Cultural Identity Mapping by Scott Alger (2009 - 2012)

Social Networking via Digital Advertising Projections

Architectural video mapping And Cultural Identity Mapping

Subjects of discussion
• • • • • Exterior Video Mapping Creative process and strategy Digital Projector and motion signage Cultural Identity Mapping Statement

Exterior video mapping
Electro-Dimensional / Time Duration Expansion

Creative process and strategy
• Using video mapping to fit lifestyle video onto existing architecture

Cultural Identity Mapping

(Double-Click on the image above to activate movie)

Motion Signage

Digital Projections
Electro-Dimensional / Time Duration Expansion
* Concept: Extension of the present, Manhatten’s trend setting lifestyle encompasses a unique creativity supported by the people that can only be found in the gestalt of New York. * Process: Celebrating the latest digital delivery methods that find interactive-teleportation to be natural and worthy, an “electrogaze” that can catch a unique glimpse of a luxury culture and lifestyle. * Focus: Revealing Dimitri, showing the people, places, and events of an exclusive, untouchable “Royalty Reality” will gain interest as well as a position of value. * Creative Rational: Developing a web presence that is video-based will show a “motion through space” that describes splitsecond details only represented by a member of Royalty. * Quantum Physics shows facts are based by the observer: This online presence will set a tone that merits the seniority found within extended-experience; Privet Jet in-air diamond exhibits, Yacht Races with jewelry showcases only accessible to the winning vessel, vertical real-estate selections found between 40,000-60,000 FT., as a place to admire and purchase lightning blasts.

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