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1. Foreign banks are working in? (A) Public Sector (B) Private Sector (C) Cooperative Sector (D) All the above Ans: B 2.Which of the following is the publisher of Employment News? (A) Indian Express Group (B) Times of India Group (C) Ministry of Human Resources Development (D) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ANS: D 3. A and B ran 1 km and B won by 1 minute. B and C ran 1 km and B won by 375 metres. A and C ran 1 km and A won by 30 seconds. Find the time taken by B to run a km? (A) 240 seconds. (B) 150 seconds. (C) 210 seconds. (D) 90 seconds. ANS:B 4. If January first of a particular year falls on a Sunday, then what will be the first day of the next year? (A) Monday. (B) Tuesday. (C) Cannot be determined. (D) None of these. Ans:C 5 At 9A.M., two persons Ram and Shyam were chatting facing each other. If Rams shadow was exactly to the right of Shyam, then which direction was Shyam facing? (A) East (B) West (C) North (D) South. Ans:C largest Question Answer website. largest Question Answer website.

6. Which Number can divide the sum of any 4 consecutive even numbers ? (A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 4 (D) None of the above Ans:C 7. A Cricket team has played 25 games and has won 60% of the games it has played. How Much More consecutive Wins team need for winning 80% of the games it has played? A 28 B 25 C 21 D 18 5) The term Yorker is associated with: (A) Billiards (B) Boxing (C) Cricket (D) Hockey Ans :C 6) On which date does the American President take office? (A) 20th January (B) 21st January (C) 1st January (D) 1st February. Ans:A 7)Who invented Yahoo in internet? (A) Bill Gates (B) Steve Ballmer (C) Larry Page (D) Jerry Young Ans:D

8) Which of the following places does not have a space research centre in India? (A) Vishakapatnam (B) Thumba (C) Bengaluru (D) Ahmedabad Ans:A 9) Which country has the ISD telephone Code 1? (A) Australia (B) United Kingdom (C) United States of America (D) Russia Ans:C largest Question Answer website. largest Question Answer website.

10) What is the full form of GDR as used in Financial Terminology? (A) Gross Domestic Revenue (B) Global Domestic Ratio (C) Global Depository Receipts (D) Gross Depository Revenue Ans:C 11) The Press Freedom Day is observed on which of the following days? (A) 1st May (B) 1st June (C) 3rd May (D) 3rd June Ans:C 12) OTIS Brand is associated with ? (A) Software (B) Shoes (C) Lift and Elevators (D) Chemicals and Paints Ans:C 13) Which is the first Indian company to be listed on the NASDAQ? (A) TCS (B) Infosys (C) ICICI Bank (D) Hindustan Motors Ans:B 14) What is the expansion of Yahoo? (A) Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle (B) Yet Another Homely Organized Oracle (C) Yet Another Home Office Organization (D) Yet Anytime Hierarchical Officious Organization ANS:A 15) What does time sharing in computer language mean? (A) Single user- single computer (B) Many computers- single user (C) Many users- single computer (D) Many users- many computers Ans:C 16) A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system is: (A) EFTS (B) MPG (C) CPS (D) MIPS Ans :D largest Question Answer website. largest Question Answer website.

17) Which software allows users to perform calculations on rows and columns of data. (A) Word processing (B) Database Management Systems (C) Electronic Spreadsheet (D) None of these Ans:B 18) Simi invests Rs.8000 in one simple interest account and Rs.2000 in the other simple interest account. She categorized these two investments as account A and account B respectively. The interest on account A is 2% more than the rate on account B. If the total yearly amount of interest on the two accounts is Rs.578, find the interest rate on account A. (A) 4.18% (B) 6.18% (C) 8.18% (D) 7% Ans:B 19) In a survey it was found that 60% of the population owned a flat and 80% of the population owned a laptop. If 55% owned both a flat and a laptop, then what percentage of the population owned a flat or a laptop but not both? (A) 30% (B) 5% (C) 25% (D) 15% Ans:A 20) Find the least number which when divided by 3, 4 and 5 leaves a remainder of 2? (A) 92 (B) 62 (C) 52 (D) 42 Ans:B largest Question Answer website.