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Boy, 6, killed in grenade blast near registration center in ARMM
A six-year -old boy was killed while his mother was wounded in an explosion that occurred near a voters' registration center in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao last Monday, the military said. Grenade blast kiDs girl near voting center A girl died from a grenade explosion outside a voter's registration Jast Monday center in Shariff Aguak town, Maguindanao afternoon.



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New Anny commander for OrMin


The new battalion commander of the 4th Infantary Battalion of the Philippine Army (PA) in this province has been named The leadership of the Philippine Army (PA) urged the youth yesterday to join in the premier military academy as the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) is encouraging residents of Central Luzon, lIocos, eagayan Valley and Cordillera regions to grab the opportunity to have a promising career as an officer of the .government forces.

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Army encourages entry in P.M.A


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Aquino Oks promotion of 16 generals 4


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President Benigno S. Aquino III approved the promotion of 16 military generals and senior officers, including the No. 3 man of the Anned Forces of the Philippines (AFP) , it was announced .yesterday. Manila Times p. A-2 President Benigno Aquino 3rd has approved the promotion of 16 generals and senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Phmppines (AFP). States Pacific Command chief United of the had productive discussions with senior Philippine government officials on maritime and regional security issues during a visit to Manila on Monday, the U.S. Embassy in Manila said yesterday. Manila Times p. A-2 China and the Amid rising territorial disputes between Philippines, a high-ranking US military official reiterated his country's commitment to enhance stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

President promotes 16 generals



Regional security high on agenda



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US vows to enhance stability in Asia-Pacific




Indonesia: Do not escalate sovereign rights

sea tensions;
Susilo Bambang

RP: We will maintain
Yudhoyono yester-day

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said there will be no quick resolution to competing territorial claims in the South China Sea, warning tensions must not be allowed to escalate. Honasan amenable to retum of US military bases - The reestablishment of US military bases in the country may protect the Philippines from aggression or intrusion by another military power such as China, which is locked in a bitter territorial dispute with its neighbors over uninhabited is1ands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), a lawmaker said on Tuesday. Cordillera rebels flay Baguio vice mayors statement - "City officials must not make any sweeping statement against the members of the Ccrdil-lera People's Liberation Army," said Richard Kiaki, CPLA spokesman, as he denounced. Peace deal with MILF to be signed soon- gov't panel Philippine peace negotiators expressed optimism that an agreement would soon be signed with the country's largest Muslim rebel group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), as it resumed negotiatiOns on Tuesday in Mataysia. PH eyes 4 countries to supply 12 attack aircraft The government is eyeing four foreign companies from as many countries to provide it with 12 new surface attack aircraft to start the Air Force's jong~delayed modernization program.

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PAF to buy 10 attack helicopters Ten attack helicopters will be purchased Philippine Air Force (pAF). Photo: An aerial reconnaissance photo ••. Halos sakupin

Phil Star p. from Italy for the


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13 na tayo ng China pero AFP. tameme lang, pwet

A lot of contentious points still

to be hurdled in GPH-MILF peace talks



two months

after their last talks, the peace panels of

Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government of the Philippines (GPh) embark. this week on their 29th peace talks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The previousschedufed talks had been a veritable shouting match, sources told The 28th talks ended without the customary joint statement of the two peace panels.


July 2012

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Boy, 6, killed 'in grenade blast

near registration center in ARMM

ThE!' Hstl""'ai


A six-year-old boy was killed while his mother was wounded in an explosion that occurred near a voters' registration center in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao last Monday, the military said. Col. Prudencio Asto, spokesman of the Army's 6th Infantry Division, said the grenade blast occurred in the vicinity of the Barangay Timbangan multi- . purpose hall in Shariff Aguak town. Asto said two men aboard a motorcycle threw the grenade at a store about 10 meters away from the voters' registration center. Col. Mayoralgo de la Cruz, commander of the Army's 1st Mechanized Brigade, identified the fatality as six-year-old Agata Lawani Pangilan who died in a local hospital. The boy's mother, Samera, 27, sustained injuries. Authorities were looking atclan war or personal feud as possible motive behind the incident. Meanwhile, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is expecting at least 1:3 million registrants in the ARMM . as the voters' listup in the region ends today. "We are expecting more or less 1.3 million people to have registered in the 10-day registration process in the region," Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes told radio station dxMS in Cotabato City yesterday. All registration centers across the t'fS"!m9nwill close at 5 p.m. today .. ~. ~ .. Erillantes, however, said the~".prJlier~~ "cQuld still be reduced once the,comelec~ has subjected the new voters' list to .. ., an extensive validation to weed out underage registrants arid non-ARMM residents who managed to list up. Meanwhile, the Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy has joined the call for an extension of the voters' listup and setting up of registration sites in non-ARMM areas for voters temporarily staying outside of the region. - With John Unson, Dino Balabo

Grenade blast kills girl near voting center
A GIRL died from a grenade explosion outside a voter's registration center in Shariff Aguak town, Maguindanao last Monday afternoon . . The victim was identified as sixyear-old Agata Lawani Pangilan. Her mother Samera Pangilan, 27, was injured. Col. Mayoralgo dela Cruz, commander of the Arrnv's 1st Mechanized Brigade, said the grenade was lobbed by the suspect in a motorcycle at a store 15 to 20 meters' away from the registration center in the village of Tinimbang. "The registration (for the day) was almost over, the election officers were already packing up their things when the suspect hurled the grenade at the store where the mother and daughter were standing," Dela Cruz said. Dela Cruz also said a 40 mm grenade exploded last Monday morning at the village of Labu-labu in Datu Hoffer town, in Maguindanao. No one was injured or killed in the explosion that occurred near a cornfield. Dela Cruz said the incident could be a case of "accidental firing." He said the two explosions were isolated incidents. "It (registration) is orderly ... For the past seven days, we have no record 'of any violent incidents," he said. - Wdtor Rryes



July 2012





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New Army Commander
MANSALAY, Oriental Mindoro (PIA) - The new battalion comI mander of the 4th Infantary Battalion of the Philippine Army (PA) in this province has been named. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Jake D. Gallenero, the new battalion commander, will replace former commander Lt. Col. Wilbur C. Mamawag. The change of command took place at the headquarters in Sitio Haguines in Barangay Wasig last July 5. It was presided by Maj. Gen. Eduardo D. Del Rosario, commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, PA and witnessed by guests and representatives from local government units, agencies of the national government and public and private sectors of Oriental Mindoro. The activity is one of the military traditions of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) done in recognition of the services and leadership displayed by military officers occupying key positions both in the garrison and the field. Such move aims for the predecessor to step into other strategic assignments and give privilege and opportunity to the successor to excel based on the constitutional mandate of winning peace and order.



The leadershipofthePhiHp;... pine Army (PA) urged the youth yesterday to join in the premier military academy as the North~ ern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) IS encouraging residents of Central Luzon.IlocosrCaqavan Valley and Cordillera regions to grab the opportunity to have a promising career as an officer of the governmentforces .. NOLCOM satd theapplicants will jorn in Air Force,Amyor Navy aftersuccessfu Ily· taking the entranceexamor the Philippine Milita ryAcademy (PMA)that is scheduled on August26,ThEi formmaybe·downloaded·froni· the academy's officlal (MaI'T.Supnad)



July 2012

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Aquino OKs'" Promotion . Of 16 Generals


President Benigno S. Aquino III approved the promotion of16 military generals and senior officers, including the NO.3 man of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), it was announced yesterday. Leading the list of promo tees was Maj_ Gen. Gregorio E. Macapagal, the Deputy Chief of Staff (TDCS), who
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Aquino OKs ....
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' now carries the rank of Lieutenant / General- Macapagal was' designated I as the TDCS, the third highest post in I the military, last March 13 replacing , Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara who is now the commander of the Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom). Also in the list was Brig. Gen. Marlou L. Salazar, who was promoted to the rank of Major General effective I July 7_ Salazar is the current Chief of I the AFP for Internal Audit. He was former Senior Military Adviser to the Government Negotiating Panel for talks with the National Democratic Front (N])F). Likewise, Commodore Wene£redo B. Banua was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral last July 7. Banua is

the current chief of the Modernization . Program Management Office (MPMO) of the AFP and concurrent chairman of the AF'P FOrce Structure Development Study Team (FSDST), Brig. Gen. Alan R. Luga, the 7th Infantry Division (7ID), was also promoted to the rank of Major General effective July 12. He was the former chairman of the Government Ad Hoc Joint Action Group (AHJAG). Also promoted to the rank of Major General were Brig. Gen. Ricardo Rainier G. Cruz III, the 1st Infantry Division(1ID); Philippine Air Force (PAF) Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Raul L. Dimatatac; and Brig. Gen. Gerardo T. Layug, commander of the 8th Infantry Division (8ID).

Meanwhile, the AFP also has nine new star-rank officers after the president approved their promotion to Brigadier General. They are 506th Air Base Wing commander, Col. Rene E. Santos; AFP Procurement Service chief, Col. Alfredo M.Andres; AFP Human Rights Office (HRO) chief, Col. Domingo Tutaan; Col. Gerardo D. Jamorabo, chief of the AFP Bids and Awards Committee (RAe); Col. Jonas C. Sumagaysay, assistant division commander of the 3rd Infantry Division (3ID); Col. Danilo H. Penafiel, commander of the 355th Aviation Engineering Wmg Commander of the Air Education and 'Irainlng Command; Col. Gregorio Pio P. Catapang, commander of the 703rd Infantry Brigade; Col. Juanarlo G. Caringal of the Philippine Marines' Combat Service Support Brigade; and Col. Romeo L. Gapuz, commander ofthe 403rd infantry Brigade.

l~ July 2012

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don Program Management Office of I the AFP and concurrent chairman of the AFP Force Structure DevelopI ment Study Team. Promoted to brigadier general were Col. Rene Santos, 506th Air Base Wing commander, Col. Al: fredo Andre, procurement service chief and former commander and general manager of the AFP Commissary and Exchange Service, CoL Domingo Tutaan, chief of the AFP Human Rights Office, and former commander of the 1003rd Brigade. Col. Gerardo [amorabo, chief of the AFP Bids and Awards committee and former deputy Wing commander of the 220th Air Wing and chief of the Air Force Real. Estate Office. Col. Jonas Sumagaysay, Col. Danilo Penafiel, Col. Gregorio Pia Catapang, Col. Juanario Caringal and CoL Romeo Capuz.




Locklear's Philippine viSit

16 generals I

RejJional security' high on agenda

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd has ~e~hi~ °Yfihe Uni· host dental; c veterinary medical,communiaer e omand approved the promotion of 16 gen~and ~ad pt;'oductive ty service events and suberals and senior officers of the Armed With senior ject matter expert exForces of the Philippines (AFP). ffi IfljUle gove~ent changes that reached o ae a s on mantnne thousands of people Leading the batch is Maj. Gen. and regi0!lal se~urity The admiral 'noted th t . Gregorio Macapagal, deputy chief of issues du ........ a VlBit ...;. Fill-' . a Manila -"M .... pmo-Am ericans represtaff, who was promoted to a threeUS on~."t!te sent a siJroificant percentstar rank or lieutenant\i~ in Manila age of the crew aboard. SRlTbis A~S the Mercy, which is typi· cording to Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Y~::Skl ill' am- cal of many u.s. Navy Burgos Ir., military spokesman. ue 1 J . LAX; ear s, the ships. . four-star admiral who He also paid urtes Macapagal, from the Philippine heads theU,S .. Pacific calls on Secretary coof Military Academy Class of 1980, was Command ~ased ill Hone- tional Defense Voltair T former commander of the Air Edululu, ~a~ firs~ visit to Glizmin and Anned F~~ WIlliAM B, DEPASUPll ~l:!e Philippines SInce tak- es of the Philippines Chief : cation and Training Command. mg command o~ U.S. Pa- of Staff General Jessie He designated to his present cific Command in March, Dellosa at Cl!IDP Aguinalpost on March 13, replacing Lt. Gen. . Atam~tingwithPI:es_ do and on Secretary of Athony Alcantara, who is nowthe chief . idsnt Benigno C. AquillO Foreign Affairs Albert F .. Ill,. :U>C:klearthanked the del ROsario. He visited the I of the Northern LUZonCommand. P~hppmes for its hospi- Manila American Ceme- •. Promoted to star-rank or major tB;hty .B;n,d collabo~~tion tery and Memorial in Fort ~ general were Brig. Gen. Mariou With VlSlting U.S. military 'Bonifacio. personnel ~nd U.S. Navy "The United States has ' Salazar, Brig. Gen. Alan Luga, Brig, ShIPS, which contribute a multi-faceted and endur.; Gen. Raul Dimatatac, Brig. Cen. mi.l.!i?ns.of dollars to the ing partnershi with the .. Gerardo Layug, Brig. Gen. Ricardo PhIlIppme economy via Philippines ba;ed on rert fees and crew expenspect for Philippine sever- . Raineir Cruz 3rd and Commodore Wenefredo Banua to the rank of t admiral al·· Philie~tyand admiration of . so exppme democracy" id rear admiral. pressed satisfaction with Admiial Locklear "M' th~ .recent visit to the to Manila is an ire Salazar is the current chief of Philippme~ of the USNS part of building rJiationthe APP Internal Audit. He was Mercy, which ~omple.te~ a ships with Asian·Pacific nathe former deputy commander of two-w~k medical nussion tions, as the United States the 9th Infantry Division and to the~sland of Samar. , renews and reinvigorates . During the Mercy s its engagement with this commander of the 9018t Infantry mISSIOn, its 1,200 crew region he added Brigade. He was also the senior .members and mission.. Th~ U.S Pacific Commilitary adviser to the Governmembers dra wn from mand oversees an area partner nations and ~on· that encompasses about ment Peace Negotiating Panel neg:overnmental orgamza, half the earth's surf .. gotiating with the National Detions worked with Philip- includes 36 nations' ani{f~ mocratic Front. pme government and I?-0n- home to more than 50 g:overnmental org~mzapercent of the world's pi) _ Luga, on the other hand, is the tions and s.x;p.erts in ~e . ulation, several of tIie current commander of 7th Infanfields. o.f medicine, , denti~ world's largest militari try Division. Hewas the former chairI'y, clvil. engmeenng and . and two of the three lares~ man of the Government Ad Hoc commumty development, est economies, Jun ~ JointAction Group [Ahjag] and cornmander of 802 Brigade, 8ID, PA. Dimatatac, the Philippine Air Force's chief of staff, was also the former commander of the 506th Air Base Wing. Layug was the former deputy com- .. .. . . . . ...........•. ....•.....•... .:. ., .: . .........••....... > . mander of the Western Mindano EFPUBUCAFFAlRS Telno.(02)W ..1693.L 5295 . Command and now serves as com-· . ..... .. ... . .. .. . ..










mander of the 8th Infantry Division. Cruz is the commander of the Ist Infantry Division and former head of the 1002nd Infantry Brigade. Banua is chief of the Modemiza-


1% July


11Ebt }l!la:nila.~



A -2-

US VOWS to enhance stability inAsia-Pacific




ID rising territorial disputes between China and the Philippines, high-ranking US military official reiterated his country's commitment to enhance stabillty in the Asia-Pacific region.

Admiral Samuel Locklear 3rd, head of the US Pacific Command, said that he had 'productive discussions" with senior Philippine officials on maritime and regional issues on Monday. . "With allies and partners, Uspacom [US Pacific Command] is committed to enhancing stability in the Asia-Pacific region by pro-


meting security cooperation, en. couraging peaceful development, responding to contingencies and deterring aggression, ~Locklearsaid in a' statement sent by the USEmbassy in Manila, "The United States has a multifaceted and enduring partnership with the Philippines based on respect for Philippine sovereigntyand

admiration of Philippine democracy," he added, He highlighted the importance of the Philippines in the United States' recent position to enhance its presence in the AsiaPacific region. "My-visit to Manila is an important part of building relationships with Asia-Pacific nations, as the

United States renews and reinvigorates its engagement with this !egion, "Locklear said, Locklear met QefenseSecretary VoltaireCazmin, ForeignAffairsSecretary Albert del Rosario and Anned Forces of the Philippines (APP) Chief of Staff Cen, Jessie Dellosa after calling on President Benigno Aquino 3rd in Malacafiang,



July 2012



Indonesia: Do not escalate sea tensions; RP: We will maintain sovereign rights
By Fernan J. Angeles, Angie M. Rosales, Efren 8. Chavez and Mario J. Mallari
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonoyestel'-day said there will be no quick resolution to competing territorial claims in the South Vietnam also have claims in China Sea, warning tensions . must not be allowedto escalate. the waters, causing regular China essentially claims the diplomatic flare-ups. "Short of a comprehensive . whole ofthe South China Sea, which is believed to be rich in resolution, the claimants must hydrocarbons and straddles . do their best to manage and strategic shipping lanes vital to contain the disputes to make. sure that it does not escalate global trade. or worse lead to the outbreak Brunei, Malaysia, the Turn ttl page 3 Philippines, Taiwan and


Indonesia: Do not escalate sea tensions; ~,':>,RP:We will maintain sovereign rights
Ff1JR1page 1 of military clashes," he told the First Strategic' Review Forum in JaJcitrta~ ~"LHvisions over members' territorial disputes with China prevented the Association of Sb~t~east Asian Nations (Asean) f~?"m)ssuing its customary joint st~ernent at the conclusion ofits ~.eiJng in Cambodia on Friday. . :~ need to send a strong signal tq.~e world that the future of the _S"'"thChina Sea is a predictable, manageable and optimistic one," Yudhoyono said. , .Presidentlal spokesman Edwin Lacierda clarified that even with a heightened level of conflict between the Philippines and its neighboring Asian country China, the government would maintain its pteference to pursue solutions -through peaceful and diplomatic


,,;1 think that we will maintain ~ur sovereign rights over our exclusive economic zone (EEZ). That is something that we will not giv.e.up," says Lacierda. [,,",We have not used our military force. Wehave always maintained that the only resolution to this ~ incident is a peaceful solution - a peaceful resolution to the problem n he added.

,).acierda said that Scarborough never a disputed area citing itsgeographical descriptions which show the area as well within the Philippine EEZ. Despite the Philippines' failure to eenvlnce ABeanmembers to help the. government resolve the territorial dispute with China, Sen. Gregorio Honasan still insisted on a diplomatieapproach, including backdoor initiatives . "~"We have to study carefully and understand the position of Ctiiha because you always negotiate fri.\m a position of perceived; or r'ehlstrength. In our case, we have perceived or real! but no strength comparedto China. It means we i l\l!v~" develop more leverage to from our regional and bilateral ' alliances. But we support the moves of the (Department of Foreign Affairs) and the' (Department of National Defense)," lie:tuld a press conference. .\ "We are not occupying high ttiOhil and political ground at least fiHhe Asean. But let us not allow ourselves to be' relegated to a pu~ely· defensive posture, n he

of the Seas (ITLoS) can help convince China to face the issue on disputed territories especially if the country will be pictured as being bullied by its Asian neighbor ... "Weonly deal with China, the Asean and the US. Our audience should entail the entire world and what should be our message? That this country of ours, with an area near Zambales is being claimed by


1:~_:'l;'hevice chairman ofthe Senate ~~U.~nal defense and security c;:qIllmitteemaintains belief that international bodies such as the International Tribunal on the Law


"But besides the ITLoS, thH proceedings of which could prOV1,) to be tedious, Honasan said the government can revisit othe r options such as pursuing tJ7l.e initiative for jOint exploratiori and use within the undisputrad territories as earlier suggested by his colleague, Sen. Panfilo Laeson, "I don't see any problem there unlike (conducting joint oil exploration in) disputed terrttollies. I think we should look at it' in another angle, to undertake jroint cooperation with other countries, including China, explore what.'I.lOuld be put to better use by all of the claimants and neighboring countries, " he said. .... Honasan also suggested the l4 conduct of a performance &!Ilditon tOcat::S2&7",529u,_,c; '. - all of the country's bhhateraI ....... --_ ............... ---_ security and eco nomic arrangements to deter-mine if they still serve a purpose ..


The senator said that if the government managed to! agree on a mutual defense treaty with the US the Philippines should also co~sider the same with China. . Sen. Loren Legarda expressed concern over the impli.cations of the failure by the Asean Ministers to agree on ajoint staternent during the recently concluded Foreign Minister's meeting in Phnom Penh. It was the first time in its 45 years of existence that Asean has failed to issue such a state.ment at the conclusion of its meetings. She added that "fhe leaders of ABean,in a meeting ir IPhnom Penh in April 2012, adopted a Declaration that 'underscored, among others, the commitment of Asean members to "uphold the collective commitments reflected in the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the S, outh China Sea (DOC) and tho universally recognized prmclples of international law, including the 1982 United Nations Gonventlon on the Law of the Sea, and to move for the eventual r-ealtzationof a regional code of conduct." Legarda tteIt that "the developments, or lack of it, are unsettling. It J aas been ten years since Asean adopted the DOC. Asean true test comes in its ability to maintain a TvmitedSoutheast Asia

. that is able to engage constructively with Asia and the rest of the world, without losing Asean centrality. " ." Relatedly, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (MP) yesterday maintained that the deployment of a fleet of 30 Chinese fishing in the West Philippine Sea remains a concern of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) but stressed the military was ready to implement any order coming from the higher authorities. At a press briefing, AFP spokesman Col. ArnuIto Marcelo Burgos Jr. said the mil!tary was complementing the efforts of the PCGintheKalayaanIsIandsGroup or the Spratlys in the West Philippine ;Sea where maritime patrols are continuing as part of its mandate. "The maritime laws there (Spratlys) are being enforced by the (PC G), and for us, w~enever t~ld i to do so like for example to assist the PCG th_en we will be in the area, But as far as our constitutional mandate to protect the people and the state, our patrols are continuing," said Burgos. Asked what moves would tile I APP make if the Chinese fishing .. fleet entered the country's maritime territory, Burgos replied "it's very clear in the mandate of the AFP .. .we are just implementor, . so whenever told upon by higher I authoritles, we will just execute. H I

Some30 Chinese fishing vessels reportedly arrived in the Spratlys last Sunday, escorted by a fishery and Jaw enfurcement command ship for a lO-dayfIShingexpedition. Immediately, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) warned the Chinese not to intrude into Philippine territory or face another protest. The Chinese fishing fleet was monitored at the vicinities of Kagitingan Reef in the KIGs off the waters of Palawan. The deployment of the huge Chinese fishing fleet came almost the same day a Chinese warship, which ran aground in Rasa Hasa (Half Moon) Shoal located approximateJy60nauticalmilesoff Balabac also in Palawan last. Wednesday, was refloated by six other Chinese government. controlled ships. BUrgos maintained that whUe the PCG was policing the country's territorial waters "we are doing parallel effort." HesaidthePCGwasconducting monitoring and surveillance over the country's territory and the AFP was complementing such moves.He did not elaborate. With AFP


,~ July 2012


Ul:bt lImttla





bility of allowing the US military to set up bases here in order to improve our defense .capabilities against incursions. His statement jibes with ongoing efforts to amend the 1987 Constitution, which has a provision against foreign military bases in the country, Senate President Juan Ponce

mE reestablishment

of US military bases in the country may protect the Philippines from aggression or intrusion by another military power such as China, which is

locked in a bitter territorial dispute with its neighbors over uninhabited islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), a lawmaker said on Tuesday. According to Sen. Gregorio Honasan, chairman of the Senate committee on public order, it is about time to study the possi-

Enrile; a former defense minister, and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. are pushing for Charter change. "I have no problem with it [return of US bases 1 as long as we can be protected and it .can address the issues regarding the disputed

>-BasesA6 • BASES FROM A 1
in the South China Sea," she added. he said the authority of the national Legarda noted that Asean leaders, government should be de-centralized during the April 2012 meeting in to pave way for the empowerment of Phnom Penh, adopted a declaration local government units (LCU). emphasizing, among others, the "Our government is too centralcommitment of Asean members to . ized. Such highly centralized, bu"uphold the collective commitments reaucratic system has slowed down our growth," he said. reflected in the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South He explained that under the China Sea (DOC) and the universally present system, projects in the prov. recognized principles of internainces must be approved at the national law, including the 1982 tional level, United Nations Convention on the The senator allayed fears that the Law of the Sea (Unclos), and to move proposed amendments to the Confor the eventual realization of a restitution's economic provisions gional code of conduct (COC)." would extend the term limits of inShe added that number one cumbent politicians, since the Presi. among the nine items in the agenda dent himself has not shown any inaddressed itself to the issue of the terest in extending his stay in power. West Philippine Sea. He said that the Objectivefrof Chach a is not merely to convert am one "The Asean needs to face the issues that threaten the stability of the form of government to another, but region and collectively find solutions to find ways ofboosting the economy to addressthese," she stressed add- . and improving the investment diing that the COC cannot just appear' male in otctertogeneiaie domestic and foreign business, ' . from nowhere without a valid premise and basis for its necessity. "I am not suggesting that we change from presidential to parliaDecentralization mentary. There are several variations Also on the issue of Charter change of the Presidential-Republican form (Cha-cha), Sen. Edgardo Angara on of government, as exemplified by Tuesday urged government leaders newly industrialized Korea and fast to sit down and start discussing how growing Indonesia," Angara added. to amend and what needs to be reHowever, he said that if the overall vised in the 1987 Constitution. political structure is flawed, growth and Angara said that they should set development would be dampened. the goals for the proposed constitu"But we cannot ignore that the root tional reform and let the "debate run cause of our laggard growth and units course: realized economic potential remains . In case Cha-cha pushes through, our weak political system, " he added.

'areas," Honasan, himself a former :military colonel who launched sev.eral coups in the late 1980s, said. While Honasan claimed that he ·is personally in favor of the return of US troops, it would be difficult Jar its proponents to convince the 'people to agree with it. · He added that amendments should ·not be limited to the economic provisions in the Constitution, but include ·national serurityto provide flexibility ·on the use of resources. Honasan noted that although allowing the return of American ·troops may appear to be a practical move in the light of China's (on'tinued intrusions in Philippinesclaimed reefs and shoals such as in ·Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, many are still against it as shown by ·strong opposition against the VisitingForces Agreement (VFA). Following the Senate's. decision to close down American bases in Subic Bay ·in Zambales province and Clark Air Base in Pampanga province more than two decades ago, the VFA was ratified to accord "visiting rights" to US troops.


'No problem

Meanwhile, Honasan sees no negative ·implication on the failure of the Assodation of Southeast Asian Nations

(Asean) to come up with a joint communique regarding the West Philippine Sea. In fact, he believes that there was a significant improvement on the situation of the Philippines following the meeting in Cambodia. He observed that when the Panatag standoff was first reported, the Philippines was on its own. Now, he said the US and the Asean are already talking about the issue. Honasan said that the Philippines should not expect Cambodia, to allow Asean to issue the joint com.munique on the dispute considering that it is an ally of China. However; Sen. Loren Legarda expressed ctmcern over the implication of the failure by the Asean to come up with a position on the West Philippine Sea issue. Legarda, who chairs the Senate committee on foreign relations, finds it ironic that Asean. which is meeting under the theme "One Community, One Destiny" in 2012, failed to reach a consensus that summarizes key discussion points during the summit. "It is not the failure to issue the statement, per se. that worries me, but its implications on Asean's ability to shepherd the process of produring a binding Code of Conduct





1~July 2012



Cordillera rebels flay Baguio vice mayor's statement
SAGUIO CITY: "City officials must not
make any sweeping statement against the member~ ofthe C~rdi.llera People's LiberatlOnArmy, said Richard Kiaki, CPLA spokesman,as he denounced. Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas for his scathing rernraks against the group. '. . "You were never welcomed in the city, [you] are not above the law and should not act as a peacekeeping force here, • the vice mayor said during the city council's regular session on June 11. Farinas added that the CPLA should stop meddling in land problems and in the demolition of houses. Kiaki said these statements from a distinguished gentleman were uncalled for. The problem started when members of the CPLA-(Mailed) Molina faction was accused of harassing officials of HarrisonCarantes barangay. Kiaki said the vice mayor should have done a thorough inspection of the Cordillera Regional Assembly (CRA) hall, Rooms of the CRA hall are currently occupied by the CPU and the barangay since it still does not have a barangay hall of its own.


Peace <;fealwith MILF to be siqned soon gov't panel
:ZAMSOANGAC'rit pjliP~ne peace negotiators expressed optimism that an agreement would soonbe signed with the country's largest Muslim rebel group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), as it resumedne.gotiations onTuesday in Malaysia. · Marvicleonen, who headsthe Fili-pino panel, assured the MrLF the of :govemment's sincerity in achieving :justand lasting peace in Mindanao. : "We are at the door of an agree-ment,Let uspersevere Nowis indeed :the time for peace," he said in his ·opening statementln KualaLumpur. · He said the working relationship :between the Aquino government .and the founded on :"trust and a general plan." : "Ageneral plan where thereis openness to adjustments should real challengespresentthemselves theimplein mentation, and the flexibilityto assess violations of commitments in its con. text. The working relationshipshould make it truly possible for meaningful autonomy to exist,"Leonensaid. Peacenegotiatorshaveearlieragreed on the creation of a new politicalentityin Mindanaothatwouldreplacethe existing five-province Autonomous ~egion in MuslimMindanao. "For instance, never again would it be possible for rights or powers, granted under any law or norm, be rendered inutile without the correspending increase in the ability of the autonomous government to mobilize and capacitate leaders who will not only have the competence to govern but who will also appreach leadership as positions of trust and stewardship, "Leonen said. "Never again would the initial stages of establishing that autono-' mous political entity be starvedwith the lack of funds; there will still be investments or national fund transfers from the national government. Eventually, there will be the ability of the new political entity to generate its own sources of revenues and this will be dearly seen," he added. The MILFsaid it would not sign any peace acco rd unless Manil a agrees on its demand for a Muslim state in Mindanao. Lastweek, theMILFheidaplenum in Maguindanao province where its secluded leader, Murad Ebrahim, spoke to hundreds of thousands of Muslims and rebel members about the slow progressof the peace talks. . But Leonen said Manila wanted to sign a peace agreement this year so that it could pursue peace and development projects in Muslim areas. 'The Aquino administration is prepared to fully invest in a harmonious working relationship between the National Government and the new autonomous politicalentityto enable an autonomy that is truly viable, workable and meaningful, he said. TheMILBa breakawaygroup of the largerMora NationalLiberationFront whim signed a peace accordwith the Manila in September 1996, is fighting for self-determination,







Page: ,b..- I

PH eyes 4 countries to supply 12atlack aircraft
By Ben Cal
THE government is eyeing four foreign companies from as many countries to provide it with 12 new surface attack aircraft to start the Air Force's long-delayed modernization program. Those are the KAI TA-50 "GoJdfm Eagle" of South Korea, the Alenia Aermacchi Agusta M-346 Master of Italy, the Yak130 of Russia, and the BAE Hawk of the United Kingdom. The Air Forces says it needs to immediately procure surface. attack aircraft as those will serve as lead-in attack planes and as trainer aircraft for prospective jet fighter pilots. . . The Air Force was left with no jet fighters after it decommissioned the F-SA/B interceptors in 2005 because they were obsolete and their parts were no Ionger available in the internation.a1, market. The Navy is in the same dilemma as many of its ships are ofWorId War II vintage. The Air Force and the Navy failed to intercept 26 foreign ships that intruded into Philippine territory duririg the first quarter this year. They have also failed to breaktheir standoff with China at the Scarborough Shoal, where scores of Chinese fishing . vessels were found to have been po~ching since April this year. . The military has welcomed the announcement by Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin that the Aquino administration is determined to modernize the Armed Forces:' "The upgrade and modernization program for our Armed Forces is presently in full swing," Gazmin said recently. He said the Defense Department was working double time to Nextpage.

, :

•• •

approve contracts for 138 projects to be implemented over the next five years. "These projects would surely provide the Philippine Air Force with brand-new and reliable assets for its operations, along with the operational requirements of the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Anny," Gazmin said. The military has said it plans to acquire a surface attack aircraft, a lead-in fighter trainer, attack helicopters, alight transport aircraft, and a medium transport aircraft to be delivered in 2014. South Korea's T-50 Golden Eagle is a jet trainer and light, attack aircraftclesignoo to providepilot training for current and next-generation fighters such as the F-15, F-16, F~18,F-21, F-35,

the Tornado, the Kfir and the Mirage supersonic jet interceptors. The Air Force saysthe T-50 is a trainer jet but can be used as . an interceptor as it has a maximum speed of 1;837 kilometers .per hour. The range and service ceiling of the aircraft are 1,851 kilometers and 16,764 meters, respectively. Its service life is 10,000 hours. . The Alenia Aermacchi M -346 Master is a military transonic trainer aircraft that has a top speed of mach 1.15 or 1,255 kilometers per hour. The M-346 Hawk can be armed with air-to-air missiles, air-to' ground missiles, cannons and bombs. It can also be deployed as a light attack aircraft. The British-made BAE Hawk MK 1271128 Lift lead-in fighter is in the service of severalcountries.

July 2012


PAF to buy 10 attack helicopters
Ten attack helicopters will be purchased from Italy for the Philippine Air Force (PAF). The PAF will also get 21 Huey helicopters, three medium-lift fixedwing aircraft and 12 lead-in jet fighters before yearend as part of the P75-billion Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) modernization program. Air Force chief Lt. Gen. Lauro Catalina de l a Cruz said the Philippines preferred the Italian helicopters as they are ch$aper compared to those made in the United States. "1 was in Italy to look at some of the attack helicopters that were offered and hopefully, we will have them by theend of the year," he said. De/Ia Cruz arrived Monday after participating in the Farnborough Air would be purely for defense purShow in the United N,Jngdom. "I was able to take a first-hand poses. "The Armed Forces had concenlook at some of the industry par- . ticipants, talk to some of them and trated on dealing with internal inwould now report to senior leaders in surgency, until we realized the need for credible defense following the the AFP on the best options available row with China over the SpratIys," . for the country," he said. De la Cruz said the government is he said. The Air Force has been given the planning to get 12 jet fighters that are not so sophisticated for the pilots to authority to purchase medium- and light-lift aircraft as replacement easily adjust from lead-in to multifor the C-130 Hercules troop and role fighter jets. The four contenders to sell the jet transport carrier, long-range patrol fighters are Italy, South Korea, Russia aircraft, radar, the SAA!LIFT and the attack helicopters, according to and the UK he added. The attack helicopters would re- spokesman CoL Miguel OkoL The Department of National Deplace the aging OV-10 Bronco and MG520 attack helicopters, and the fense and the AFP are working to three fixed-wing aircraft will aug- fast-track the approval of a total of 138 contracts mostly aimed at boosting air ment the C-130plane, he added. and naval assets. - Rudy Santos De 1a Cruz said the acquisitions

An aerial reconnaissance photo taken by a Philippine Navy Islander airc~aft last,July 12 shows five Chinese ships (2.6) providing security to a grounded Chinese frigate (No.1, inset) at Hasa Hasa Shoal near Palawan. The frigate, with bow No. 560, was refloated last Sunday. P0- 1, -12-. _

) 9.

July 2012




Halos sakupin na layo ng China perc an" AFP,

tameme, lang, pwe!

KUMPIRMADONG may mahigit nang 100 sasakyang-pan~t aug China sa paligid ng Spratlys , mula sa dalampasigan ng dulong Luzon hanggang sa dakong apIaya ng Palawan , H~n.dipa kasama ~iyan ang regular na nagrerekondang barko de-giyera at malalaking barkong pangisda ng mga Tsino, . Ibig sabihin, TaTOO ang text na kumakalat na tipong may flotilla 0 langkay-Iangkay na bangkang may armas na p~ok sa bisinidad ngPalawan. . , Totoo aug abiso 0 BABALA ng texters sa ildnalat na pabalita NOON pang nakaraang buwan. Maaaring NAPAGKAMALAN ng texters na ARMED FLOTILLA ang mga bangka at barko ng China. .. Makikita kasi na may WATAWAT ng China sa . mga bangka, , _' , At kung titingnan mo nang maIayuan ay mistulang SUMASALAKA'X sa arkipelagong Pilipinas. Nakalulungkot isipm na rNUTIL angAFP at COM~ MANDER~1N-CHIEFnaipagtanggolangSOBERANlYA ng Republika tulad sa ITINATADHANA ng Konstitusyon. Sa aktuwal, hindi UMAALIS ang sangrekwang bangka at balko ng China sa SpratJys. '. Ano aug tawag ninyo riyan? " '-' Hindi ba at isang "defacto" 0 aktuwal na pagOKUPA na 'yan sa ating karagatan? ' WaIang ni. is~g SUNDALO ~a buhay upang ipakipaglaban ang atmg teritoryo. , Kahit KONTING DAKDAK ay tameme ang mga "makabayang sundalo". . Kaawa-awa ang INANG BAYANna walang NAGMAMAHALnasundalo. '


. ANG maIagim na eksenang Ito ng pag-OKUPA sa atmg karagatan ay maduDuPLIKA kapag inihayag ng Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) na lalagdaan 0 NILAGDAAN nila ang wagas na kasuriduan sa MlLF na magbibigay-daan para sa isang MORO SUBSTAlli. ' Kapag pumayag si P-NOY na maitayo ang SUBSTATE sa Mindanao, aktuwal' na namang N:'\B:~.wASA1'-! ~g.l:AND f\REA ng Republika ng Pilipinas dahil ibibigay my a ito .sa MILF na magsisilbing PUPPET GOVERNMENT ng mga dayuhan partikular ng United States; Canada, Australia, Japan, Malaysia at Britain. . Sa madaIing salita, ang maIaking bahagi ng MUSLIM territory ay aknrwal naAAGAWIN ng BANGSAMORO; at ang malaking bahagi ng WEST PHILIPPINE SEA ay aktuwal na na-OKUPAHAN ng China. ~n~ lahar nang. ito ay nagaganap sa ilalim ng administrasyon ng tsang DAKILANG LIDER NG PILlPINAS siP-NOY Mabuhay ang kadakilaan ni P-Noy. \y~lang dumadanak na dugo sa kanyang administrasyon: , ' '. Baka ipamigay kasiniya nang LIBRE at WALANG DIGMAAN· ang teritoryo ng Pilipinas. ' Mabuhayl Mabuhayl Mabuhay! . ~~i si :vtc ~otto, hindi si W!l.lieRevitlame at lalong hindi 81 Epi Quizon ang hahalili sa trono rig Han ng Komedya na si Tito Dolpby. ' Sj P-NOYang bagong HAR1 NO KOMEDYA! Baldt? Sapagkat ang Pilipinas ngayon ay PINAGTATAWANAN ng buong mundo. ., Viva Pilipinas! D' LAUGHING STOCK of the world!!


A.lot of contentious points still to be hurdled in GPH-MILF peace talks

"What is important governing." - MILF

to us is that we should have a (Bangsamoro)

substate which we ourselves are

MANILA - Nearly two months after their last talks, the peace panels of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government sources told peace panels. In between this week's peace talks and the last, the MILF busied itself reaching out to many people, including non-Muslims, in the hope that "this peace process of the Philippines (GPh) embark this week on their 29th peace talks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The previous scheduled talks had been a veritable shouting match, The 28th talks ended without the customary joint statement

of the two

will be owned by everybody," as the
Iqbal expressed confidence that peace is

MILF peace panel chairman Mohagher Iqbal told reporters. what everybody wants, hence, promoting, hopefully be considered as everybody's responsibility.

or at least just respecting the peace process, should

Last week, the MILF sponsored a Moro Leaders Assembly in Darapanan,
Maguindanao, attended by thousands the participants. reportedly impressed,

Sultan Kudarat,

of local and foreign Muslims and observers. The assembly has MILF's website, quoted David Gorman, head of of the International Contact Group

the Centre for Humanitarian

Dialogue (HOC) and coordinator

(lCG) overseeing the ceasefire between MILF and GPH: "I was truly impressed with the general assembly. It shows the mandate, legitimacy, and inclusivity of the MILF. It bodes well for the future entity."


The MILF and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) have also twice met in the past weeks for convergence dialogues. one in Davao and another on the occasion of the MILF-sponsored Bangsamoro Leaders' Assembly. They have issued a joint statement last June saying "The MILF and ,. MNLF shall continue to work closer to achieve the Bangsamoro aspiration for justice, freedom and self-detennination.

Yet. despite all these seeming MILF preparations,

its peace panel offered only guarded optimism

about the outcome of the 29th peace talks with the GPH. Luwaran reported that an official source from the MILF peace panel told them that "while there is some sense of optimism for a breakthrough

in the transition


or the road map, the other issues remained very contentious."

"Anything can still happen," the official source reportedly said, adding that real negotiation is never


Numerous contentious points
Expected to top the talks' agenda are the issues of Interim arrangement, sharing, territory, peace negotiations, normalization, basic law, and constitutional power-sharing, wealthissues. But as in past sessions of the

it is expected that both the MILF and government peace panels will raise other

agenda for discussion.

Based on the explanation offered by MILFs Datu Roberto "Bobby" Alonto in their dialogue with the media in Quezon City last month, "What we have signed in the 27th exploratory talks in Kuala
Lumpur in April are 10 decision points where we agreed on what we should be agreeing about." Fleshing out the topics listed there would spell the difference between producing a signed peace accord or not.


Contrary to the pronouncement

of the Aquino government that the MILF-GPH peace talks are

nearing conclusion soon, with a signed accord. an MILF peace panel senior member said they have not yet reached the stage of "ripening of the peace process," or the stage when the parties are ready to sign. And it is not because they themselves wanted to prolong the talks. ~at is important to us is that we should have a (Bangsamoro) substate which we ourselves are

governing," Iqbal told reporters in the media dialogue. Their proposals of basically letting themselves live according to their own culture and history "need a Bangsamoro state or land," said Prof. Michael

Mastura, senior peace panel member of the MILF.
The group has made it clear numerous (Autonomous settlement." times though that they will not submit to a setup like ARMM Region of Muslim Mindanao), which, they clarified, is really "not a negotiated political They explained that there had been no space for genuine Moro self-rule in ARMM ever that in

since the peace agreement between the MNLF and (then) GRP stipulated between interpretation the former, of autonomy laws and the Philippine Constitution,

cases of conflict

the latter would override

So far, the MILF and the GPH panels, according to Iqbal, have agreed that the "GPH the issue of Constitutionality Constitution." hanging. and the MILF will not raise the issue of independence.

will not raise
" The two peace "substate"

panels "have no consensus that their peace process is within the framework of the Philippine A consensus or the lack of it leaves the proposed concept of Bangsamoro