Please be informed that your child/ ward will be participating in the following activity:

Activity Date Starting Time Venue Mode of Transport Pick-up Point of Child by Parent Teacher i/c

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Visit To Neighbourhood Police Post (Bukit Timah) 3 Aug 2012 2 p.m. Ending Time: 5.15 p.m. Bukit Timah Neighbourhood Police Post By Foot School's meeting point Mr Melzone Chan / Mrs Jessica Tan / Mr Chan Tai Yao

Remarks By Teacher: Please meet at our usual venue for attendance taking. Do note that there will be a short written test for the Crime Prevention Badge after the visit. Hence CCA will only end by 5.15 pm. Please detach the acknowledgement slip form and deposit it into the Scout CCA Box by 27 July 2012. Alternatively please email Mrs Jessica Tan ( This form should still be signed and returned on the day of outing.

Activity : Visit to Neighbourhood Police Post (Bukit Timah) Teacher i/c: Mr Melzone Chan / Mrs Jessica Tan / Mr Chan Tai Yao

I, discussed with my child/ ward the nature of the activity.

have read your School Activities Notification and have of Primary In case of emergency, please contact:

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