Settling-In Allowance Survey Form

Peace Corps Tanzania, P.O. Box 9123, Dar es Salaam

This document helps us to monitor the “buying power” of the Volunteer Settling In Allowance for PC/Tanzania. Please keep a copy of this survey before sending it in. Good luck bargaining! (To be postmarked or returned to Administrative Officer within 90 days of your arrival at site.)
NAME: SITE: DATE: ____ PROGRAM (circle): Health, Environment or Education HOUSING TYPE (circle): Private or Shared House

You are receiving a settling-in allowance to cover the cost of basic items to furnish your house and be prepared for your stay. You will not receive any amounts above your settling-in allowance, unless there are safety/security upgrades that are necessary. Please seek approval from your APCD and the Administrative Officer for any safety/security upgrade expenses.

Basic Furnishings For Education Volunteers, these items should be provided by your host organization. For other volunteers, your Settling-In Allowance will cover the cost of purchasing the following: ITEM Kerosene or Coal Stove (not gas jiko) Table 2 Chairs Bed w. mattress COST TO PCV IF NOT PROVIDED

Other Furniture and Furnishings Please make a list of all items you bought to set up your household at site, including furniture, furnishings, and housewares. Please include the cost of these items. Thank you. ITEM QTY √ COST TO PCV IF NOT PROVIDED




TOTAL COSTS: DISPOSITION: ORIGINAL to SIA File Peace Corps Tanzania Revised November 2008

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