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Published by: Brook Brooke on Jul 17, 2012
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points to adduce first. The ‘university’ and the entire field of ‘higher

education’ – post, secondary, tertiary etc. – have undergone a series of

profound transformations in the last two centuries. The latest of these

transformations is the reconditioning of the university as a fully and

explicitly instrumentalized space of economic, cultural, and social

reproduction attuned to the flows of global capital. In the face of these

instrumental and technocratic imperatives, the rhetoric of the university

– the ‘idea’ of the university – simply fails to be persuasive. It will not

work. For some time now, ‘we’ have recognized a need for a new way to

speak of the university which can challenge the un-challenged authority

of the neo-liberal specification of the university as factor of industry and

nothing more.

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