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Differential Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis

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Published by: Karlos Gornal Tagomata on Jul 16, 2012
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Differential Diagnosis

• Acute LBP < 4 weeks • Chronic/Subacute LBP > 4 weeks

Some Possible Causes of LBP .

and decreased anal sphincter tone and bulbocavernosus reflex (+) prominence (-) history of malignancy (-) weight loss Trauma (-) history . late signs include demonstrable weakness. paresthesias in the lower extremities. dysesthesia. bladder and bowel incontinence acute paraplegia Rule Out (-) fever. or straining. such as coughing. temperature.Differential Diagnosis Rule In Abscess back pain weakness. hyperreflexia. and vibratory sensation. chills. and/or bowel or bladder dysfunction Valsalva maneuvers. and loss of pinprick. Babinski sign may be absent. bilateral Babinski signs. clear sensory loss. position. may exacerbate radicular back pain Early sign: spasticity. DTR may be initially hypoactive or absent. paresthesia. malaise Neoplasm local pain or stiffness gradually worsening back pain  limb paresthesias and weakness emergence of leg weakness. sneezing.

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