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Business Correspondence

Business Correspondence

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Published by: Atul Mehta on Jul 19, 2012
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1. Headings – This includes the name and address of the sender. Normally printed or typed in the middle of the pages just below the top margin. Example – EXCELLENT FOOD PRODUCTS LTD. 32,Sardar Patel Road New Delhi – 110006 2. Date – The date is written or typed flush with the right-hand margin of the letter. Example – 21 November, 1989 Contd..

3. Inside-address : The inside address contains the full name/designation and business-address of the person written to just as it would appear on the envelope. Its written on the left-hand margin of the letter. Example – Shri R.S. Srinivasan Managing Director Northern India Diary Farms Mehrauli Road New Delhi – 110049. If the person addressed to holds a professional title, then the accepted abbreviation should be used before his name. Example – Dr. R. S. Srinivasan Prof. R. S. Srinivasan Contd..

(Mrs. without any title.) Saral Gupta or Dr.) Saral Gupta or Dr.. (Smt.When a lady has professional or academic title. Contd. In the case of other firms and companies the title Messers is used if there is a personal element in its name:  Messers Ramlal and Brothers 10 Netaji Marg. For public limited company the name is written as it is. Daryaganj New Delhi – 110006. . she may be addressed as : Example – Dr. Saral Gupta.

Jaiswal My dear Smt. Example – Salutation Dear Ram Dear Seema Dear Shri Gupta Dear Kum. .. Shinde My dear Shri. Salutations: It is located two spaces below the last line of the inside address and flush with the left-hand margin. Jaiswal Dear Smt.4. Gupta My dear Kum. Shinde Choice of Salutation Informal Salutation Formal Salutation Semi-formal Salutation Contd.

. (c) the concluding remarks. indicating what action you wish the addressee to take and/or stating your expectations. Body – Its contains the message of the letter and is generally made up of three parts :(a) an introductory statement specifying the nature of the business.. (b) the message that you are conveying along with essential details. Contd.5. The body begins two spaces below the salutation.

Dear Member. Yours sincerely. Dear Editor. Dear Madam.6. Dear Reader. Dear Customer. Gupta. Salutation Sir. Dear Seema. or Yours truly. Dear Madams. My dear Smt. Shinde. Jaiswal. Dear Shri. Complimentary close – It is formal. Shinde. Complimentary Close Yours faithfully. . Dear Sir. polite way of signalling the end of the letter. Dear Sirs. Dear Friend. Dear Kum. Yours sincerely. Dear Subscriber. My dear Shri Gupta. Dear Ram. Jaiswal. My dear Kum. Dear Smt.

Both these elements appear just above the inside address but below the date line.  .1. Contd. Two spaces are left between them and the inside address.  If you are writing in reply to a letter from some other organisation ..Your reference/Our reference –  To ensure that the office copy of every letter is filed properly an identification number is given in the letter against ‘Our Reference’. write the correspondent’s reference number with date against ‘Your Reference’.

Attention – Shri Ram Prasad Dear Sirs.2. his name or designation or both are indicated against this element. Contd.. It is placed between the inside-address and salutation and two spaces are left both above and beneath it. Sarojini Naidu Marg Hyderabad – 500007. . Example - Mutual Life Insurance Company 22. Attention –   When a letter is addressed to an organisation but is directed to a specific person.

Subject –  An indication of the subject of the letter may quicken its disposal. It is typed and double-spaced between the salutation and the first line of the body of the letter.  The word ‘subject’ is followed by colon and then the matter is indicated. Example –  Subject : Donation to Cancer Ward.3. Contd.. .

and they appear just above the ‘Enclosure’ . R. . if any. but below the line of Signature.4. Sharma HSK Enclosure Contd. Shri. K. Identification marks –  These are the initials of the typist. Hoshiyar Singh Kulhari his identification would be indicated as : Yours faithfully. Example – If the letter has been typed by say..

If the documents attached are important. 1989  . they are specified. A 32926 dated 20 November. Demand draft No. e.g.5. Enclosure –  It is typed two spaces below the identification marks and the number of documents enclosed are indicated against it.


 Indented form : .

 Block Form : .

 Full Block-form – .

This course will help the readers improve their spoken English. Please fill in the enclosed form and return it within a fortnight so that we may send the cheque to you. The firm would be glad to demonstrate the working of the new washing machine. 3.(i) Be warm and friendly – A letter is personal communication and must therefore follow the tried principle of I-you communication Impersonal Approach 1. The policy requires that the person concerned should fill in and return the enclosed form within a fortnight for processing. . 2. We would be glad to demonstrate to you how the new washing machine works. I-you approach 1. This course will help you improve your spoken English. 2. 3.

.. 4.. 4. We are of firm view. 1. Your persistent request.. 1. 6. Many thanks for. 2.. 3. It is with regret that we express our inability. 7. We are compelled to refuse. 3.... Thank you very much for ....... 5. instead use phrase which make your letter pleasant and courteous.. You will be glad to know.. You are absolutely wrong in asserting.. ... 5..(ii) Be courteous and considerate – Avoid using phrase which are either curt or rude.. We sincerely appreciate. We are glad to know It is very thoughtful of you to have. Avoid . 2. We find it hard to accept. 6... Your statement that..... Try these..

3. 2. Your remittance will be sent after a 1. 2. Your cheque will be sent within a short time. Please look into our complaint. On 20 December. 4. We have not heard from you despite 4. 1989 for the inspection of your car. . Please report at 3:30 p.(iii) Be specific and positive - Abstract / Negative Concrete / Positive 1.m. 3. Please come for the inspection of your vehicle in the afternoon of 20 December. We are eagerly awaiting to hear repeated reminders. from you. week. You have paid no attention to our compliant. 1989.

Should interest you 9.(iv) Be direct and concise - Verbose – 1. Attached 3. As requested 6. As instructed 2. For the month of December 5. In fact 8. In compliance with your request 6. Soon 7. For December 5. Should prove of interest to you 9. Attached herewith 3. By reason of the fact that 4. In point if fact 8. Thank you . As per your instructions 2. Because 4. In early course 7. This is to thank you Direct and concise – 1.

3. Present reader benefit information Induce him to take action Close with a clincher sentence . 5. Sales Letter – Guidelines for an effective sales letter :1. 4. Arouse interest in your product. Arrest attention through an attractive opening. 2.

 Sample of Sales Letter – .

4. Address the letter to senior officer of the organisation. giving data where neccessay. Explain clearly what has gone wrong. . 2. 3. Claim Letter : Few hints to draft Claim Letter – 1. Specify clearly what adjustment you would consider fair. Appeal to the company’s sense of fair play and to its reputation to motivate prompt action.

 Sample of Claim Letter : .

 Sample of Collection Letter : .

 Sample of Enquiry Letter: .

 Sample of Quotation Letter: .

 Letter of recommendation – .

 Letter of Introduction: .

 Letter of Congratulation: Reply .

Informal Invitation Formal Invitation .

 Acceptance / Regret to Invitation .

 Condolence Letter .

 Reply to Condolence Letter: .

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