How to write application against over billing by meter readers?

Specimen application by Rehan Aziz Shervani—Public Welfare

The SDO.

Subject: Tortious & criminal act of meter reader; his malicious intentions; wrong reporting of consumed electricity units. Sir, It is submitted with due reverence that to materialize some malevolent designs, the above mentioned meter reader has been willfully reporting excessive reading of units consumed; reference No. 08 1768800000 05999955103U; for perusal and record the following numerical facts are mentioned hereunder to unwind the quality of malicious intentions of the meter reader:

Meter reading As on 26.06.2010

Reported Reading As on 12 .06,2010

Excessive Units Reported

From the above mentioned figures it is aptly clear that by reporting the excessive units , the meter reader is guilty of misconduct, therefore, it is requested that without prejudice to any other remedy available under the civil and criminal law of Pakistan, his departmental inquiry must be initiated as to unwind his other anti department activities. Your prompt action in this regard will be highly appreciated. Find enclosed June Bill. Yours Faithfully, Rashid Jafri