Happy Pakistan Project

Towards a stress free and emotionally educated society!

Suicide rate has doubled in Pakistan for last 2 years. (United Nations) 7000 – 8000 Pakistanis suicide each year. (World Bank) 12% - 15% Pakistani are suffering from mental/psychological disorders. (World Health Org) More than 25% men and 57% women are experiencing psychological/emotional illnesses. (Rawalpindi General Hospital) Only one psychologist/ psychiatrist for every 200,000 Pakistanis. (World Health Org) The main cause of suicide is stress. (United Nations) WHAT TO DO? This alarming mental and emotional situation in Pakistan needs an emerging step for mental and emotional transformation in every field of life. The latest research in this aspect has proved that the Emotional Intelligence has effects on a person`s emotions and feeling and thus on the behavior. Though, in the light of latest research, under the flag of Happy Pakistan Project by Kamyaby Digest, we believe that we can overcome this alarming situation and make Pakistanis happier by educating them emotions and their mechanism. According to this discussion, I have launched a project named “Happy Pakistan Project”, which has been started in April 2012 by training poor school students and staff. Under the flag of Happy Pakistan Project, we are working for the transformation in the society at grass root level, and to bring up an emotionally educated nation through our highly effective training program named, Happy Life Practitioner Course (HLP). This is a non-profit training project based on the philosophy of emotional intelligence (EQ). GOAL We have a GOAL to train60.3% of the total Pakistani population aged between 15 to 64 years.

Definitely. educational and professional issues Happy Life Practitioner (HLP) training in schools Happy Life Practitioner (HLP) training in companies HLP training to volunteers/trainers/individuals HLP training of the trainers to volunteers For more information. this is a great project to achieve and we need. but let me say. and support. please contact me directly: Syed Irfan Ahmed Chief Editor/ Certified Hypnotherapist/ Lincensed NLPer/ Certified Life Coach . HOW? There are five major steps to the said project: Sukun Center (s) for FREE treatment and individual Life Coaching to cope with psychological/ emotional. Pakistan needs your help and support to teach to cope with emotional and psychological issues of daily life in a good and easy manner.

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