics (Dr.VD) B A Saturday B Healthca re Law and Bioethics (Dr.VD)

Clinic I (AC)

ADR (S.Karmakar) ADR (S.Karmakar)

Intl. Humanitarian Impoverishment Law (Dr. TVGNSS)

Law & (SB)

Comparative Communication Regulation I (CA)

Intl. Aviation Law (Dr. SBB)

Clinic I (AC)

Intl. Humanitarian Law (Dr. TVGNSS)

IT Law (Dr. AM)

Prof. MPS - Prof. M.P. Singh, Prof MKS- Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Prof. S. Basheer - Prof. Samnad Basheer, Dr. AM - Dr. Anirban Mazumder, Dr. TVGNS- Dr. TVGNS Sudhakar, Dr. SBB - Dr. Sandeepa Bhat, Dr. P.M - Dr. Praveen Mishra, Dr. BD - Dr. Bikramjit De, Dr. VD - Dr. Vishwas Debaiah, SK- Mr. Sanjay Kumar, SB - Mr. Sourabh Bhattacharya , CA- Ms. Chinmayi Arun , AC- Mr. Anirban Chakraborty , A.Mishra - Abhishek Mishra, S.Karmakar - Ms. Sampa Karmakar,

N.B. Comparative Law classes will be held at 08:00 hrs. as mentioned in the schedule in room no. 122

SBB) IT Law (Dr. AM) Advanced IP Law (Prof. Sourabh r. TVGNS SB . . S.07:45-08:45 IT Law (Dr. Aviation Law (Dr.Mr. Basheer) VGNS. AM) Intl.Dr.

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