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PC 910 XMLGuide En

PC 910 XMLGuide En

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info xml odc
info xml odc

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Published by: dharmendard on Jul 16, 2012
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1.Right-click the top of the definition in the Source Analyzer workspace. Select Edit.
2.On the Table tab, edit the following settings:

Table Settings


Select Table

Displays the source definition you are editing.

Business Name

Descriptive name for the source definition. You can edit Business Name by clicking the Rename

Editing XML Source Definition Properties 47

Table Settings


Owner Name

Not applicable for XML files.


Description of the source. Character limit is 2,000 bytes/K, where K is the maximum number of
bytes for each character in the repository code page. Enter links to business documentation.

Database Type

Source or database type.

Code Page

Read Only. Not applicable for XML source files. The Integration Service converts all XML source
files to Unicode.

3.Click the Columns tab.

On the Columns tab, you can view information about the columns in the definition. To change column names
or values, use the XML Editor.
You can view the following information:

Columns Settings Description

Select Table

Source definition you are editing.

Column Name

Name of the column.


PowerCenter datatypes.


Length of the column.


Number of decimal positions in numerical data.

Not Null

Indicates whether the column can accept nulls.

Key Type

Primary key, foreign key, or not a key.


Path of the element referenced by the current column in the XML hierarchy. XPath does not
display for generated primary or foreign keys.

Business Name

User-defined descriptive name for the column. If Business Name is not visible in the window,
scroll to the right to view or modify the column.

4.If you configure the session to read a file list, and you want to write the source file name to each target row,
click the Properties tab and select Add Currently Processed Flat File Name Port.
The Designer adds the CurrentlyProcessedFileName port to the Columns tab. It is the last column in the first
group. The Integration Service uses this port to return the source file name. The CurrentlyProcessedFileName
port is a string port with default precision of 256 characters.
To remove the CurrentlyProcessedFileName port, click the Properties tab and clear Add Currently Processed
Flat File Name Port.
5.Click the Metadata Extensions tab to create, edit, and delete user-defined metadata extensions.
6.Click OK.
7.Click Repository > Save to save changes to the repository.

48 Chapter 3: Working with XML Sources

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