This Employment Contract, entered into this 17th day of July 2012, is effective September 1, 2012, through June 30, 2016. It is by and between the GOVERNING BOARD OF THE ALHAMBRA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY (hereinafter referred to as "BOARD" or "DISTRICT"), having its principal place of business at 1515 West Mission Road, Alhambra, California 91803, and LAURA TELLEZ-GAGLIANO, ED.D. (hereinafter referred to as "SUPERINTENDENT"). NOW, THEREFORE, DISTRICT and SUPERINTENDENT, specified, agree as follows: I. TERM A. The DISTRICT hereby employs the SUPERINTENDENT and the SUPERINTENDENT hereby accepts employment with the DISTRICT commencing on September 1,2012, and terminating on June 30, 2016. B. This Employment Contract is subject to Cal. Ed. Code, Section 35031, and, therefore, the DISTRICT shall give the SUPERINTENDENT at least sixty (60) days written notice in the event the DISTRICT determines not to re-elect the SUPERINTENDENT for a new term. for the consideration herein


DUTIES A. The SUPERINTENDENT hereby agrees to perform at the highest professional level of competence the services, duties, and obligations required by this Employment Contract, the laws of the State of California and the rules, regulations and policies to govern the DISTRICT, and the SUPERINTENDENT shall be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of those policies. B. The SUPERINTENDENT shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the BOARD pursuant to Cal. Ed. Code, Section 35035.


COMPENSATION A. The SUPERINTENDENT shall be paid a salary of$203,500.00. The SUPERINTENDENT shall receive annual cost-of-living salary increases not less than that granted to other management. Additional stipends for the achievement of the doctoral degree and longevity service to the DISTRICT shall be included at the same rate as paid to all other managers of the DISTRICT. Should the SUPERINTENDENT elect to take the cash equivalent of the health benefit package as outlined in section III. E. below, such compensation shall be added to and considered part of the SUPERINTENDENT base salary.

B. The DISTRICT shall reimburse/pay the SUPERINTENDENT

for actual and necessary expenses incurred on behalf of the DISTRICT, as required by law. In addition, the DISTRICT shall pay the SUPERINTENDENT an automobile allowance in the sum of $700 per month, for each month during which the SUPERINTENDENT is in paid status, to cover automobile leasing, repair, insurance, and other related expenses. This automobile allowance will be part of the SUPERINTENDENT'S base salary.

C. The DISTRICT shall indemnify and hold harmless the SUPERINTENDENT for all expenses, costs, reasonable attorney's fees, and judgments resulting from any and all legal proceedings in which the SUPERINTENDENT is involved because of acts taken in the course and scope of her employment, to the maximum extent allowed by law. D. The SUPERINTENDENT shall render full and regular services to the DISTRICT during the term of this Employment contract in accordance with the DISTRICT's Positive Work Year. Instead of working a 247 -day calendar with 28 days off (22 vacation and 6 management days), she will be selecting the 219 days she will work during the school year. She will not accumulate any vacation days under this plan. The SUPERINTENDENT shall be entitled to the same holidays as are other managers of the DISTRICT. E. The SUPERINTENDENT shall receive other fringe benefits granted to management in accordance with the policies of the Board of Education, including proper placement for service recognition. The DISTRICT shall pay employee's mandated retirement (STRS) contributions. At the request of the SUPERINTENDENT the DISTRICT shall pay the employee the cash equivalent of the health benefit package and permit the SUPERINTENDENT to purchase the health benefit package. F. The SUPERINTENDENT shall receive term life insurance coverage, which shall be $150,000. These benefits shall be at the sole expense of the DISTRICT. The DISTRICT shall also be responsible for all employee-mandated benefit contributions (i.e., STRS, Workers' Compensation, unemployment insurance, etc.) O. Upon the signing of this contract, the SUPERINTENDENT shall be granted lifetime medical, dental and vision insurance benefits for herself and all eligible dependents and the DISTRICT shall pay the full premium for such benefits: i.e., no cap. Clarification of Intent: The SUPERINTENDENT will receive medical benefits equal to a PPO or its equivalent for life. H. The SUPERINTENDENT shall accrue accident and illness leave to be used in accordance with Education Code at the rate of two (2) days per calendar month. I. The BOARD shall reimburse/pay the SUPERINTENDENT for memberships in and/or attendance at appropriate local, state, and national professional educational associations, workshops, community organizations and the like, with prior approval by the BOARD. The SUPERINTENDENT is strongly encouraged to be


a member and attend meetings of the American Association of School Administrators, the Association of California School Administrators, and a local service club (for which the DISTRICT shall reimburse the SUPERINTENDENT for dues and other out-of-pocket costs involved in meetings and community functions, including transportation and meal expenses). IV. EV ALUA TION OF THE SUPERINTENDENT A. Prior to August 1 of each contract year, the BOARD and the SUPERINTENDENT shall mutually agree to written goals and expectations for the ensuing school year. These goals will be specific and reasonable in detail, and clarified to the SUPERINTENDENT if there is some lack of understanding as to meaning. These goals shall include any mutually agreed-upon time lines and evaluation processes. B. In addition to the specific goals and expectations developed each year by the BOARD (as described in A above), the SUPERINTENDENT shall be expected to make progress towards each of the following goals and expectations. 1. Developing and implementing action to carry out the BOARD's strategic plans and organizational goals, as such plans and goals are articulated by the BOARD from time to time. Monitoring and controlling the financial condition of the DISTRICT. Building and maintaining effective employment practices within the DISTRICT, including but not limited to encouraging all DISTRICT employees to provide quality educational services to all students and maintaining good working relationships with the DISTRICT's major employee groups. Providing leadership and direction for the DISTRICT in pursuit of its educational program, including, but not limited to, improving the skills levels of students as measured by various DISTRICT and state instruments, after taking into account factors outside the DISTRICr's control which may affect such measurements.

2. 3.


C. Prior to June 30 of each contract year the BOARD shall prepare a written evaluation of the SUPERINTENDENT's performance, measured by the goals and expectations described in A and B above. The instrument for evaluation shall be mutually agreed upon by the BOARD and the SUPERINTENDENT. The foregoing evaluation shall commence on May 1 of each contract year. D. If the evaluation of the SUPERINTENDENT's performance is satisfactory or better or if the annual evaluation is not completed prior to June 30, the term of this agreement shall automatically extend for a period of one year so long as such term shall not thereby exceed the maximum term allowable by law.



OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES A. With prior approval of the BOARD, the SUPERINTENDENT may undertake consulting work, speaking engagements, writing, lecturing, or other professional activities (with or without compensation) provided that such activities do not interfere with or conflict with the SUPERINTENDENT's performance of her duties under this Employment Contract.




A. This Employment Contract may be altered, amended, or terminated during its term by the mutual written consent of the BOARD and the SUPERINTENDENT, or as provided below. B. The SUPERINTENDENT may terminate the Employment Contract, with or without cause, by written notice to the BOARD, not less than sixty (60) days prior to the proposed termination date. In such event, the BOARD shall be relieved of its contractual obligations to the SUPERINTENDENT on the termination date. C. The BOARD may terminate the Employment Contract, with or without cause, by written notice to the SUPERINTENDENT, not less than sixty (60) days prior to the proposed termination date. In such event, due to the difficulty or impossibility of calculating damages to the SUPERINTENDENT as a result of such termination, the parties hereby agree that the liquidated amount of any and all damages suffered by the SUPERINTENDENT shall be her total compensation (including salary, benefits and insurance) remaining to be paid during the thenremaining term of this Employment Contract, not to exceed 18 months, which amount shall be paid within thirty (30) days after the effective date of termination.

D. The BOARD may terminate this Employment Contract without regard to the
provisions of Section C, above, in the event of serious misconduct or malfeasance on the part of the SUPERINTENDENT. In such event, the BOARD will meet with the SUPERINTENDENT and shall provide her the charges of serious misconduct or malfeasance in writing. E. Any salary provided the SUPERINTENDENT pending an investigation shall be fully reimbursed if the SUPERINTENDENT is convicted of a crime involving an abuse of her office or position, as set forth in Government Code sections 53243 and 53243.4. Any funds for the legal criminal defense of the SUPERINTENDENT provided by the District shall be fully reimbursed to the District if the SUPERINTENDENT is convicted of an abuse of her office or position, as set forth in Government Code sections 53243.1 and 53243.4. Regardless of the term of the Contract, if this Contract is terminated, any cash settlement related to the termination that the SUPERINTENDENT receives from the District shall be fully reimbursed to the District if the Superintendent is convicted of a crime involving an abuse of her office or position, as set forth in Government Code section 53243.2 and 53243.4. 4


MISCELLANEOUS A. If any provision of this Employment Contract or its application is held invalid as a matter of law, that provision shall terminate and the remainder of the Employment Contract shall remain in full force. The provisions of this Employment Contract are severable.

B. This Employment Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties, and
supersedes all prior discussions and agreements, written or oral, with respect to the matter hereof. This Employment Contract shall prevail over any additional, conflicting, or inconsistent terms and conditions. C. Titles or captions contained in this Employment Contract are inserted only as a matter of convenience and for reference and in no way define, limit, extend, or describe the scope of this agreement or the intent of any provision herein. Each party has cooperated in the drafting and preparation of this Employment Contract and in any construction to be made thereof, the same shall not be construed against any patty. D. This Employment Contract shall be deemed to have been made in California and shall be interpreted, construed and enforced pursuant to the laws of the State of California. Both parties expressly agree that any action relating to this Employment Contract shall exclusively be brought in Los Angeles, California.

Dated this, lL, day of July 2012 GOVERNING BOARD OF THE ALHAMBRA UNIFIED SCHOOL ___ Laura Tellez-Gagliano, Ed.D. Superintendent



Patricia Rodriguez-l a

. intosh.President




Chester I. Chau, Member


Adele Andrade-Stadler, Member

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