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15 JULY 2012

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MILF accosts 2 military 'spies' in assembly The Moro lslamlc Liberation Front (MfLF) apprehended two soldiers who were allegedly spying in the recent Moro Leaders' Assembly in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. In a statement, the MILF said the two soldiers have been turned over to the headquarters of the International Monitoring Team (IMT) in Cotabato City.


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Metro Bank soldiers 3-4


AFP R£l,ATEcD lSSUE_S 2012 outstanding announces


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The Metro Bank Foundation and the Rotary Club of Makati Metro recently named 10 exemplary soldiers from the Philippine Army, Philippine navy, Phillppine Air Force and Corps of Professors in the search for Outstanding Philippine Soldiers (TOPS). Defense college not living up to name-COA ~ Some of the students in the graduate course were "overage," and not many came from the military. For these reasons, state auditors believe the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) has failed in recent years to achieve its goa! of producing future defense leaders. China to the rescue of grounded warship A Chinese salvage party of at least five vessels and several smaller boats has arrived at a shoal off Palawan to rescue a People's Liberation Army warship that ran aground there on Wednesday night. Protected Chinese turtles rescued from Chinese paoehers' net Philippine authorities rescued 14 protected sea turtles that were caught in a n et laid down by Chinese poachers, a navy commander said yesterday. Turtles saved from Sino poachers Philippine authorities rescued 14 protected sea turtles caught in a net lad down by Chinese poachers, a navy commander said Saturday. AFP probes Sino ship grounding The AFP has launched an investigation into the presence of a Chinese warship which ran aground at Hasa-Hasa Shoal off Palawan last Wednesday, officials said yesterday. Phi monitoring rescue of stuck Chinese ship The Philippines will continue to monitor efforts by China to extract its warship that ran aground in a shoal off Palawan, even as six Chinese naval vessels have reportedly arrived in the area purportedly to help in rescue and retrieval operations. Violence mars registration in ARMM Violence has marred the holding of a new registration of voters in the Autonomous Region in Musllm Mindanao amid optimism that

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the process of cleansing the region's voters' list will succeed in giving elections in ARMM a fresh and clean start. Indefinite CCT suspension pressed ahead of Senate probe Two militant groups have asked Malacanang to indefinitely suspend the implementation of the controversial conditional cash transfer (CeT) in the light of an investigation to be undertaken by the Senate on the effectiveness of the poverty alleviation program. Sayyaf man captured in Basilan Joint military and police operating teams have arrested in Basilan Abu Sayyaf sub-commander believed involved in the 1994 kidnap in of a catholic priest, police said on Frida .

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'Pagtulong abiso'

09 MllF sa pagtugis

vs mg2 pugante,


pa og


Wala pang forma! request na natatanggap ang Moro Islamic liberation front (MllF) mula sa 6th Infantry Division ng Philippine Army ukol sa plano ng tropa ng pamaha!aan na Kunin ang tumufong ng MILF sa pagtugis sa mga pumugang bilanggo mula sa Maguindanao Provincial Jail sa lungsod ng Cotabato. (UPDATE) MILF turns over 2 soldiers to gov't The secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) said today it released two soldiers who were earlier arrested due 10 suspicions that they infiltrated an assembly of its leaders at its base in the southern Phili ine rovince of Sultan Kudarat, Amid kiHings, attacks, UN experts urge Philippines to protect rights defenders The UN experts urged the authorities to carry out prompt, impartial and independent investigations into the growing number of threats and killings of rights defenders to hold perpetrators to account and to fight impunity.




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M ILF accosts 2 military 'spies' .in assembly

The Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) apprehended two soldiers who .were allegedly spying in therecent Mora Leaders' Assemblyi.nSultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. . In a statement, the MILF said the two soldiers have been turned over to the headquarters of the International Monitoring Team (lMT) in Cotabato City. . The soldiers were identified as Sgt. Sammy Pasadilla of the Army's 6th Infantry Division andPfc, Tamer Maulana of the 60Jrd Infantry Brigade. "The two soldiers, who were nabbed separately, did not resist when accosted by MILF security forces, who were alerted earlier of the presence of suspicious-looking persons," the MILF said. The MILF said two motorcycles and personal belongings were taken from the two soldiers but were later returned to them. Said Shiek AI Haj, head of the MILF ceasefire committee. turned over the soldiers to Maj. Gen. Abdul Raheem bin Mohammad Yusuff, head of mission of the IMT. The IMT, on the other hand, turned over the two r Adiers to Brig. Gen. Gilberto RCd, head of the government's ceasefire pari.el, last Thursday. In the turnover papers, the MlLF reminded the government that uncoordinated movements and activities are violations of the ceasefire. The military, however, denied that the two soldiers had been ordered to spy on the Mora assembly. Cot Prudencio Asto, spokesman orthe 6th 10, said Pasadilla went to the MILF' sCamp Darapanan to avoid a trafficjamas'he'was ort'his way to Camp Siongco, the headquarters of the 6th ID. Asto said Maulana, on the other hand, was conducting civil-military operations in MILF communities. II OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PU "(The two soldiers) are not spies or infiltrators," Asto said. - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287. 5295



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'rhe Metrobank Founthe petty officer-indation and the Rotary' charge in the mainteClub of Makati Metro nance and repair branch, re4ently named 10 ex- headquarters fleet main.emplary soldiers from tenance 'and support the Philippine Army, group in Eastern Mind- dean of the Academic, receive a cash prize Philippine Navy, phil- anao and has been in the Group of-the Philippine, of P300,OOOand a troipptne Air Force and service for 28 years. Military Academy and :phy courtesy of. the Corps of Professors in Engineman Third has been in the service Metrobank Foundation. " the search for The Out- Class Ricky Burgos is the .'for 28 years. , The awardees wer,e; standing Philippine Sol- petty officer-in-charge,": "We are proud to selected by a multidiers (TOPS). Naval Intelligence and present to the entire na_,.~ectoral fi~al board of ca. Milfredo Me-, Security Group Unit 2 tion 10 of the most dedi': J~dgesc1:all:ed by. S~legrito is the director of, in Estern Mindanao and cated and accomplished dl~an~ayan Presiding Land Warfare, Center, has been in the, Philip- members of the Armed Training and Doctrine pine Navy- for 17 years.! _ Justice Francisco VillarCommand. He has been Lt. Col. Antonio Fran- Forces of the Philipuz, Jr. Members include in the service -for 25 cisco, [r, is the Deputy' pines," says Metrobank Rev. Fr. Aloysius Ma. years. , Group Commander of FAOUndatlS'onpr:sident - Maranan, OSB, rectorb M/Sgt. Juana Hemal the 505th Search and Res- . niceto 0 repena. -, president 91, San Beda is the branch non-com- cue Group of the Philip_;~;IMoreth,!n being the College Mendiola: Gilmissioned officer in the' pine Air Force and has private sector's expresberto Duavit, Jr., presiOffice of the Assistant been in the service for 20 sion of gratitude to the dent and COO of GMA ' Chief of Staff for Educa- years. sacrifices of out soldiers, Network, Inc.; formertion and Training and Senior M/Sgt. Au- TOPS 'also highlights ambassador to the Vatihas been in the service gusto Reyes is an over- the contributions of the can and now chair of the for 22 years. all noncommiSsioned men and women of the -Parish Pastoral Council T / Sgt. Rolando Dio- officer-in-charge as- military, as vanguards for Responsible Voting mangay, chief clerk ad- ,signed in the Assistant of peace and democ(PPCRV) Henrietta de jutant of the 53rd Engi- Chief of Air Staff .for racy, to nation building' Villa;. Peter Wallace, neer Brigade from the CMO A-7 HPAF, and and development//· he chairman of The WalPhilippine Army has has been in the service added. lace Business F~~um;_ been in the service for for 30 years. The awardees will be and chairman and senior 20 years. M/Sgt. Emerita Ang- feted together with the: partner of Isla Lipana & . Capt. Erick Kagaoan cao is the communica- winners of the Search Co. Judith Lopez, is the director of Naval tion/navigation tech- for Outstanding TeachThe MetrobankFounManagement and Fiscal nician from the 463rd ers (SOT) and Country's dation, along with the Office in the headquar- Avionics Armament Outstanding Policemen Rotary Club of Makati ters of the Naval Station Maintenance Squadron/. '~'. ,,_ Metro, annually holds and has been in the ser- 15th strike wing and has in Service (COPS) - the Search for TOPS vice fo~ 25 years. b~en in the Philippine r kflown a~ the Metrobank to honor the gallant! ,"', ",' Engmeman Second AIr Force for 24 years. I, ~d\1n~~h.on Outstand- men and women of the a7,5295 ' Class Arce Balasabas Col. Raul Tangco is ; Fll~pmos - on Sep,t. Armed Forces to high- _' --' 5 dunn? Metrobank s light their achievements SOtThnmve~sary. a and. .efforts towards ,.DPS wmners will! achieving peace and nation building.







Defense college not living up toname-Cna .
By TJ Burgonlo .
SOME of the students in the graduate course were "overage," and not many came from the military. . For these reasons, state auditors believe t~e National Defense College of the Philippmes (NDCP) has failed in recent years to achieve its goal of producing future defense leaders. The Commission on Audit (eOA) said the college had relaxed its rules to admit over-aged applicants, failed to fill the ideal quota of students from the military and had not met its target nu_r:nb~r f graduates. o The NDCP offers the Master in National Security Administration Scholarship Program (MNSA), a one-year master's degree course earned . through various forms of classroom work, case studies, regional security development studies and academic enhancement travels. It is the main academic program of the NDCP. School administrators had argued that discrimination against age had been waived on a case to case basis/ . On the low representation of military officers in the course, administrators-reasoned out that this was not .a career course for military officers. The NDCP itself has spelled out: that 60 percent ofthe students should! come from the military, 30 percent' from the government and 10 percent from the 'private sector.

2009, and further dropped to sev~J out of 33 in 2009-2010. It slightly rose to 13 out of 44 in 2010-201 L .. '

COA recommendations

\~ I

'The military sector, being involved in national security and the first lit\e' of defense for the country from actu'aY and perceived threats, should be a the forefront of the MNSA prograrrt;' COAsaid. .: v "Their participation in the·progri}tF


windUng number ofstudellt.s

Age discrimination
The eOA observed that from school years 2008- 2009 to 2011-2012, eight students were admitted, aged 52 to 59, despite the age limit of 51 for uniformed personnel, applicants from the private sector and military officers from allied countries, and 55 for civilians. 'TWo of the eight did not graduate, the COA said, but did not elaborate on whether or not age had anything to do with it. ..

But eGA notedthatthe60 percent representation of the militaryinthe class was not achievedinthe pastfour school years, and that the number of military offlcerstakmgthe course had i been dwindling over the years r. i . The eGA also observed another deficiency: In 2b()9~201()a.rid20102011, only 26 -a'nd 38, respectiv~ly,~' graduatedft()m the program, way below the minimum annual target of 50 .giaduiites'<i .·i ''The;lgeney'slllission to prepare artdde'VeJ?l?p()tet~.tial .national defenseJeaders'Wasnot .attained despite spending about 63 percent to 81 percentof the.budget," eOA said. .On the relaxation of age limits, the eOA insisted that "this is a setback to the completion of the course .., that because of age, it may lead to the inabilit)roftl;I~individual to, cope with rigorous:sthOOl work." . On military-representation in the course(theCOAnoted that the number Of military students had dwindled over the years. For instance, there were 19rnilitary students out of the totaLof47 in. 2007-2008, This droppedtol1out of 35 in2008-

should be mandatory owing to th~r functions and responsibilities," added,' The agency recommended that t:l1~' college strictly enforce the age li~}: make representations with defense and military officials to make the Mij: SAcourse mandatory for military ofll: cers, and to set more realistic and credible targets. ~


......... «<.

......... ·~E~~THE~.?lI~J:ltJE!LICAFf~S~~I.s~:o:tc:P.t __.~ItOO,~F:Te(~.(02)~~~f~~:·5iat.5i9si· ~



< .'•.•....•.•.•. ..• "

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Chiuafleettothe rescue of .grounded warship
By Red~~pto Anda. Inquirer Soiuhertiluzon . .and OJYap and Norman Bordadora. in Manila

A CHiNESE salvage party of at least five vessels and several smaller boats has arrived at shoal offPal~wan to ,rescue a People's Liberation Armg ~arshlp that ran aground there on Wednesday mght.:i:~


, The INQUIRER learned that a Philippine Air Force surveillanceplaneflew over the area yesterday afternoonand photographed the salvage party working to free the missile frigate No. 560 from a reef at Hasa-HasaShoal (international name, Ha1fMoon Shoal). The 103$meter, 1,42.5-ton Jianghu-class frigate Was patrolling disputed waters in the . Spratly archipelago in the West Philippine Sea, (South China .Sea) when it ran into shallows at Hasa _Hasa Shoal, 111 kilometers west of Rizal town in Palawan, on Wednesday night, the Australiannewspaper Sydney Morning Herald reported _all FriQay. . c._ .. , . Quoting tln.named diplom •...·, · ic sources, the Morning Her'" . said the frigate got "thorOUg.~. .... . stuck" on a reef at the shoal. The Department of Nationa:l Defense confirmed the Sighti of the stranded Chinese frig" around noon yesterday." "Yes, it is there," said PeW Paul Galvez, spokesperson fOr the defense department. "It ~ been sighted ... [I]t is still stuak there." '.' ,

the area to monitor the Chinese rescueop-: erations. CoL Neil Estrella, regional military spokesperson, said five Chinese vessels and a number of smaller boats were assisting the grounded frigate, Estrella said the Western Command was ready "to extend assistance to the Chinese, frigate;' but was waiting for orders from, Malacafiang.


That is intrusion into Philippine territory, but Malacafiang is not ready to disclose what the government plans to do, "We will refrain from any comment because as you know we have committed not to take provocative actions under the [proposed] code of conduct [among claimant countries in the West philippine Sea)," Valte said. Presidential political adviser Ronald 11amas said in a text message to the INQllRER that the government's response was under discussion. It would "be made public at the proper time," he said.

Waiting for China to call .'
But Malacafiang was waiting for the Chinese to call and ask for help. Deputy presi-: dential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the Philippines would step in only if asked for assistance. Hasa-Hasa Shoal is part of Philippine territoryin the SpratIy Islands in the center of the West Philippine Sea. China is claiming all of the islan ds idn archipelaglo, P~rtsh()f the 1 which are c aime by Brunei, Ma aYSla,t e Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. Valte said Hasa-Hasa Shoal is disputed 'territory. But "dispute or dispute, we will render assistance if needed," she said. The Chinese embassy said on Friday that "rescue work by the Chinese Navy is underway." Citing information from the Ministry of National Defense in Beijing, the embassy said the frigate ran aground at Half Moon Shoal of Nansha Island (Spratly Islands) during a routine patrol mission. .

Diplomatic protest
Asked whether the government would protest the latest Chinese incursion into Philippine territory, Valte said "that is something that would have to be considered by the pepartment of Foreign Affairs (DFA)." But the DFA is not yet thinking of a protest, "We need to find out what really happened with the Chinese frigate in our




defense authorities. to! A'Philippine Coast Guard v~!, sel had also been dispatchedlto . ~ CHINA! A.1:9.

A source from the militl




territory," DFA spokesperson Raul' Hernandez said. "For now, we have instructed our embassy in Beijing to inform the' Chinese foreign ministry , that Philippine assets are willing to help the frigate get out of there."

. So many vessels.
Defensespokesperson Galvez said the defense department would ask the Chinese to explain why there were so many vessels in the area. ''We are seeking clarification from the Chinese side as to the purpose of those ships," Galvez said. ''Wewill not . be the ones to confirm if this is a rescue operation. For all we know, they . could be doing something else:' Galvez declined to describe the. vessels,saying he preferred the de-: scription to come from the Chinese ! , government . Galvez won't say, however, if the , defense department .conslders the presence of the Chinese warship' at Hasa-Hasa an intrusion, " ''We are still investigating andgath- ' ering details," Galvez said,'i\s of this time, we are still gathering reports. I believe bad weather is hampering our monitoring."

"Our assets are prepared in case ,,' there is a distress call," said Com- , modore Rustorn Pefta,icornmander of the military's Naval Forces West. "We will try to provide assistance. That will be our task th~r(V',_ .: ' The Sydney Mori1mgHerald said stricken frigate "has in the past : • been involved in aggressively dis-! couraging Filipino fishing boats from ., the area." ,


"Provocative action
The warship's coming to grief in Philippine waters followed reports that China .Iiad "installed a, powerful radar on SubiReef, an.Islet-inthe . Kalayaangroupof islands claimed by the Philippines. , , Malacafiang said oil Friday that the 1 government was verifying those re- i ports. If confirmed, the Palace said it ' would consider that a "provocative action" by China. Together with,the Philip- , pines pushed for a code of conduct at ., this week's ministerial .meeting of the': Association of Southeast Asian Nations' (Asean) in Phriom Penh, Cambodia, tb • prevent their-territorial disputes With ) China from ett1ptinginto armed clash" j es in the West Philippine Sea, '. The Philippine also sought rom-, dude its recent staridoffWith China at-: 'Scarborough Shoal in the traditional joint statement to be issued at the enq ~ lof the meeting. '

- ..

,Innocent passage?

A military official who did not want to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter said "some consider itinnocent passage," possibly belying reports that the Chinese warship had been patrolling Philippine-claimed waters. Maritime conventions require the Philippines to come to the aid of the distressed vesseL" Yesterday, Philip-. pine naval forces readied assets to assist the Chinese in getting the frigate unstuck even without a call for help' from China.

Cambodia blocks PH efforts
. But Cambodia, the meeting's host': and an ally of China, blocked the; Philippine effort, and the meeting- 1 ended Friday without a joint .state-" ment, the first time Asean failed to dd so in its 4S-year history. With reports: ' from Tina G. Santos andAP ..

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Protected turtles rescued from C'hloesepoachers' net

Philippine authorities res~ cued 14 protected sea turtles that were caught in a net laid down by Chinese poachers, a navy commander said yes~erday.

However, one 'sea turtle was j already dead when a joint team. from the Navy and the Environment departrri.ent arrived Friday in a remote area off the ' western island of Palawan, said

Maj. Ferdinand Atos. Atos, commander of naval . forces in the area, said infermants had told them that Chinese poachers planted the net a week ago in the coastal district

of Balabac, "They enter the waters of
. Balabac, riding in a speedboat, and they plant their nets, using their contacts among the locals," he told AFP.

. The 200-meter net left by the poachers was removed and the 14 surviving sea turtles were set free, Atos said, .. He said informants had told Turn to Page 4

them that Chinese fishermen used their contacts to enter w.eateafrequently and would btirtgtheircakh to Half-Moon "Philippines and China. The shoal has come under closer scrutiny after China announced that one of its naval ." '.frigateshad run aground there. .•....~¢.ati,.trtles ·are .prate cted .


purtishable by ......least 12 yeats in jail. at


From Page 1 Chinese fishermen poaching in philippine waters have become an issue in recent months. '. In ApriLPhilippineai,.t~ thorities tried tdar!,<Je .fishermen taking seafurtles and other protected species from Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). They were blocked by hinese government~~ips,triggering over the area WhlCh lsx:launed by both countrie~,';:' AF'p




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Turtles saved from Sino poachers
PHILIPPINE authorities rescued 14 protected sea turtles caught in a net laid down by Chinese poachers, a navy commander said Saturday. But one turtle was already dead when a joint team from the Philippine Navy and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources arrived Friday in the remote area off Palawan, said Maj. Ferdinand Atos. ; Atos, commander of naval forces in the area, said informants told them Chinese


poachers planted the net aweekagoin thel coastal district ofBalabac.y~ '. ..·t "They enter the waters of Balabac, riding in a speedboat and they plant their nets, using their contacts among the locals," he tOld<f:. AFP. . .'..' ....•..•. . . . ... ., ,The 200-meter net left bythepoachers~ was removed and the 14 surviving sea tut":e ' tles were set free, Atos said. . .... ~ He said the informants told them the Chi-~ nese fishermen used their contacts to enter~ the area frequently! and would bring'_' their catch to Half-~ Moon Shoal, an out-:f. crop in the Spratlyj islands claimed by~ both the Philippines and China. .~ .. The shoal has ~ come under closer •• ~ scrutiny after China~ anno~~ced that one,} of· its,:g.aval frigates; had .·run aground tthere (See story on PageAl). .'....• ' Sea turtles> are'!; protected .' Under Philippine law and ~ catching them is}; punishable by at least 12 years in jail. :: In April, Philip-j' pine . authorities ~ . t, tne d to arrest Ch'1- jl nese fishermen tak- I: ing sea turtles and ~ other protected f: species from t Panatag (Scarbor-]. ough) Shoal in the;: . West Philippine Sea :; (South China l'








vr July 2012

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AFP probes Sino ship grounding ·
why we are trying to validate and if there is a need for. -. us to offer assistance so they can get out of the area, we : THE. Armed Forces Dithe Philippines has launched will help," he said, .' . . ..... an investigation into the presence of a Chinese AFPW~comSpokesmanLieutenantConunand. : warship which ran aground at Hasa-HasaShoal off . erNeilEstrella said soldiers havebeen dispatched to the i Palawan last Wednesday, officials said yesterday. . sitetoconducttheinvestigation.Hedidnotcoromenton , . The People's Liberation Army Navy PIa.; .(PI.;AN)the number of Chinese ships still in the Spra tlys when ... navy frigate no. 560 was stuck near the Philippm~interviewedoverABS.CBNNewsChanne1 controlled Half-Moon Shoal in the Spratlys which 18 '. 1,'hePhilippineswillhelprescuetheOUnesewarshlp locallyknownas"Hasa'Hasa"Shoallocated60nautkal stuck at Hasa Hasa shoal but only if asked to Deputy miles west of Palawan and is Within the country's presidentialspokeSpersonAbigailValtesaidPhilippine exclusrveeconomiczone. authoities will be monitoring the "rescue" oftheCliiilese Chinese embassy officials said there wereno casual-· .vessel, ' , ties in the incident and an'under way to ' Valte declined to comment further on" the matter . rescue the stranded Chinese navy men. China said the citing the current territorial "dispute" over the site. ship got stranded during a 'routine patrolmission,' . "We will be monitoringthar.; the progress of the Defense~retaryVoltaireGazmin said the Armed. rescue>,.. If assistance is required we are duty-bound to Forces Westem Mindanao Command is investigating helpthem/' disputeornodiSpute, thePalaceofficialsaid. theincidentsinceithappenedlnsidePhilippineterrtfu..· But for now, Valte noted the Chinese Embassy in ry. The investigation will also ascertain if the Chinese Manila said the rescue is underway. sailors indeed threatened Filipinofishermen near Ute •...•. Asked if the Philippmeswill protest the presence of the area during theheightofthePhilippines-ClUnadispute .: Chinesewarship in an area the Philippine claims as its over the control of the islands, shoals and atolls in the territory, she said the matter is being" dealt with." Spratlys. '. .:.. ". . .: "That is something thatwillhaveto be considered by Gazmin said thein'vestigation williook intowhythe theDFA It isbeingdealtwith atfhe moment. (But) there Chinese ship was so close to Philippine land. . ..., are things we are not at liberty to share," she said. "It's possible itwas an accident or whatever, That's' , WllhEMonIMIo

By Alfred Dalizon




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Assistance offered: no protest yet


From Page 1

The Philippines will continue to monitor efforts by' " China to extract its warship : that ran aground in a shoal off Palawan, even as six Chinese naval vessels have reportedly arrived in the area purportedly to help in rescue andretrieval.operations.
Deputy presidential spokes-. person Abigail Valte made this' ; clear yesterday even as she' bared an offer,fromthe ~ove.rnment to help in the removal of the Chinese warship from: Hasa Hasa Shoal, which is only 60 , nautical miles from Rizal town . in Palawan. "We will be monitoring the progress of the rescue," Valte said. The Chinese embassy in Manila said there were efforts to salvage the frigate, but reports said Beijing did not seem to be making any move to remove the ship which, according to . reports, was a frigate. . ! "If assistance is required, then we are duty-bound td , render ... Dispute or no dispute, of course, we will render assistance if needed. Allow me to make that clarification. Because I did see a report from Turn to Page 11

the Chinese embassy saying tion we -got from the Informathat the rescue on their side tion Department of the Ministry is underway. So as to the dip- of National Defense of China, lomatic implications, we will around 7 pm of July 11,a frigate defer to the DFA (Department ofChineseNavy ran aground acof Foreign Affairs)," Valte said cidentallyat HalfMoon Shoal of over radio dzRK . Nansha Isands during a routine Valte said it would be up to patrol mission, with no personthe DFA to decide whether to nel injured," said Chinese emfile a diplomatic protest, since bassy spokesman Hua Zhang. He added "currently the resthe Chinese military vessel was apparently patrolling within cue work by the Chinese Navy is underway." Philippine territory. "If it did not run aground, The Department of National from what I understand, that is Defense (DND) confirmed that disputed territory still, despite a Iiarighu-dass Chinese guidedits proximity to Palawan. The missilefrigatewith bow number element of the dispute is still 560had run. aground. No other there, So we will refrain from details were provided. any comment because, as' you know,we have coinmittednot to Spotted take provocative actions under Military surveillance planes the code'ofconduct," Valtesaid. spotted before noon yesterday "What we can say is that if the Chinese warship that ran assistance is required, we will aground off Palawan, as well render it. To my knowledge, as sixother Chinese vessels that assistance has not been asked -appeared to be assisting the' for but it will be given ifit is," troubled ship. she said. Peter Paul Galvez, defense. The DFA, for its part, said spokesman, citing air surveilit would have to find out why' lance reports from the Western a Chinese vessel strayed into Command (Wescom),said that . Philippine territory. theyhave yetto hear from China . "Weneed to find out what re- the real mission of the six other ally happened with the Chinese ships. friga~ ill our territory," Foreign "It'sbeenspottedby ourmiliAffairsspokesman Raul Her- tary planes," Galvez confirmed. nandez told The STAR. . "All we can say for now is "Fornow, we have instructed that the six Chinese ships are ourem~assyinBeiJingto~orm just within the vicinity of the the Chinese Foreign Ministry grounded frigate. We want to that Philippine assets are will- know from China what's the ing to help the frigate get out of purpose of their of vesselsin the there," he added. area," Galvez said. According to the inforrna"We are continuously moni1/



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taring the development on the ground while waiting the Chinese sideto explain the presence and the purpose of their vessels in the area," Galvez added. AFP sources.said the vessels include a much larger frigate, four surveillance ships and a tugboat. , Alsomonitored were several rubber boats carrying suppliesand equipment to and from the stuck frigate, The Philippine Coast Guard (peG) is awaiting instructions on whether to assist in the removal of the troubled Chinese vesselor in the rescue of its crew, saidspakesmanLt Commander Armand Balilo. "If there are orders, then we would follow.We are on stand by. If there are orders to go, we willrender assistancefor salvage operations and environmental protection," he said. The peG has reportedly not sent any of its ships to the site. Wire reports quoted Brig, Gen. Elmer Amon, deputy Wescom commander, as saying that while they have yet to hear from China on what really happened, Wescom is ready to provide any assistance. , But Amon maintained that Hasa Hasa Shoal is well wi thin the country's territorial waters and far from the disputed Spratly's archipelago in the hotly contested West Philippine Sea. Security analysts believe that the grounding. incident is unlikely to escalate tensions in the .region, but said.there is still risk of accidental clash. "In my mind, it is just a matter of time before one of these standoffs gets really ugly and people get killed," Ian Storey;of the Institute of Southeast Asian

Studies based Singapore,said. Rory Medcalf, directorof the international security program at the Lowy Institute, said that it was alarming that the Chinese were now using naval vesselsto patrol the disputed area. "Does that mean sooner or .later we will see confrontational incidentsinvolvingnavalvessels 'rather than civilian agencies," he said. Meanwhile,Muntinlupa City Rep, Rodolfo Biazon expressed doubts yesterday that Beijing had intentionally let its frigate beach to strengthen its claim over the area. Blazon, chairman of the House committee on national' defense and security, said the vessel was apparently one of the newer vessels of China's People's Liberation Army so running it aground W9u1dbe costly. He recalled.thatin 1999, a Philippine Na,,¥ landing vessel ran aground at Panatag Shoal and Beijing strongly protested the incident, believing it was in. tentionalto solidifythecountry's claim over area. " "I strongly doubt if this was intentional," Biazon told The STAR. "The Chinese presence in the area has long been a given so this incident is not a proof of anything." He cautioned against speculating too much on the incident, saying what the government should do is to offer assistance to the distressed vessel. "That is if they will accept. We should do this not only for diplomatic purposes but also to honor, the universal maritime code to help those in distress at . sea," the lawmaker said.- With Jaime Laude, EvelynMacairan, 'Paolo Romero, Pia Lee-Brago


It July




iolence mars registratlonfn
CITY-Violence has marred the holding of a new regisof voters in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao optimism that the process of cleansing the region's voters' list succeed in giving elections "inARMM a fresh and clean start.









The Guro clan is split over political affilithe cases of Violencethat left a dark in an otherwise smooth and peaceful ations. Velasco said a policeman also opened fire at of registration in ARMM provinces killing of a registrant in Lanao del registrants in Butig, Lanao del But; on Thesday. ; A separate military report said three the beating of a member of an elecrwatcndog in Maguindanao, which is no- civilians were injured in the shooting. bloodshed and killings. .. \Wasco said that in Putik, Lanao del Sur; sev~~elc.ticm Commissioner Armando Velasco eral election officersfrom Negros Occidental al..thatin Lumbaca-Unayan in Lanao del so walked out of the voters' registration center Sur, a registrant, who had been complaining after rival political supporters clashed nearby. Led by Putik Election Officer Canda WaH about the way the' registration in the town Rasuman, the election officials left Putik was being conducted, was shot dead. Samira Ali-Gutoc, women sectoral repre- town and established another registration sentative in the ARMM's Regional Legisla- center in Marawi City, he said. In Maguindanao, a: female volunteer of tive Assembly, earlier identified the victim .the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible .as Said.Guro, Quoting sources from the town, Gutoc Voting (PPCRV) was attacked and harassed said Guro was outside the town's municipal by supporters of a local official in Parang .hall in Barangay Dilausan with other would- town on Monday. be registrants around 7 a.m, on Thursday Henrietta de Villa, PPCRV chair, said the when fired upon by a still unidentified as- coordinator, identified as Sarah Karamud- ~ sailant. The firearm used and the motive for din, was mobbed after she refused to issue . the shooting were also not known. PPCRV identification cards to the politi''This brazen display of lawlessness deserves cian's supporters. Acting ARMM Gov. Mujiv Hataman rethe highest condemnation," Gutoc said. , 1Wo INQUIRER sources said Guro was minded politicians to leave the lO-day regamong .~e peoele who gathered around -istrarion process alone. The new registrathe municipal hall to-demand that the regis- tion is to end on July 18. Hataman said that despite reports of viotration center located inside it be trans·«.m:rred a "neutral venue." to lence taking place in some areas, the regis.¥".lhis, they argued, was to allow regis- tration went on smoothly. Elsewhere in Mindanao, officialssaid dirty Strants identified with a potential opponent i';~tthe incumbent mayor, Tomama Guro, to tricks by politicians are starting to emerge as elections draw near. Edwin Fernandez 'with '~~~theirvoter applications. The incumbent ;'ihayor is allegedly using the municipal hall reports from Ryan Rosauro, Dennis Santos and RicheI Umel; Inquirer Mindancro ' :*~his residence.
':'·~.-:=";-'::_T :-..


. rhJuly 2012

Patiina.;...,. _1 ____

IndefiniteCCT suspensIon . pressed ahead of Senate probe


France and Anakpawis party list vice chairpman
Fernando Hicap said aside from investigating the CCT effectiveness in uplifting the conditions of the poor, the inquiry should also. expand to other aspects of the CCTfund use like corruption of local government officials and the counterinsurgency purposes under Oplan Bayanihan. Both leaders claimed their respective -orgenizations have been receiving complaint~ from CCT beneficiaries that they don't receive their CC,!,fund in full and on regular basis. : France and Hicap maintained that instead of receiving the monthly Pl,400support for 'indigent family, there are eases where beneficiaries receive only P600 and POOOonly
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But Pamalakaya

Vice chairman


By Charlie V. Manalo
Two militant groups have asked Malacanang t-t. , indefinitely suspen~ .the implementatiOn of the controversial conditional cash transfer (CCT) in the light of an investigation to be undertaken by the Senate on the effectiveness ofthe poverty. alleviation' '. program. . While, Pamalakaya and Anakpawis party list .welcomed the decision of the Senate finance committee headed by Sen. Franklin Drilon and Rep. Joseph Ett1i,I!p Abaya, ,eh.airman of ~he House commltteeona:ppropnatlOns, to subject this year's P39-billion budget for the CCT . programto an tnvesngatton, the groups said it will be .politically, le.gallyand morally appropriate to indefinitely freeze the implementation of the controversial poverty eradication measure... . . "The Senate and the House' of Representatives should immediately suspend, if not scrap, the CCT program to pave the way foranhonest-to-goodness 1nvestigation of the anti-poverty program. The oversight committee of Congress can only perform its assignment objectively by dropping first the program and conduct a performance assessment of the program since it.was introduced by the previous a.dnimIstration," the' groups said in a joint statement.


they don't receive it on monthly "basis, They said CCT beneficiaries were also threatened with .' exclusion from the program once theyjoin progress1've and militant organizations highlY critical of the Aquino government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), a , clear indication that the anti-' . poverty program was being used or leveled against legitimate political activities and associations. . The groups asserted that the i tr.regularities and political undertones attributed to CCT were reported in the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Sorsogonand Iloilo. Pamalakaya and Anakpawis party list believe these issues against (jCT implementation were place n~ionwide, ;\;<Both'i·grQ~ps .said the D~partrilent\ofSocial Work and ~Dev:el!lpment(OSWD)was seeking P45 billion in CCT funds for next year, an increase of Po billion from this year's P39billion budget for the cash transfer programalone, Pamalakaya and Anakpawis party list had warned that the p45 billion might be exploited again for
.... nd a


. taking


. . .


corruption, electoral campaign and . counter-insurgency operations. They noted that instead of approvfng the proposed P45-bilIion budget for CCT next year, congressmen ah': .,.211 Jrs should ::"rFl.1le an !11-depth Invesng ...".:-'" ",...l . audit performance of the CCT program which was introduced , durin.g the term of former. President , and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapllgal-Arroyo. Budget Secretary Florencio Abad has earlier said the 3(}.percent increase in CCT allocation next year represents two-thirds of the overall budget of the DSWD. DSWD Secretary Corazon "Dinky" Soliman said the department was seeking a P 67· billion budget next year; ofwhich P45 billion Will be spent for CCT beneficiaries. She added the Increase in CCT fund will enable the department to support an additional 700,000 poor families all over the country. Drilon has said the Aquino administration's P39-billion CCT program, the government's poverty alleviation agenda, would be subjected to an oversight committee review in preparation. for the upcoming deliberations of the 2013 proposed national budget. . The administration senator argued it was pertinent that Congress conducts a review of the : effectiveness and efficiency of the conditional cash transfer program that is primarily conceptualized to uplift the lives of the poorest Filipino families ... Drilon said he was keen to undertake an assessment of the effectiveness of anti-poverty' program and make ensure that only those from the poorest families are ~'!!r-' _,: ... Ql1iHO Senate


··;~f~t~·~·~Of'~~~,!!'~S!E~~~~~:~~~~~,-~-::,-~,:~"'~.J,-.~-·',!,-'·o"".~.~ •.• '.·····-~-:~""~-,~";;'_:-'~~~-\~"':~_-',.~>-,~-'jt......,~~,: ..........,;:....-';"",~ft9$ ~.\...... .'
- ..


.i.;.•.. ~l:·.tl!.·..,.~t~I4~,+Em~.ad4! ... ~P~ihp~,~~"1'~~~)).~~~~~~~,
. ...


.. 52$•..

? ...•....

also wanted an assurance that.~l program would not be used.·,~: politicians in the 2013 electioliS'f'~ : A church leader has warned, that the CCT program may become: a political tool by politicians ~~ for the 2013 local election. ... i:1 l Malacafiang, for its part, allayetl' public fears that the CCT program may be used by local politicians in. advancing their political inter,!st in! the 2013 elec,tiof',. . . ,. Gj In a radio interview over MRff. Radyo rIflB~ depuzy treSidei,{f¥i! spokesman Abigail Valte yesterday: said local leaders do not have a hand; in carrying out or selectingthe, beneficiaries of the CCT. . •. : . "That was the system under the' previous adndnistration. But Ull(ier· the Aquino administration,~fle: beneficiaries are selecteq'p':y conducting the National Household Targeting System (NHT~). Th~~ were surveyed," Valte said, ~~S; will not be used in 2013 electjmsi primarily because the system as we! have designed it does not include: . the local officials, No input fflnn the local or the provincial offlcials, on who will be included in,QG~ She added that even if ,the NHTS recommended particuia~ beneficiaries, but were found.not qualified for the program t~~~ would immediately be de·list~).~ ,I , Evenbeneflclaries correctly, identified by NIITS as qualifivn the program may be removed U;ijJ,r~ failed to comply with govern~q reqt1ll.'eme:"..:,~~~ ~o:p[l >~ii1'.';



;;t;'« : .


If July




Sayyaf rnan captured in Basilan
Joint military and police operating teams have arrested in Basilan an Abu Sayyaf sub-commander believed involved in the 1994 kidnapping of a catholic priest, police


said Friday. Reports reaching the office of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Director, Police Director Samuel D. Pagdilao, Jr.

identified the suspect as Jumli Orie Manjuri alias "Salam". In his report to Pagdilao, aDG region 9 chief, Police Senior Supt. Edgardo Danao said joint operating units from the croG and the Intelligence Unit of the Philippine Air Force' (PAF) arrested Manjuri around noontime on Thursday in Barangay Cabunbata, Isabela City, Basitan. Manjuri, who was tagged in" the July 31, 1994 kidnapping of Fr. Oemence William Bertlesman in Sulu, was arrested by virtue of warrants for kidnapping with . frustrated murder and kidnapping with serious illegal detention. Mi:mjuri has a 1"'350,000bounty on Is head. Pagdilao said Manjuri is one of the trusted men of ASG leader Isnilon Hapilon. Manjuri was also involved in an encounterin 1998at BarangaySaun- . giS, Sitio Busay, Lantawan, Basilan, wherein 14 members of Special ForcesOperational Course (SFOC) .were killed. (Elenal...Aben). <\ ..


·.• FfI~£GFTHE.Id{M~;~tn~pv~uctfflJ~.·f~add:o#ah_pa@yah~#~letfU).·{02)a92469l; •. ·o _ l.OcaI:.5287{~295.··•··- .. ;.! .
t[ .July 2012



bing modemong firing range. ABA! Ana ba 'to?! Hooyah! NAVSOG ... Mukhang hataw talaga- ang _-000-PhiUppine Fleet natinattiia napa. lsang malugod na pagbati para karami yala ng kanilang mga ak· kay Captain Laumer P. Bernabe fig ay nagsis~bi rin bilang floating gO' tibidad nItong nakaraan at mga Service Force sa kanyang mata- vemment center 0 floating MaIacasusunod na araw. nan saanmang bahagi ng may Talagang masigasig ang ating .gumpay na pagtatapos ng tungkulin bilang Commanding Officer (CO) ng 7,107 islang bumubuo ng ating PhilFleellalo na't aI8m nilang kai· Presidential Yacht 0 iyang Barko ng bansang PiUpinas. . langan sila ng aUng laumbayan -000Republika ng Pllipinas "Ang Pasa lupa, dagal 0 himpapawid Magkakaroon naman ng isang nguID." man. PinaUlan si Captain Renata Da- beneftt blocked-screening eng NaKamakailan tamang, nooog val /AJrGroup (NAG) ng Philippine Hulyo 3, 2012, ay dinaas nita ang vid bilang bagong CO ng Pangulo Fleet para sa peUkulang "Batman blessing ng Philippine Fleet Firing sa isang Change of Command CeDark Knight RISes" sa Hulyo21, remony sa barko mismo na pinaRange. sa compound ng Naval sinayaan ng Phmppine Fleet Com- 2012 sa Theatre 2 ng 8M Mall of Speclal Operations Group. mander na si Rear Admiral Jose . Asia. Sa aking nakita ay tatoo Ang screening ay klnakda para Luis M Alano. - palang world class na ang firing sa benepisyo ng patuloy na supot!a Congrats, Sir Loumer, for a job range na fto at tamang-tama ang ng NAG Sa environmental protection well done. trainlng facility na ko para sa ating Ang nasabing barko ay nagsis~· actMty sa pamamagitan ng tree Navy Seals dah~ doon sa kanilang ·home base" nakatayo ang nasa- _ bing yate ng Pangulo at sa ngayon plantiIlg at pagpapaunlad n9facilities ng mga tauhan ng NAG. ~o rin ay bahagi ng sel'y'e ng selebrasyon kaugnay n9 ika:-65 na anlbersaryo ng NAG sa Ok· tubre 7, 2012. Pam sa mga ticket ay maaring makipag-ugnayan kay Lt Rallos (0917·849-1763) at U. Tapec (0922-805-2405). -cooAt syeil1pre, muli akong nananawagan sa lahat ng mga kapatid na nagmannahal sa aling karagalEin na kuloy ang suportapara sa rna!akas at kredableng Navy IUngo sa masagana at mapayawng bansa, Kayanatin yan Pinoy! .



.JaJy 1112

Page. _1..__'


Eye ·11'1 Th~·Sky

18IIana8uan 118ang



MahilalJniversity, kung papaanonabago ang lau:lyang probinsiya sa pagigingmasigasig, NAIS ng Armed Forces of the Philippines insurgency-free at progresibong komunidad (AFP) na tularan ang tagumpay ng Bohol at mula sa dating sentro ng insurbensiya. Misamis Oriental sa pagkakaalis ng mga Ang Lantad, Misamis Oriental ay isang komunistang rebelde sa kanilang bayan upang sa komunidad na sumisimbolo ng kapabayaan ng ganoon ay matugunan ng AFP ang kanyang pamahalaangpanlalawigansapagtugonngmga tungkulin na matutukan ang depensa ng bansa sa problema ng pamayanan, kanyang hangganan,: . .. .... Nang magtulung-tulong ang lahatng sektor Ang nangyari sa BohcI ;~t MisamisOricntal rig lipunansa pagtugon nginga suliranin ng ay isang patunay na ang "anti-insurgency pamayanan ay naging ehemplo ito sa maganoperations" ay lubos nanapagwagian hindi dang resulta ng "Bayanihan'\· .. lamang sa solusyong pangmilitar 0 paggamit ng . Sa pinagsamang gawain ng militar at ng puwersa. Angdalawangbayannaitoaynakitaan sibilyang sektor ay naging dahilan upang isang matagumpay na modele sa pagsulong umikot sa 180 degrees ang komunidad mula sa ng AFP Intemal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) pagiging balwarte ng New People's Army "Bayanihan", Nagtagum_paysilasapagkabunot (NPA) ay naging isang "insurgent-free ng mga ugatng mga kadahilanan ng'·, Kung natatandaan po ninyo, aug Bohol ay Aug tagumpay ng dalawang probinsiyang deniklarang"insurgency-:free~noongtaong2005 'i~o sa pagsulong ng reporma ng "soctaprodukto ng pamunuan ng pamahalaang economic" at tunay nil serbisyongpubliko ay nanlala-vizan sa pagtugon sa mga problema ng pawang nakapagdulot ng pagkawala ng namavanan kasama ang suporta ng iba't ibang , presensiya ng insurhensiya. sektor at ng militar, , . Kaya, sa taong 2016, nababauaagail na aug Ayon kay Misamis Oriental GOY. Oscar pagkawalanginsurhensiyasaatingbausadahil Moreno noong forum na ginawa sa Ateneo de " sa "Bayauiban"ng sambayanan,


- Tel DO. (02) 892-1693. LoCal: 5287. 5295


~PagtuJong ng MILF sa pagtugis vs mga pugante~ kailangan pa ng abtso'
SB~",roay 14 July 2012 13:33

KORONADAL CITY - Wala pang formal request na natat:lI1ggap ang Mota Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) mula sa 6th Infantry Division og Philippine Army uKol sa plano n9 tropa og pamahalaan na kunin ang tumulong ng MILF sa pagtugis sa mga pumugang bHanggo mula sa Maguindanao Provincial Jail sa lungsod n9 Cotabato. Sa panayam ng Bomba Radyo Koronadar kay MILF Vice Chairman for Political Affairs GhadzaH Jaafar sinabi nito na dadaan pa sa Ad Hoc Joint Action Group sa i1alim ng csasefire agreement ang nasabing plano. Dito umana maaaring mag-file ng request ang Army sa ceasefire commitee ng Government Peace Panel (GPH) na siya namang makikipag-ugnayan sa ceasefire committee ng M1LF para sa nasabing aktibidad. Una rito, lumabas ang balita na plano umano oi Maj. Gen. Rey Ardo, commanding officer ng 6th ID na humingi ng tulong sa M1LF upang mahull si Oatukan Samac!"a!yas Kumander Lastlkman at mga kasamahan nito na tumagas. Ito ay dahll posibleng may kamag-anak ng organisasyon.

supporters umana sl Lastikman sa MILF na naging dating miyembro rin

(UPDATE) MILF turns over 2 soldiers to gov·t MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) - The secessionist Moro Islamic liberation Front (MILF) said today it released two soldiers who were earlier arrested due to suspicions that they infiltrated an assembly of its leaders at its base in the southern Philippine province of Sultan Kudarat Said Shiek, head of the MILF's coordinating commitee on cessation of hostilities, turned over the two soldiers to Maj. Gen. Abdul Raheem bin Mohammad Yussuf, head of the International Monitoring Team on Thursday. The members of the Philippine army released by the MllF were identified as Sgt. Sammy Pasadilla of the 6th Infantry Division and Pfe. Jamer Maulana of the 603rd Brigade's Civil Military Operations. The two were then turned over to Brig. Gen. Gilberta Roa, head of the PhiHppine government's Coordinating Committee on Cessation of Hostilities. "The two soldiers, who were nabbed separately, did not rest arrest when accosted by MJLF security forces, who were alerted earlier on the presence of suspicious-looking persons," said the MILF in a statement posted on its website. The secessionist group reminded the Philippine government that "uncoordinated movements and activities are violations of the ceasefire (agreement)." Col. Prudencio Asto of the Philippine Army's 6th Infantry Division denied that the two soldiers are military spies.


Amid killings, attacks, UN experts urge Philippines to protect rights defenders

Bulat/at. com

The UN experts urged the authorities to carry out prompt, impartial and independent investigations into the growing number of threats and killings of rights defenders to hold perpetrators to account and to fight impunity. By RONALYN V. OLEA

MANILA - Amid reports of killings Philippines, two United Nations extrajudicial executions called on protect the life of rights defenders work.

and death threats against human rights defenders in the Special Rapporteurs on human rights defenders and the Philippine goverhment to adopt urgent measures to and to ensure they are able to carry out their important

The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders defines human rights defenders as those who seek the promotion and protection of civil and political rights as well as the promotion, protection and realization of economic, social and cultural rights. In a statement posted at its website, the UN experts said that a number of cases have been reported to them involving death threats and, in the worst of cases, killings of human rights defenders since the killing of Fr. Fausto Tentoria in Mindanao last year. Tentoria, October a Cathcllc Italian missionary, was killed inside the compound of a local Church,

17 by suspected state agents. Human rights group Karapatan reported that under

the two-year term of President Benigno Aquino fII, there have been 95 of victims of extrajudicial kHlings. Recent cases include the murder of Dutch missionary Willem Geertman and Romualdo Palispls, chair of Justice and Peace Action Group (JPAG). Karapatan also reported the killing of Amolfo Vaflor, a member of an affiliate of the National Federation of Sugar Workers in Negros Occidental on July 9.
"Many of the cases involve individuals and organizations working to defend the right to a healthy environment," said Margaret Sekaggya, Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders. "Disputes over land rights and campaigns against mining and dam projects infringing on the rights of local communities tend to be sensitive, and those defending such rights are often met with violence." While acknowledging the considerable economic interests present in this context, "the Government of the Philippines has the duty to protect and ensure that other actors respect the rights of these human rights defenders," Sekkagya said. Meanwhile, executions, perpetrated Chrtstof Heyns, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary noted that many of the death threats and killings taking place appear to be by paramilitary groups, death squads and corporate security guards.

"The Philippines is required to protect its population against such groups, and its Government has a positive obligation to take effective measures to protect the right to life. Failure to do so is a violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights," Heyns said. "We call upon the Government to urgently enact appropriate measures to this end."

The UN experts also urged the authorities to carry out prompt, impartial and independent investigations into the growing number of threats and kiHings of rights defenders to hold perpetrators to account and to fight impunity.. Both UN experts urged the Philippine government to implement

summary or arbitrary executions after his 2007 visit to the Philippines.

the recommendations of Prof. Philip Alston, former Special Rapporteur

on extrajudicial,

They also called upon the authorities to respond positively to the request of the Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders to visit the country in order "to assist the Government in improving the volatile situation of human rights defenders in the PhHippines." In a statement, Karapatan affirmed Sekaggya's observation that many of the victims are those defending the rights of local communities where there are disputes over land rights and campaigns against mining and dam projects. "Among the 95 victims, 43 were rights workers in various organizations and institutions. Many are farmers, indigenous peoples and environmental activists. The communities opposing anti-people projects are victimized through threats, harassment, torture, and repression by the AFP and paramilitary groups. This is the real purpose of Aquino's OpJan Bayanihan - to quell legitimate people's opposition and enable the plunder of the country's resources at the expense of the people's economic rights," Cristina Palabay, Karapatan spokeswoman, said. 'The series of attacks and violence against organized communities and human rlghts defenders and the latest wave of killings of human rights and environmental activists, like Romualdo Palispis, Geertman and Vaflor indicate the heightening terror and violence instigated by state security forces and the Aquino government," Palabay said. She cited the serious cases of rights violations brought about by militarization of organized communities especially in the Bondec Peninsula; the illegal arrest based on trumped-up charges against Makabayan coordinator and lay church worker Agnes Mesina; and the indiscriminate firing at the office of Bayan Muna in Catarman, Northern Samar. Il1glJ'D~J