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Daniel Khaneman Thinking fast and slow The associative machine

Bananas vomit unpleasant images and memories; Response with disgust attenuated in comparison to the actual event; All of these thoughts are automatic the mind assumed a temporal sequence and a causal connection between the words bananas and vomit; as a result, one can experience temporary aversion towards bananas. All the thoughts that came to mind while reading the two words are part of the System 1 and came into mind quickly and effortlessly. The process is called associative activation - ideas that have been evoked trigger many other ideas, in a spreading cascade of activity in your brain. There is a coherent chain of mental events, in which element is connected the word evokes memories, who evoke emotions, which evoke facial expressions and other reactions = associatively coherent. System 1 treated the conjunction of the 2 words as representations of reality and the body reacted in an attentuated replica of a reaction to the real thing you think with your body, not brain. Three principles of association resemplance, contiguity in time and place and causality.