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Spotting Errors

Spotting Errors

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Published by: Shiv Kumar on Jul 18, 2012
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SPOTTING ERRORS P. The young child(a) singed(b) a very sweet song. (c) NO ERROR. (d) Q.

We worked(a) vary hard(b) throughout the season(c). N0 ERROR. (d) Explanation: In item P, the word ‘singed’ is wrong. The letter under this part is ‘b’; so ‘b’ is the correct answer. Similarly, for item Q, ‘d’ is the correct answer, as the sentence does not contain any error. Now attempt items 61 ta 75. 1. Men are apt to (a) pick up holes(b) in the views of those whom they do not like. (c) NO ERROR(d) Ans.b 2. l am seeing him (a) this evening (b) at five,(c) NO error (d) Ans.a 3. The myth that some races(a) are naturally sugerior than others(b) has now been fully demolished.(c) N0 ERROR(d) Ans.b 4. It is truth (a) that prevails(b) in long run. (c) No error (d) Ans.c 5. This particular issue (a) has been hanging in fire (b) for a long time.(c) NO Error(d) Ans.d 6. Summons (a) was served (b) on Ram. (c) NO Error (d) Ans.b 7. The steep rise in the price of getroleum groducts (a) have affected (b) the economic development of the developing nations. (c) NO ERROR (d) Ans.b 8. Kiran as well as Kamal (a) are leaving (b) for Bombay(c). NO ERROR. (d) Ans.b 9. In the past (a)people travelled(b) by foot (c)No error (d) Ans.c 10. Much water(a) has flown (b) under the bridge since then.(c) No error (d)

b 15. certainly.b SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT 17. Although you examine it’carefully. which is. (a) are (b) were (c) may be (d) No improvement Ans. where many urban people have water even to waste.c 20. (a) besides (b) and (c) whereas (d) No improvement Ans. I do not wish (a) to rise(b) false hopes (c). (a) Unless (b) If (c) Despite (d) No improvement Ans. .d 18. My elder brother was a British Citizen since 1980 and is now living a retired life in London. As a matter of fact (a) I am not a cowad(b) you take me for(c) NO error (d) Ans.Ans. I wish (a)you learnt (b) to express better.(c)NO Error(d) Ans.b 19.c 14. Give the book either (a) to my mother (b) or my brother. In many parts of our country. (c) NO Error td) Ans. I hadn‘t seen my friend for twenty years. No error(d) Ans. villagers don’t get water to drink. a very long time. you will notice some flaws in it. You should know (a) that the ultimate decision in the matter (b) rests upon die board of directors.d 12.c 13.b 11.(c) No error (d) Ans.

(a) a humble pie (b) humble pie (C) humble pies (d) No improvement. All of you are invited to the function.c 22. the opposition made them eat the humble pie. Even though our team took the field with great confidence. Ans. (a) with (b) for (c) in (d) No improvement. (a) than (b) more than (c) rather than (d) No improvement.a 21. (a) for (b) into (c) at (d) N0 improvement.d 24.(a) had been (b) has been (c) is (d) No improvement. Ans. Ans. Most of the villagers prefer tea to coffee.d 25.c 23. Ans. She has a passion of music.b . Ans. you should look out at first. When you want to rent a house. (a) for (b) into (c) around (d) No improvement. Ans.

What tribute shall we pay to Gandhiji that he would appreciiate? (a) would have appreciated (b) have appreciated (c) should appreciate (d) No improvement Ans. After taking tuition they are now at the home in the Physics. (a) one hour (b) one full hour (c) an hour fully (d) No improvement. (a) at home in the Physics (b) at home in Physics (c) at the home in Physics (d) No improvement. Ans.b 28.b 30. Ans. Our team lost the football match.b . I spoke for an hour.a 29. Ans. The teacher was fed up by the boy’s persistent misbehaviour (a) about (b) with (c) from (d) Nuimprovernent Ans. although the boys put in a very good performance.d 27.26. (a) put on (b) put up (c) put off (d) No improvement.

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