Sun, Earth, and Moon

Presented by Gaurav Uniyal

I bet you know the answers! • • • • • • What causes day & night? Which one is bigger the earth or the moon? Where does the moon get its light from? What percent of the earth is always lit by the sun? How many stars are in our solar system? How many days does it take for the Earth to revolve around the sun? • How many low and high tides on Earth every 24 hours? .

-revolves around the sun every 365 days or 1 year. The Earth: . • -appears blue in space because it is 70% water.• -is the third planet from the Sun • -is an oblated sphere. • -rotates on its imaginary axis counterclockwise every 24 hours or 1 day.

then moon • The sun is the largest • Next in size is the Earth. Earth.Answer: Sun. • The moon is smaller than the Earth .

• We all ways see the same side of the moon because the moon rotates and revolves at about the same speed.• The moon revolves or orbits the Earth once every 29 days. .

(answer A). .Rotation causes day & night. • Rotation is the turning or spinning of the Earth in one place on its imaginary axis. • Rotation of the earth on its axis causes day & night.

The turning of the Earth causes •Day & Night .

.When the moon is seen from the Earth as a whole circle. it is called a FULL MOON.

the Earth experiences seasons. .The revolution of the Earth around the sun • Takes 365 days • or one year. • NOTE: • Due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis during revolution.

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