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Nagpur Metro

Nagpur Metro

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Published by: Shivam Divecha on Jul 17, 2012
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Dream of having OUR own swanky transport is closer to becoming a reality with the Urban Development Ministry recently

green-signaling the construction of a Rs 8,200-crore metro project in the orange city in Maharashtra. Nagpur metro proposal has been given go-ahead as it meets the criteria of having a population of 20 lakh to ensure the viability of the project,” sources said Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation (DMRC) would be preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of NAGPUR METRO. estimated to cost 8,200 crore The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation which builds and operates the Delhi Metro has been the first metro rail and rail-based system in the world to get “carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions” and helping in reducing pollution levels in the city by 630,000 tons (630 Gg) every year (AS certified by the United Nations ). Nagpur Metro is a rapid transit system proposed for the city of NAGPUR, INDIA. It was almost a decade back here that a technical survey was conducted by Larsen and Tourbo on behalf of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NITT) for a Metro Rail for about 70-90 km route. RAPID TRANSIT : A rapid transit, underground, subway, elevated railway, metro or

metropolitan railway system is an electric passenger railway in an urban area with a high capacity and frequency, and grade separation from other traffic.[1][2] Rapid transit systems are typically located either in underground tunnels or on elevated rails above street level. Metro is the most common term for underground rapid transit systems

POLITICS BEHIND METRO : http://zeenews.india.com/news/maharashtra/nagpur-metro-rail-gets-closerto-reality_781317.html

Of the two phases of the Nagpur project, the first would pass from Sitabuldi to Mihan via airport while the second would be from Sitabuldi to Automotive Square in Kamptee. The 25-km first phase is estimated to incur an expenditure of Rs 4,400 crore while the second one of 20km would require Rs 3,800 crore, the sources added. Delhi, Karnataka and Kolkata are the three States where metro rail is being operated successfully

ridership in othermodes of transportation in coming years.wikipedia. The success of the NAGPUR Metro has already triggered similar ventures in other Indian cities like Mumbai andBangalore Objective To analyze the strength and weakness of the NAGPUR Metro from socio-economic perspective To model the demand-supply curve and various revenue functions To estimate the break-even for NAGPUR Metro To understand the effect of NAGPUR on other modes of transportation To study the effects of common wealth games on revenue This analysis will help the other metro proposals in pipe-line to streamline the process of planning and assist the NAGPUR Metro to improvise its revenue generation & further expansion.Considerable effort has been put into understanding the economic viability of the NAGPUR Metro. and justified futureassumptions like effect of common wealth games on ridership of NAGPUR metro. http://en. Italso provides the assistance for NAGPUR government to plan for the other modes of transport likeLight Rail Transit System. Modeling of revenue functions.Break-even point. Alot of analysis is done taking into consideration past and present data.org/wiki/Transport_in_Nagpur . There are no doubts about the social benefits of the Delhi metro. it does not come as a shock that NAGPUR is one of the most populated city in mah in term of people and vehicles.As a part of this project. Considering all this ― Nagpur Improvement Trust (NITT) ‖ comes as a huge relief for the people of Delhi.The various analysis are SWOT . effect of NAGPUR metro on other transport systems. revenue generation from advertising and property development. pollution and high fuel consumption. the NAGPUR Metro has been analyzed from the economic point of view. ridership on full functioning of two phases of the metroproject.Abstract Being the SECOND capital city of MAHARASHTRA and capital of VIDHARBHA. etc. Cost-volume profit analysis. Demand-supply analysis.This research paper concludes with justified results that the NAGPUR Metro is an economicallyfeasible and time saving venture of DMRC (NAGPUR Metro Rail Corporation). It will help in reducing trafficand pollution in the capital and more important save a lot of time for the daily commuters. Mono Rail and dedicated bus corridor IN FUTURE.effect of common wealth games on NAGPUR metro. The population of NAGPUR and vehicles on road are ever increasing leading to problems like traffic.

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