Padang June5,2812

Dear Mr. Rifl<i Maulana,

Thank you for applied as an Exchange Participant and loined the interview on Friday,
June 2012.


Through this letter we inform you:

Interview as Exchange Participant Global Exchange Programme AIESEC Local Committee Andalas University, Indonesia'

And please prepared for the next steps:



Show this letter to your parent and fill parent signature in permission letter that attached with this letter, as the approval fcr parent permission Come to Induction Section in AIESEC Office, Perintis Kemerdekaen Street 77, Economic Faculty, University of Andalas, Jati - Padang. Please contact *AIESEC OGX Promo Manager to alrange suitable time and for more information. Permission letter that already signed by parent will be submit on Induction Section

% . Vice ftq$dent OutGoing Exchange f; o16g$Ed
Un iversity

of Andalas

*AIESEC OGX Promo Manager Mentari Annei Linda

AIESEC in Andalas Univer:ity I JIn Perintis Kemerdel€an na.77 I Padang Website
www.aiesec. org/indonesia/unandl


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