Voltage and frequency stabilization of synchronous generator .

Also. as a rule. Furthermore. wind power very often is a source of voltage fluctuations and flicker. • Only one time cost factor and very less maintenance cost have made the engineers to work on this field. does not contribute to voltage regulation in grids. Wind turbine generator is a very use full and less expensive way of getting the electrical energy. . care must be taken to upkeep availability of networks more or less dependent on wind power by preventing the voltage from collapsing in conjunction with faults occurring in the grid • In these days engineers are doing great work on wind turbine energy to full fill the energy problem of modern world.Abstract • Wind power.

• The problem is. which is variable voltage and frequency of the output. . our work is to make a drive which will maintain the voltage and frequency of the output regardless of the change in speed of wind turbine. Which is a great problem to handle.Problem • Our work of this project is on a great problem in the wind turbine synchronous generators. when the generator is derived by wind turbine its speed varies by the speed of wind. • This variable speed causes the change in output frequency and voltage.

that if the output voltages drop increase the decrease the exciter voltage and if it decreases. increases the exciter voltages through a proper calculation which the controller circuit will do. . The basic concept is.Project algorithm • In this project we will control the output frequency by converting the AC voltages in to DC by using a rectifier and then we will use a inverter to again convert the DC voltage in to fixed AC frequency • To maintain the output voltages of the generator we will use a controller circuit which will continuously monitor the output voltages and will take decision when the output voltage fluctuates from the reference value.

Flow chart .

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