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Aadhaar - Communicating to a billion - An Awareness and Communication Report

Aadhaar - Communicating to a billion - An Awareness and Communication Report

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Published by: Jan Goossenaerts on Jul 19, 2012
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Uf1lique Ildenrt,ifi'ilIt~Of1l .A~thrQlrityG'f I!ndiia (UlIDAO Plarl!f1ing. COlmmii:~siion.,GovE!'rnm€!nt: of India

~.~ ,~,~ ..za\,," ..
Awareness, and Comrrumioation Strategy Adv~sOiry Council (ACSAC)

.... I~


Un:iquelde:ntilfic.atli'Dn Authority oif ~ndiia(UID',AO P~,a:nni:ngComm~ss.Dn, Govelrnlm,E!,nt of I,ndia
3'rd f~oor, Tower II" J€!evaru Bhar~tl Buj,ldifLQI" [onnalJQlht Cirrus, New Delhl - ~10001

Com. alcatlal

• 1111011

An Aw,areness andl Communicatiion Report
Awareness and Comrmmication ,S:ttrategy Advisory CounG~i(ACSAC)

The UIDAil constituted the Awareness and Communication Strategy Advi,Sory Coundl ~ACS.A!() vi de A-1:1 m Elf~5111 -LJIDAI dated Feb rUB!ry' 17th., 201 D" O
We ar>eg~,~clo inform yo'!,..!:th~,t,we haive meUhe objectives 'Setout in the' cnarte[ t '

deHverab:les have belen 'r;!'flcapsul:aJted in this, report: AADHAAIR,~ Corrmumcatinq billion - An A,wanenessand (om rnunkation Report,

Our to a

We WOLJlld like to thank the UlDAi~nd the Government of Iindiafor:giving
opportunity to workas part of this committee, Wewou~d Hke to ,;Jinticular~ybr~ng:to your notke and that of the Govemmentof ths support and va,~uablecontribution


India provided by Snri R,S Sharma, DG and Mission

Director, UIDA!. It wilS(iI p~easureworking with a very competent and ccoperative team, ,en,abfilflg LIIS t.o.


SEt W,Of US.

W@ once i3£j1.3ilinh,a1!l1k UID.AI and the t


of Ilnd.ilafm gI~vin9''Us an opportunity

to :serV€in the coundl.

..f'~'"' .. ~~\\,

About the Awalle'~,ess, an d (ommu niill:atiion S,trateg:y AdviisoryC:oUllu:~11A(SAC) (


To recommend awareness endcomrnunicaticn strategies for achieving the LJIDAI purpose and communication Qloals most effectiivelly. ifheses,trateg:ies w~11I be tr anslsted ~ tact i cal pia !IS and le'~e{:JJtio by the ~mplementi III g age.n(je's., I1ItO ns

2) To recommend any additionat fe:seaKIl or studies tha,t ne'ed to be undertak,en to further understand the rnindsets, attitudes needs, behaviours, habits €tc. of the
diverselm:iran tar'get aucH@nce for the LJIlID,This unders.tancHng tu net hast rategiesr as wflll as,h elpin on~giroun d execution,

will h@lp to


of the Advisory


8're a's, 1110 I~OW5:

~) Shiri Kiran Khalap; Co-founder and MD, Chlorophylli
2) Shiri D, :K. Base, Founder Trustee of Center for .Advocacy and Research (an NGO working on Media and Geridell' issues) 3) S hri Prsveen Tripath l, President - M arketin g a nd Sales Services" P'idiIitel:m;;hJstlri s e 4) ShwiSa ntosh Desa1i CEO" IFtJltlJre 8;raf'lids 5) ShiriSumeetVonra Head-Marketing,


6) lwo members nominat€l'o by UID.AI a. Shri Awadhesh Kumar Pandey, .ADG (U'IDA~) lb. Sini SUimneshJoshi~ ADG (UIIDA!)
7) Shiri Shankar Maruw,a'da, Head, Demalld Generation", Communication


Awareness, UIDAI. Ml:mber-·SI~cret::1lryaHn,e (o'Ullnc~l.


4 5
1'hill'a<l!lilcMDIHIMR: Ma,ru:late ... The .Develg:pflm~fltal MamJaioo MDHMR: ..







IlntRll!iUceTS • • • .

R~I~trillr.s & EflFo[ment Agerlcle~ - The-Fa-cle1 AA.DHAA~ . or E:cosyst·em , + . _ .. • _ __ ., _
r:;gnefidmy - Resithesm. __, _

Th~ F()ru~ Resldemt Segments


Hi ::1:0

B roaoc:as;t ~nformatiCiri • . QLdQQor. , , E.mertarflF'!1e'r:Jt ~ntero.P)?,rsoMI _ 2:5 • _ 16

• "?7 18

Langrng@, Sound:;; and S'l'JTIlb{ll£ (omfl[l.unlcatmn m M~ss.t)ge:s , ..... R:e.ass:ur.[l;liIce~ • • . . • • • . • • • . • • • .. •


I •

35 18 38 40 41

_ 4.1
- - 42

rnrolment:;; , Strength oJ th@ Br~fld _

43. 43 _ 43



_ 4~· _ 46

151 5~ 5~


Primary D~ta.


Se-mF'ldary Data


Aoout~r.e 13 rand Lo.go and Name . . .



The Unique Identification Authority of

lndla (LJIIDAII)was established ln 2009 by the Gov~nlm@nt of ,Inoia~ with the developmental rna ndatect sett ing up th e infrasm .. ture to' ~ rovide a un ive rsal K way of uniquely identifying Indian reside-nits. This lS in the form of
AADHAAR (See A ppendLxfor details


about brand name and logo), a 12~dgpt unique lidentjfi(aJt~orL number (UID) that

be provided after



alemog:rapllic and biometric information of ;ain lindividual. A project of this scalia requires the creation ,of 81 well-planned and detalled cernmunkanen stn;ateglY that can help meet the objective5 OF the' programme. Further, certain key chotces have been made to create< the UIIDAI rnodel thatfunner necessitates th e creation ofa (leta i lied Awa reness ,a nd Com m,LJ katl am Sl:rateglY: n


AADHAAR willi not be mandatory, and wiU not be enforced on the residents by the UIIDAL Hence, there 'is a need to creste it product whase benefits are sbcmg
enough to create 01 demand for enrulment

:,.. AADHAAR will be provided to all resldents , hence maf':.ing this a unique

prQdueVse rvi0e that: hasto be tru!ly used by each of the 1.2 bi Ilion + reside nts
The~e chokes mea:!! that generatir'!'g demand for enrolment for AADHAA:R, educert:ing residents, 0l1i15 benefits, enrolment and usage and cre~tin!;Ja lonq-term brand are inextri.cably Ifnked to the overafsuccess of the proieet, further, there have been a number of social welfare programmes that are' being run by the (5overnrnent of lndia and semi~privatelprivate instltutlors, However, there are rHJWdear gaps that have led to a dstanc:ing that hastaken pllac€l between wha11 the 5@ru~(eproviders and deliV:€TYsystems intend to provide and the people who are to receive these services. This is >31 programme that will make a difference to other we1lfare programmes. This, apart, one of the key stated responsibilities of the fUlDAI is to evolve a dear strategy for awareness.and cornrnunkaticn of AADHM,IR and its.u:sargie,.




A (om rnu nlcation str.ategy shcu h:1 just be able to not provide guide-lines on ~howthe' communication should reach the end tar'get segments" but alsD be able to. i,ay aut the current under,sIandiing of the product Isen.tice and the consumer. This is important since the' choices made cUIlFrentily ,:ue based ,On this

lmder-stafld~ng a~d any new set .of choices w~~1
feq u ire revi'E!wil:1'gthe cu trent un dersta ndi l'iig.

The com rnu r:J icatio:n:itrategy deta iled here contel ns;
, Understandling

pruduct/servlce ,_ AADHAAR~ througl1 the' mandate that drives
UIIDAIand the proposed features Iderllti,fyin g. the' s,ta keho,~d!e'rs (:)if the project

011 the



~ Defining the multilpl~ seglmeti'1r1\Sof indh/h::luaih)! and ulli!,derstandiilg their needs, and attitudes with respect ito identity

Cmating a brand va~liJe pli'Opo5;~ti~)iml ased on product fea:tures~ stakeholders b

an a the need:;; ,(3 nd attitudes of the ta r'g,etseg m ents

Identifying. the' comrnunkatien ,dlanne,ls that can be used to reach the ide1l'lUfij,ed
segments Definling the mestSi'gl'es that needto re81ch the audience bssed on key insiglh1tS, of tihetarrgE.'t Identifyi n 9 (:hraUefillges wi th rega r:ds to GDm mu n lcstlon
Nlet!rij,cs measure the performance ofrtheQOmmUlri,~'c:atiQtl to strategry Setting lip a tre@dback ,and ~,eanlil1lg'ltiI,edlani:sm to ensure the communlcanon


F ".

plan is continuous·ly updatedQlnd course correction mechanisrrrs brought in when required , Pmrtnef5 amJlmsoliJl ~f)es,to ensure tIM at th e com m IJ n ircatiior1reaches th eo dlUldi,enc,e'
andis lil1der5~ood

Understanding the features of the product/service: that is AADHAAR. reeulres us

separate what it inherently is from ti're ~e'rvn(:t~,s i'~ IIenab~e"Th ~S"e refl ected i n '~hat wi are

the bask mandate and thedev,ellopmental mandate that AAD~AAR is charged with
thus leadlin'g us to som e of 't11.@' key en d benefits."

The Ba:sh:AA.D'HAAR IMandate
Muc:h off the poor and underserved population lack identific'at~on documents. elfld

AADHlAAR may be the first form of lidentifi(abon they wOLlId have' access to. UIDAII has been set up vvith ith~flQUowing mandate in terms of basic product and servke features:

Io pro\!1de a unique to an AADH_AAR

IIu rnb e'r tOI

all,residerrts of In d ia. Each resid ent wi II b e entit~ed

~ Collect basic demog rdlph lc and br ornetrk inforrrtation );. Ensure non-dupHcatiiofil throuqh biometrics

ot each individui1llll

:,. OH,er rnr1rtr.QiizedWch:nology· infl!astriJcbH'~ providing on~ine authentication

services thar~.CQ.i1 be used across: lndla .. The i.anytime,




abiHty w~111rovide the-user ul1IiiversaUty of usage across service p

providers, across the (.:otll1try The fo,'~()wing ta lo,l fu rther deta ~,I:sh e bask produ ct!serv i cefeatures of AAD HM ~ .2li11] d e t darifies some m~.sconc~ptionabout tl1e program me ..




t&m!l~We~ id!entjj~icatia:n. and: ii~ ~:Q'"
E!'Ve:ry l'te5itd:e~t
C:lil[lIe~t de,mC!)l'tiiilpihiic ,amd


iE:\'ltab~il1>hes ;l'iitli:l)!;l!!il:'ihllpand m$ only
fo:1' WriIC:lwa!f1:5


bkU'illleti'ic iMo~martti!OIi'i1 ~o e511:alblwsh uniq'i.Jet¥~ss rof indirvidiUlal1 ~

leWI!!11 co~lect pmflilift9 li!llftlrmatiol'!! !!i!;.lchaS l:ii;llit~" ~rliigh;ill'i!, ~a:i1gllJlage


for ,e''Vle!I'YIre;.lI,idellt~ir're'.s:pe'"'tiive ~iW exi5iti I1g dQCUlm'~l'Itarjl;j,lll'n1



On Iy forjwuil'j\iid



lJi~lII'~; illa W


Ii:l Iil

IE,iIIChindilijl'idura~ W:itJ'I1be given a 5ii'n.glh~ lInih:::jtleIID n:l.Irmb,er IiJ'II;)Alwilll~:Ii:I:!lble: 1J!I!'~r.~1 u:d~~~i~' a illTlnf'Jli:i!s~nllmillire thallalllll'Y :IDr b:ased ap!plicatic:~ Hke IrijlJtlJon (~~d., p~5slPQn @:lt~'(~n i1Jise U 1!;),AI wi III"gi'lte a, '''Ve$;~'er "N:o" FE!<spof! 5iefo ,an),'idel'lltl]fi:ca'tiioll'l a uthelnt:lQ1I:ioll Q;l!ler,ies

Iindiividli!als ,.;;a!l"!obtaJir!J Im~ltijpl[e MJDIHAAJl)s


U 10.AI irnifo~ma~i£m willI;! be' aCiG:lE!!iisi'bre to, plUlbHc ~rild plf11lv~1I:e' .a~Nl!r1Id)es

Tbe lCle've lopme~nllatMandia,te !ofAA:lOHIA_AIR;

The numberr wHi (OnseQuent~yform thebasiir(,. LIlfllh/{!lr's,al ~d@rrt~lty i'l'lfflras,tIl'Urctlil~E! over which registrars and agencies across 'ttlhecountry can build their iclelnti.ty-oas@ci app! i cstiorrs. Ttl esefeatu lie'S tu rn are e.xpected to se:rve a developme rita IImandate to' in potentialrly achhNe m~JIt:ip!etmnsformal1ttiona~ benefits of devel.opment and equhable

growth, through: , Residents WlJuld be spared the trouble of ~p8at-edly pfolJ,v;ingidentity ,anY\iVherein
Irndia ~hr(')ugh documents each time [hey wish toaccess services such as obtaining a barnk acccunt, passport, or drivi ng license

,. This pmper ~demifiGatro!n can lead to better targeting of the developmental schemes provided by the ,govemmentam:f the privarl:esector
, mcreased reach andetFidem:y in delive:r~ngl many goods and services like PDS,. balnk~ng,and fi nan da I s.ervlices,teiecom" hea lth, eo LJGlltiOI1l etc.

~ Onr-e resfdef'll$ enroll "for AADHAAFct servioo provid~rs m8JY no ton,ger fac-e tile problem of pe'rfm m ingl r€!pB2!ted Know Your C ustome r (KYC) checks before pravidi ng seNices

U[)IHAAR. Bei1leflits


F.ina~l~ isexpecbed to benefit the we:sidents!in. u ltipleways •.lie mast importal1ltone5 oorng: this m i ,. Ind~vidua:15 i,tthou[ any form of id~ntjf[Gtrtkm now have an acknowledgement of w I8'Xl:st,encefrom the Government ).. This acknowledgement thlr-ough AADHAAR willi eIMlpowe;1!' poor ,and ILIn[jQrpr.iv,il~ege,d1I@5iid!e.nts by' proviai ng them aCGiESS gove.rnmentp ragr,a m rnes to ~ndithe formal baniking :sy.~em
, AADHAAR wHl ~nwreo ~nomasml trust between pul:Jlk and pr1vate.ag,endes.,and


}- .MDHAAR willil '91iv6m+grants mlobillity of ide'nltit.ya:cros5 the country, which is a
dlalll'e rAg@ @venito res~dent5who allreaelY'llave Some 'form of itdentifi:cflt~on ~mlP,l~ementiiI'il9IAADHAAR ,. The UDA,l w~111 build lJannersnips, w~th variQus· 'regi.strars' across the

to 'enlfD~1

residentsfor the numbe'L Such registrars; may indude State Gove:mme:n1s , state
toenroU n:si dents 'into AADHAAR

central PSUs" banks, etc ..These registHus may intur:n, partner with emoilling ag:en6ies :..- ,AADHAAR will also ensLlre proper vel'iif~cation prior to enrolment, whHe ensmirilg ~nc:l:lIsron.. The UIIDAI plans to enr,ol~ residents into. its database w~tJh proper v€!'riricatilon of the1r demogra.p'hiic and blomstrlc in'forma1ion. This willi lBn.sme thai! the data (oltlected is dean from the start of the progrQlnlim,e.
(See httJp :ifu[dai. g:ov.rn/docum en:tsiIJ ID~DOS:VP_ Commi1Ltee~RleporUJ1

:.. IntroctuCle'r :Sy.5,tem: The UIDAII will have·a system of Iintroducers to ensure indlusion .of those wirthout any identification or residence proof. These lntroducers wilibe r;e(og ni:zed by the UIIDAIandwilll make the AADHAAIR, pr,ogramme tru~y indusive:. '+' The Introducers: wiil~btl, r;E!;quir:edto e-nrol I them5.E!,lv€lS,irst and obtain AADHMRs f a'her da-d IU p~1 icaticn -t rrf an appl~(antis unable to produce documentary evidence, an Introciucer whe knows the a.pplical,nt. willau~st to his personal parttiicuiars. Hie Intrtduo~r~, AADHAAR and biometrieswill be obtsi ned by the enroller Iby way 01 attestation
... The applicant wHi be @H91iblE!: forAAiOHAAR oollY .jeff the Introducer ole-tails are auth entlc and th e a P It Iics nrs bi omet rks pass the test of de- d up:1 ieation



Th ~ broad object~ves of the Aw~ reness ,13 i1'C1 Com rnun ication S~r,~t~gyfor U fDA:1 are: 1. C.o'l1fIIpl~et.e Oi'!flera,ge: IE re comm IJ n icarl:'i on reaches eaohl re.sident of ~ d i!EI C nsu n 2" Undelrstandingl AJUJHAAIR: Ensur,eal~ residents understand what AADHAAR is, what benefits 'it cain p rovi,de to people and how ~t n IIbe used gol ngli3 he a ci w .3. ilJInder.sta.ndiill1g t~il'lii! AAJI)Iii,AAR proce'ss: Ensure residents understand the AADHAAR. enrolment process, how and when can ttM~Yget their AADHAAR and are "~aml~~ar the gri,evan(:ehandling mechanism w~tll 4. Ufil.ii1ioFm Il.Ind:erstandiln:g~ Ensure tbe abeve understanding ~s uniform and conslstent across ri@s~dents. 5,. MabiU:zii Fig peo'p!le' fo'r eill'roih'nf!rilt;, Prepa re the In ind ,ei nd the- e rlvi ron men t of the consumer to 0'II9n:ome mental baniers for enrolme'llt g,nd mQbilliZ~ ,people to' pal1idpaite ',.Enroll~ ,and im olbm:z.e Ilrrl::roducersi: lntroducers are integra] enablers of inc;lusion, and th ey wou lei needW be ,8 (cord ingiy macie awa fieanden roHed in the process;

"']', 'Sus-lain delm,and: Reassure residents ~nthe first fewexperij,eflGeS on usage of AADHAARand amplify po'Silive experiences tofurther .cn2'ate and su:sta~:n, demand on an ongoing basis

Any communication strategy wiil~need to

address aliithe stakeholders of the product!

servke, The target audience in the case of
AADNAAR is not just the end consumer, burt many other group5 that are ~nv,o,.I",ed in

the me'.Js'ages that are sent/ received. It ~s thus necessary to create· commun~ccl'tion
not just fer Uh~fOCLJS sf!gm:ants within the end consumers, but for each 'Of the

sta,keh{)~d!ergroups, ~iMltroducer.5
Introducers wnll~ 011$0' be strong intluencerrs; in th~ enrolment process.. These are people whom re5id>enbwlillknowwell, snd hence w~~lltru:s;t. impOftant~o' pkkthe right set ~t.i$ otintroeucers and get a po;sitive buy-in from them,

lntrodu eers carl be broken down into 4 bros d types asfo IIlows :
).. fUn d:ii,onarii'e\!'i.O'f !UElntll'a ~/:S!am (i,Qvernme:nts·

., ,

MFs, IM'LA5. ilJistrkt Collectors and other officers dlQ.s~n b~ herihimfrom


Coilledor ate~s- mal.ga mated establish rnsnt a lo{alllGiDverfill11l'Bnt .Agenclj'e5 "'" Z~I~aParish a d .repre.se nt3itiv€s of th€l G ram Panchay,at {G P) eiscte es and olfficia Is Q'ua:!i.i~GoiV'enunant

+- R,eputied NGO representatives" recom men dation of th e reig strars


are rFIotrfied by the UD.AI on the


,Reg~s.trar.s nd Enlroliln.1ent .Agend,es a


Tihese qre the re:glistrars,. am]' their apPQint~d private 2l9'endes. which wDulci carry out tne a [tuail enrol ment

The motivations for enrolmentfer each of these can be considered a combination of

):. IPlfestiglE!:For many, l:H:~·in9assodated wHh a project of'~hls s,c2!ie could be ,a matter of prestige, 1hey could foresee the potential that this holds for easing the life of

p.eople and pmvid~n'g am im petus to the deve'lopm ant of thei r villagelco m rnu iii ity.
Thu,s, tih ey may want to be d'5:S'ql:iated with th is so that they can mntri bute, or at Iea:i,t De per.ceived as naving contrib LJted, towards gettiingAADHMJR to their villl'age.


Deveiopme.nt: SDme of ~he ~rrttrodlu(~rs, artio.l[af'ly NGOs and self-help grDtups p would perceive AADHAAR as wlirther!tlng "their cause Cl,f develcpmentand hence may ,acti\f'e~ypa rti d pate ln en ro Ime nt and mobill ization . A.dd~tionaH~ if 'the key introducers and villa9€ "~un(tiol1arii@S'f,ee~ttJat this could cata:IY2)@: developm@nt in the vH'lag,e in the long run, thE!Y would warntto

associate themselves vvUthAADHAAJ~.

R,egjs:tr,ars and IEnr,o!lim!en1: Agen,c1i,e's ,_,fhe' Fa,ce of ItA DHM!I
R.re Istrs rs iInd Enrol m ent Ag'E!nci€'s a re b~'Ypa rmsrs wh 0 a r@responsl 0 Ie 'for til @ actua~ 9 .on-tlhe-ground mobiilizEIi1!.101l ofrali~residents. They are uniquely placed in terms of their ab~!ity to physiccJl:lyinteract wirth the end consumer, Therefore, they arethe "face of AADHAAR" to the consumers and hence essential partners in the communication pmces$,WMili@ the EnrolmeliltAgency w~111 empanelled by the regis:trar, the be comrnunkatonto itwculd beeducalti'on~1 and executioillroriented,

The r'elg~strar cornmunication on the other h.aina wouk:l happen at l\IVO ~e\fe15~ hrstly" cQ!r1vill'1oinghem to (orne on-board for the AADH.AA:R project and secordiy, to t mmmLlnie~te w~,gistrar spedfic benefits, The first level wOUl~d involve UIDA!
understan d iln 9 how AAD HAAR

the registrar and! its [CH1SlIImer5· and aGoo!id~ngly base the cornmunication to the' re9istrar. The second ilevel wDuk:l iinvolive partnershe post on-boardingl of the reg~strar;when benefits are identlfiedfor the r-egistrar~~ end consumers a:1l1].commurl:ic~tion is designer:J1ccord i n 9 Iy. These benefits wH II a th us be vety regl~o:n;a I~ne.ed specific. HowE!ver, the cornm LI n;jcanon will need to be kept in nne with the overall brand equity of .MDH~AR at all times,



Ecolsystiem residents will beglin to usethe~r.AAIDHAAR. with multiple agencies. It i:s tlhis ecosvstern that wlilfina,lly dieUv@r the mulltiplii:! AADHAAR.Menalbi,ed benefits, Throuqh their interaction with the end residents, they will provide a o:lmmunication p!atfmmt hat gloes beyond just th e initia I. enrol me nt phase .. This e(osys~em consists oWthe' Central and Stalle Governmeni\r pubiii[ and private sector ,a'9€ncies. E,t.Kh of these ilglerJdes wH I have t'hei r own develo p rnsnt an ellor pirOilt abJiecti~ves" understanding is 'importal11tsince these carl then hetransleted to pllatns This tlhaitcreate wi n~win c:oaJit~,,)ns the m and thei r end con SLJ me rs, with The' AADiHAA:r{infrastructure willl'~flable mdlny GOiV'e:!fnment departments to better me~t. 'their d'12v,e,llopment objedlves. For example, It.can help the schemes focused on ronditionsl casn ttansf€!rs and $lubsici.iesto ,~nsm'E! that thsss ri@lach the lntendsd benefki sri es. This cou Id he nefit various rura I,employm ent, health i ucation r pe nsion, h'ou~ill"lgschemes etc. and in domestic remittances, Post-emulment


Sim~llariy,discussions are currently underwaiY with multiple stakeholders to build a mkropayments. based approach to finanda,l ~ndusion, The micmpayments. soluticn could creete a powerful cD8Jiition 'for fin,an(~a~ lnduslon wirth benefits mall~ pa rti ci pari nglmembers,

Benef-I da,ry ,_Res.irdiE!'I1!ts,
The resident is the most. lmportant stakeholder for UlIDAt Not ,evlery resident wiU be impacted the same way loy halving an ,MDHl1I.AFt The (hai~enge, therefore~ is to identify group~, vvhk;:h will benefrnh~ most so tha.1they g:et enrolled ,0'11· a pr;iorilty basis to c:realte C! cascade of (Onlverts, The focus ls QI1Isegmen1rs like the poor in rur(lJ~and urban Ind~awho do not have access, to many opportunities thea! could lrnprove their qua Iliity of ~Iife 'INn i ch their affiuent (OU nterparts ,enjoy..

Along wirth the individual residents, there are a number af stakeholders, who willi be irstrurnsnta I in rnaki n'gAADHAAIR en rolment and usage a :su(cess.
The targ:et aLidien~)~ amongl the residents. for the communication AADHAARi5.:

sh2l1t.egy of

Em·olment wW be unuvE'rsa~ and hence the target segment is each arid every
reS'ifhant of India
,. U~DAIhas a pro-poor approach. Hence, spedal focus needs to be put to IFulFa11

,areas alr:u:llllll rbain IPoa", an d ~heInrHlr'gihilcdi:zedl who m iss out on welfare schemes m es nt for them

The corn m unicatie n she u'ld aso erim to reach f€side nts in 'm ed ia dark' aress wile re TV, print rnedie. f1:9cHo, cinema etc. do net reach.ltshould be ;aiC~cessed unders-tood by and illirterate residents as we·~II.
However, keepling in rml!nd the hugie diversity of population that exists in india, it is important tet 1Irther break these .segrnents down. Wi"!iil@ ere'a fie m u~tiple factors. that ttl innu:ence needs and .attritrudes" 'and consequently the dhanr1els to reach the target audience. we. wlil'l here focus on specific se,glrfllents. t1hatare necessary to meet the man Ca,te of inc IusiVleness, While simiilar segments. may ex;[st lin the urbanand rural contexts, there is. marked diffrer'E!noe in their illndMdual needs dine hence tney need to be drrferentiated in terms 0.1 til e corn mLJinicatio n str.ategy_

'~.e' FO"LlI's Re's~denitsS,egllmelnts
Whi ih~AAD HAAR: is for a II reslidents of lindia, it is essential that for

creatioQ a demand generattion progr,amme welderrtrff¥ the most d ese rv i ng 9 rou ps T he most ~dversell:yaff,~ded are thos~ whO' are:

either ,e~dLlded by the s.ystem ~t5ellf
or are 1ia.ced.wi1'hnumber of barriers ill accessinq vartous we:lfare opporturnibes, most iimportant beingl





acceptable lathe authcrlfies.
In this regard,. ~h'e·foHowin9 seqrnents within the population represent focus segments that AADHAAR wiH need to espedaUy focus, on. Givel1 the diversity, these

segments have been neatedknowing thst there would be cer1ainoverlaps between them, wiith the primary purpose here be~m;JI 110 ensure that they are
idl:!nti:fied separately:

;.. B'ellow Povelrty line (iBPl} families
,. M !S!lrg~na ~Ii ~ndth ede p rived led
". Landless iaborers

~ Da~lywag-e' €!amefS ,.. Minorities (.by caste'.religion. re9~·on etc.)

> Mlgrants
:;... Women
;.. Children, espedailly those in1he. 6,-114 a,g'egroup

SIllPIPOIrt: G:roUPiS; With the GDmplexjt~l nd scale involved in rea(h~ng aut to each and every r~sj(j'8nt of a the ~o'iLlntry, it wmll be' necess.ary to employ communication chalnnels. that go beyond tlhe traditlonel mix, In this regard, tbe focus segments s.peci'fically would be even more

h~:IIl!ld ..i,gov,i!'1


difHcult to reach, and often .are found ~n media dark areas. Thus, to reach these' s,egmelf11sone needs to knowwhattheydo, and who they lnteractwlth. It has been observed thatthere are multiple support gmup51like N!GOsand Self-He:lp G,:roups,who deal. with many of the target audiences regu~a~lly. T~ey,.thus bec-ome importaJ1t st.a~€ho'ld€Jsfwho AADHAAR would ne~cI to communlcate wi:tn. These' groupS: also tend to be stmnginfluencers amofl'9 the' comrnunlnes they interact with and wDuld naV18' ('II common inlterest in ens.urir19 development progifammes,:m!' implemented. The cornmunketlonto them COl.lhj ~hLJS oentre on e.ducating them on why AAIDHAAR CQuI1dbe transtormatlcnal for the communities they serve and illl"l'Spir't!' them '~Q'

contrtbuteto the AAD HM;R pr,ogr.a mme.

The,N'eedf'Or B,reUldling TO'con neet the p rodu ctfse,rvi ce that isAA.DHAAR wi,th end consume rs, rt is im per.ative that we. d,elliver an rdea that ls pawerfut sirnple and mo:tiv.~thllg. The c.ommUniG~!ition strat.egy and plan that is. initiated, will need to [be sHstain:edacmss tme, g,eogrqphies-, demographic::';j, cultures and segments. The c:r,eation of a [brand helps, create ~his.one, :5t(u-yandl One IBa,c:k!drop, again,st which the' wn!')le ccmmunkation can be anchored, the initiative but aliso makes the proqramrnerne more d€!sirabl'lil and consumable. By' !br.anding the ~m"Jgr,i1llmmeWe are lin effect piacingl the' consumer a:t the heart of our effortsanci acknoWllledging that eve ryth i ng we de lseverrtu a IIy for thai r be nefilt. lit ils essential to build a brand that. has an emotionall connect wirth the consumers, (~a'l)es an implicit storyHne and taps i'nto their core mobv~ltiorls."

The ad of branding

not only popularizes

At a fundament;,1 ~eve:l,the brand, tnsrefore, needs te s;t:r~ke balance between oeing a too e;::!~jt(~!J invite consumers and cQrning ;;K:rt[)LS,S; as just another gQiv,ernrnent to programme. However, it needs 10 derive i'~gitimacyfrom the backing of the state, esped a.11~ rlng the le,a sts ges. du rly AADhlAAR needs tobe ~o:s,iti!Onedas,a facHitythait enables access.to several beneftts, rathe-r th~n as a mandated submlssionto the state. The opportunity to avail of this f.ad~ity needs tOI be promoted, not as a duty but as a chance to ensure hetter aOC€-5$ to m~n}l' s.e!'rvi'Ges,The Ilaunch pa.cKage needs to communic8It€ this sense ot an 'opportu n ilty notto be m ssed' rath er than ,a'd uty o ne must perform. ' The Cha~ll,enges

The key cha~ ~eng e in b randi n g RS corwe rt to.
lcompl€'x program m@ bu~Jt around I~Hl ~nrtnicatel1etwork of tedlllo~ogry~ private sector r@gilstrarsr publlc .adm~n~str!athJflr local trade and! tlhe Central and S~are Govemments into 01 glr6spable m01ivating idea thaitgenerate5

a vast.and

demand. The task is one of not just
education, but also of motivation.

Wlhi~ethe brand narrative needs to be simple and rooted in the lives of the people, it ai:so needs to ack.nowledge the implint barriers and obstacles it needs to either si~estep or overcome. There wou~ci lik,ellY ~ft1dudea, le\iliel!of' mstrust and inerna, gliv'en
the track record of government programmes across time. The ~d@aof giving out

intcrmation all d amxi rig 0 ne,~ thum b prilll'lt to a dOClJ rnent wilthou't fu Ily u ndersta ndlin 9 its implications, c:ompoumled w~th the fa,a that '~DO many non-state p~ayersare visibly
illlv(),lved 1(]J.!.Jrd pose at harrier to enrolment as we~LThe fear of individuals being in the g'ovemm@ot's radar and th~ ab~~!ity va.rious g.roUp'5 to p,lary on tllis f,e'aris anoth@lr of iikelly cha lie nge. AADHAAIR, Blral'illO Equilty 'yram~d III e vallue pro posi tlon corrrn L1n~cat~dstro ng Iy inTI uences the P srceptlcn of AAD HAAR. as, a: bran d. F1tI n de m.@ntalliY,by definitio n" a brand is an idea; iit is must be see nt as d]stinct from a product, Cli service {~nthis;case a unique m) or an on,;]latl1"ization. The brand In esds to be' bu ilt ana motivati on that is a u niV€rssl, human need and one that earries ~articLJtaif' resonance with our icentif,j,ed communication tan;lf:!t segm~nts" MDHMR must be dearly defined as,a brand, that furtbers this larg:er motivation rather tlha n be;i flgJan en d by itself. In thii$ case, ill dear cieflin!iit~Qn is e-sp@cr:2jIUyliiic.al.~i ne@muW pls n e>:ie(ution agende5 will be commUltlka~lngl mu~liplefeClture5 of this 'S(;rvIIQe to mul'tip'le' targ,et audiences. Alii the "stories m LIst be'bou rid by a sin gl~C!omman thread,

The current Brand Construct is an ,attem~t to define that thread. Imagine the Br,and Construct 'like .a pyramki, with the' b~il!ding blocks at each level beinq the eqtJ~ty
attributes'the benefits

pr.omi.s:"eo by the' brand. 1II0t just its features ,.At ea ch leVlE!~we' 5e~ that the' brand 'ful1fils unmet or
pi!irtf.aUy met needs of various segments. and most notably, the pOOHJf Iindia. The attempt is to create a sl mpl e , u nco mpltcated

Emotiionoilllil~f1i\lfrt of "MDHMR
FUI"IGliOFltlll Bene,fit o·f

AADIrIMR 'What ~ Br:and



Construct that is not open to
m u:ltip liei.rnerpretalti:ol1'.s,.

1'. liey~!I'O'~.re(t~!ebas/e) ~srepresented bY~Qrrblralnd ~ttriblurlle~:;'
s, iEntitllementto a Ul1Ikl1'ers811 idientiifiicalion 8lctros:sllrnciiiai

We do not refer hen-eto ~dentificatr:on i~a soclal or philosophical sense but ~r1 ,1:1 functional sense, While ration cards, passports, eilectri-city bills, are examples of
~dent~.fica1ion documents. AADHMIR. If,@pres@nt5hlvo un~que features-

universality and every re'5~dent's entitlement to it, The universality is ensured because AADHAAR will be' recogwli',ze,d arid accepted aCf1(}S5 country and across a~11 se rv ke prov lders over ~ime ,
lb. 'Carlv,e nie,nt aUithelllticaticHI'f! 't1hilrOrugh te,e:111110IhJgIY This brand a'Uribllte complet!e5 the ~oop ,of functionality and mak.e.s:AADHAAIR a potentl!echno~ogy based "key'. TechnOllogy widII allow UIDAi to offer J'anytime~ anywhere, anylhow'infrastrudure_ A~ded by the rapid increase in cell phone

penetrstlon, t~c'rmollogy i~ being' irKre·t;) $:ingrl ' perceived in Iindia as Ig tOIQ~ or y empowerment, Technology disintermeciates and equQlli,z€5 access, An AIM does not diff:erentiate between someone withdrawing INR 250 and another withdriBlwing
IINR 25,000. 2. lL.ev~11 TWo ~srepresented by ,abrand bEulI,efilt: ID'ire(.t .Ar(Joe:ss

Here direct roifE!lrS to,the ;absence of middlemenlrr!'iddl~ag'encie5r;ind acCess rsterstc multiple benefit:) relevant to multiple t~rget seigments. For inst,ance, access to frtH:
pre-natal cn.e'ck-upsfor p'F@gnanlt

access to



beneficiaries, MDHAAR

eI(!CesstD schooling fur the children

of migrant labourers, The key

benefit here is access. can be (olns;i"dered .soft rnfra~trudure la~etelecom and ba.nkingl that

emp.owers the individuaL Such soft ~nka:stnJctur,e enablre~ the country to FTlr()v,efrom beinrg allrnlted access economy where access to resources and econcmk powell' i:s controlled byasma:il gJmup of re'~~te$· an open access model ..where resources and. to
skllls are widel:y attainable,

3. ILeve~TtU',se Ii:; represented by the or,and con n ect to: IEqlLl,a~z2ltio,n of Oppo,rtlLl n:ity I

the idea that all segm,ents can


a level pJlaying field orf' opportunity

lrrespectlve of state

lan 9 uaqe, caste" creed" 9ender, ag.e" geogtraplh y" exne r~ ence and sod denial of both wlhat is due or w;hat transformation.

h~ rehy. Tl I'I era

now, each ofthese has provided an axls for cliivJsion,m,an~PlJ~atncm exclusion=the or
right. H,~re 'equallzatlon of opporwn~ty' is 8, as a ma'gic wand carefully chosen phrase: to avoid pmjrect~ng AADHMR
does is,


ut reduces the

barriers to opportunities

~qually for all; what each i:ncli'v~dualachievesafter these barrters ar€ removed will
vary from inc!~viduaJ ilnd~v,idual. to

AAD!H,AAiR is the brk!gE! "that dilF'ecHy provides access to opportunltles, It cam be thought of as a glaJteway, the door that opens other doors of oppertunity
~tis like '0'

personalized access Ikey provided! to the resident, One' MN!REGA.laibourer may use the rna rlJey he .getson ti me 110createsav:i n 9:5to ~ducd'te h~s il~dren; th e other m ig'ht not be (11 :gbl~ to credlte sQivings.

Hence· tn€

io·E!ij of providing equalization of oppcortLJlrlity (~ould

be th e co re idea dirivn brand AAD HAAR, ng
This brand equity pyramid construct hasto be subjected to rigorous quelitatlvs and quantitat.ivE! research to valid@litethe sams and ascertain what is most


arndi meanlin'gh..il to the t.argillit aud~enc.@. Onc,efinalnz@d~ th,eequity

b I:ocks have to be cr,e'Blt:ivelly conv@rted into wo rds 23nd ~11 raises t hart reso n aile Wli th

the targ@t aud ienc,@.. IB'r!andIIPersiQna~ifty'
Brandi Personality is another important part of

brands identity. It is 'the dis.tinctiV'er

lonq-term personal.it}' that taing!s a,li.vethe brands equity and which lsexperlenced by

the audience in @v~ry holistic brand eXperi€!WlO?, .AADHM.R.'s brand j:HHsona:li:ty to has be (rleaieo tD IbesYlnergi stl(w~th the b !,anil pyra m lid..Some ~xam p!l@s 9 iven be IrHl~ ,are ~ A good! fri en d. wih 0 has.been wlith you s i nee .a VB ry ea r~y;;319 e

[Issomeone the who Ie fami Iy kn ows and Illi kes I,M du al rei ~eson a IWd"f5 divi

,. ls sorn eon e with a great strengltn an d irrteglr i~~y character in y B; sorn eOr1l'eon whom


~ someone wh 0' is comforteble with] techn olog~; yet is not g!eeky s

Based 011theAADHAAR gleneration and usage process, the AADHAAR awareness and corn muokaticn efta rts "::03 n be bfO~e'lldown into tile fo Ilowl ng stages:

Break ~n down the process into 6 broad efforts is ne{Je5sary slnee each of these stages 9 havs a differ~r;t set of cbjectlves, target. Se9rYlenlts timiings channels, €!'Xecul.iarn

parl!:nel!'s,and messages.

effort wi~ be ~ m:iJ'l of I mass, carnpaiqns covertnqthe whole state, and tccahzedawareness {efforts, ,ti irned at partlcuiar arees with in the states'dlstrkts. Th is willi ensure both
Given the n,ature of the erHO~meO~j the communkaHon

awa re 111 ess andenga g,eme rrt,

The objectives, $iegments and tl mings "for eachof the process, are mentloneo D@low, The channell s, pal rin ers and messag:es will be (ove redin dets iI 'In t he
subsequent sectiens,



This willi be the first communication
state ih~'v~l.


at ,all the residents at the'

The key objectives, of (om m u n i cati on at til ~s;sta.ige are; , To rap~dlycreate awareness about AADHMR ~. To high~light the iimrnedi'alte ben~'fits that a re$ide:ntwould sti!1110 to glain
The activity could start approximBtely 3D day~ IT~30)before the ad:ual~ @nro~ment

beg,ins, though the dates, may vary dependillg on the dstrkt ilevel coverage plan.

,2",11rllt;r,oducers, &. Registr,ars-' I


T~ is is an 'E!'x:e:rcis'especincal iy 'for th e a ppo lnted I ntradll.il,~er5 (as.descrl bed ~ '[he n

AADHAAH ,impi,ementarti on section), The co mrnuokatlon CD m rnon katlon '~ffort ona m uch srna!IIerscall,e'.
process win mirror th e larg,er

The objectives, at this stage are:
, ~ Identifying all key lntroducars within tihi:! region R.each~lng: ut to them and mak~ngthem aW<:im;' AADH,AAR.iflllld their role o of M aikiflgthem understa rid its benefits a rid the prOC~5sto g,etth ems@lv@s '@l1rollil'@d


The act~'Vitycould sian appmximate.~y 30~4S OOIYS (I-3D) befcre the actual enrotment b~g.ins, However:, the actuai dates may v~'ry d'ep,ending .on the dlstrict level n);~erage pia n and the 'l:i me lt tskes 10 get them an AADH AA Rb~ffOre:a ctual enrol ment,


&; R,@)glistrars,'""',Education

This isan €Xlf:Kise for the IEmoHers (from the enrollment a~rell(Y), State Government Officialls, I'rrtmduc:ers, and other Key lnfluencers (Ie'achers, Doctors, Seilf Help Grbup5 etc.),

The ccmmunkatlon talrget gln)UPS herl~ ere people who willi be the f:,M::e of
for the individual r~sident$ andal~o aid the process,


The k@!/'aoOj,9ctilves oiihi:s phase of eornmunicstion are:
:,... Tlhoraugh ed1uCa/tion emthe benefits

;.;. Process and requlrerne n1:5for gett~ng, an AADHIAAR ~ Training them em what they shou~d tallk about with respect to AADHAAR

The activity could start alPpmximaje~y ,30 days {T~3m before the actuelenrclmerrt
beglir-a:s,. However, the actual: dates m,ay vary dlependiF1tgion the district level ,coverage pl~n anchjme- ittak'~s t-Oget tnem an AADHAARbefore 3ctuilI,e:mOlrnent '

3.,1 Pre~E.l'ilrirolment Aware'nes:s
fre~EruQiment and: Emo~m!@nt AWiI'["€ln@ss:willi be the mOST impacthil ~)Q@fcisr@sfor communication since the me;ssaglewill hBillE! the stronges.timpad. on target audences at this, moment lhecommunfc.tlltfofn will alsiOc:ompel them to come to the

enro'rnent station.
This exerdse will be ta'r,geted at all tne residents ofths specific vrillage! areal where the enrol rnent is to ha ppen. Mo oli Ii~zi people .~nd m otil~21ti g ~ ng n ntrod ucers/lnfl uenosrs wi II be impo-rtant for successful enrollment

The oibj'e,ctives are astollows: ,. Re~:iteratethe A_ADH AAR messaqes


,. Gene rate 9 round-leve:l awareness, among resjdients on
ensure maximum GQrverag.e


ti rni III9 of the ,exercise to


!Ensure residents understand
coofusicn 011 enrotment da~

the requirements to get an AADHAAR; to' minimi.ze

ThE.'adill~ty Id sta rl app ~oximately 7 days ('r~ befo re the aduall enroll ment b eog _ (au 7) ~ns

3: • Erlilroiment .2


On the day of the'em{)~met1t ("1"':..0.), the

corrrrrunication activities, willi be soleJy focused on the residents at and around the en mime nt s,t.at~OI1S. Th e obj e-ctihre:Shef€ wi~be; I
;.. Driving' trafficfor E!molmefilI 'Oil the day throuqh the introducers and intluencers

lMIakling the res[dent understand theexad process ofenrolment (e.g..: How to: frHl LI pttlheform, b lometrk processes etc)

". leUi ngl th em know 'Vvhat the next ste~slg rfe'vanee ha rldll ingl P reeedures a re arK-€< they rex~t"t en ral ment station he

.4. Au1thentiiiclatiiion
Th is itsthe" pos.t~enrol m ent stage wh en th e consumers actua~ Iy beg~ 11 to use _AADHMIR and experience all the benefits that result from it. This.wlill restJ:~t;ingmater acceptance of AAD~MR and also he~p Igenerate e~citernerlt ijlnlongl the uri-enrolled to get
their AADHAAR.

The key objectives here ~n! to ensurethe consumers understands how to use MD HAAR ro,r a uthentication and that th~y have at pos,~trve ei<perie nee of the serne,
Need "to Wi I!1II a1t:thelhn!e'Mom a nits of Trll.lthi

These cornmurscsticn stag'e'$ ,a~so represent the mu.ltip.l@ 'Moments of Truth' _ These are aHthe- points where the consumer interacts with the' brand, it is, these Momernts o~ Truth that h~lip ~nthe brand buHdiing process.


1. Awanane:s,s and Education
The first moment oftruth {F~MOn iswhen the resident f~rsthears abeut the, AADHAAR: programme in d1atdlil',A~II niltiaHves, ~ around awamnesscre:a;t~on and education before en rol ment ne€d to focus 0111 wiin IiiiI1g at til eoF~!MIOT"

2,. Enl rel me'n't
OnCflthie resident ,isawam and (mwinc~d to seek AADHMR, she goes i1:hrougnthe process of enrolment. This starts with s e,eklng informaitlon on wher'eand how to errol, proceeds to the actual 'IEJtperi€'flce,at 'the'enrolment station and ends w~th the l'e!sident obtain i 11gAAD HAAR. TI, is,is. the secon d MOT (S,-'M01) that alii UIDA~enrol m em effo I1s and cnmrnunkatien haveto fOCLIS orr,



F-MOT and S-MOT are necessary but not .sufficient Once enro,i:leci now AADHAAR helps the resident during day-tcHjlary , interactiors w~th servicf: providers isthe third MOT (T:;'MOn. VVirlning at the T-MOTwilll (marIe the sLiffic~ency 'Condition to create the desired long-term equity of brand
MDHAAR.AIII UDAl efforts to create the e'(os.yste,m IthatadnptsMDHAAR will be

Del,jvering great consumer exoeriencesetthe

focused on winni ng e1itttthe TEIMIOT. A~ UIIOA:I! ~oiI1jaitiy.es (JoS$ t~ch!1loiogy, r'@g~$.tr-.p,r partm~rships, 'e.cosystem creation a marketing! etc, should focus on creati'rlg and strengthenliing the bond with the resi:dent ,~"[tiheseEhreeMOTs,

llhe communication channels can be

broken ckJwn lntothe forms that they interact W1tlltthe consumer. W~th the

M!ri!~*.~~~T.!:=~. ;.=:-:~:~-:.7;;~~

ulMtude o~ m@a ia available in the

tufal market snd the' absence of any
single dominant medium, it wiU be strCilt.eg:icallyappmpr~ate to use ell j ud [c'i:o~smix. am] achi ~Ve til €I de~~wd

G iv'€ n the. cornpreh ensiveness

that needs to, be'a chiewd with thE!
communilcatLon~and the complex~ty of me~~ag:ingrequir.ed, the emph.a,s'i·s have to' willi be to maxlmlze opportunines In uSlng int@Tactiv€! nd p,arti.cipatir'IJeharmels. Various a c static forms, of cornm IJ nicati all wi II ensure malxirnizstien of rscaIIva lUIS',

lilhe mix of rrh~!~S, media and otherfoirtnS" detaHed above must 'be 'omp~emented by
continuous inte,r perscnal communlcatlon app~liG8rHonto take us to the behaviOlllra~
changethatwe desire.

The ·Qommunication plan needs to place spedtlll focus keepi ng in min d the scope of ·th~5~rQglra me: m

'DI1 at

f.ew additional things


The traditional mix of media will not be sufficient to reach the entire talPget audience, The commur11caUon wiH thus need tostmngly ride Dill the UI.DA~ enrolment infrastructure to be able to reach the masses, since the enro~ment willi itself be pushed to! reac haII residents. Th is, ~rnpl ies work! Wl g dosely with the R!egi5trars and Enrolment Ag'ende$,


Given the cQmplex.iW of messaglil1'g, target audlenceand the processes il1lvoiv'ed.
lnterp ersonal com m unkation wi II need to be strongly develloped

" lnnovatlon in on-the-qround cornrnunlcatlon will be a strong need. The regular

wW not be suffklem, and the council recommends a dedkated effort to come UIPwith innovait.ive ideas to break through the reaeh barrierespedally in media-dark areas ,. I<.eepiflg ~Inviewthefactthatth~;5 is a GovenYmellt of India programme, the counol recommends. a plar~ned ussqe of resources of the' 'government. ~MilFl:iS'l:'fYf o

modes 'Df communication

lnforrnstion & iSroadcBlsii,ng etc) along with using' the social! cause nature of the

pmg r.amme togr.a,me r vnsi bi Iitty
Hence, media planning and execution is recommended at the following levels to ensure ~u'ffide:ni't focus as success at each of these .Ievels lis crltkal to ensure communication oiJjlE!'cti1vesci3lmmet,;3'tealch phase. ).. IB;ro,adcB!5t: 'lraditional and new mass me,dial ),. I nrfOIMm,at~ofil:: Inform a,tion sa u rces withi n ,and beyon d the, broad cast med i,ll m ,. Outdoo'lI"s: tocsl activities at ,aUoutdoortouch points .:... IEJil1t~rt8Jinlm'E!nit;: FHms,theatre, songs and o~her relevent ,e'ntertai,nment avenues

» linlte:r-p'E!I!'.siiJ'lI'lIah1:1 or 1:G fa up ini-e'f filet ion r U IIDA~:Suppart ilidll'EI5,trUictlullre: iRegistrsr and Enro Irnent Ag,eflcyi ntrastructu re The alVenu es rnentioned are dectaiI!edbe ~ow:


Domdarsnan, Pr~\latelNatijoflall Channels, R:egiona:1Channels, C.:lbleoperatars

!R.adio ." Alii'!.NetlNmk, cons~sting of N,aticmall and R.egiona.l channels, local radio, Vividh Bnarathi, FM stereo stations, Community Radio Chafll"1lels,

+. +

Private FM channels iN'ewspapers {Natio na I. Reg~(m

:,;. Prlrrt
0 igital ... Te'lecom -IVRS. SMS



~rnternet - UIDAI Website IRegis.traw W@bsjt@$, i9 ila~1 eal Estartte D R

The council recommends th@followingt broadcas:ting media:

points to be considered whiile lIIsing the

,,.. Since enrolment will be state-specifi:c, regi,onal lV, radio and print will be key com ponents of the pwg ~amm ~ng mix:



Th'e ~i,lot phase of the AADHAAH project w~11 be targeted at a states init~alily, f{J'I'~owed by' a.nationall launch


,.. ~ ence, the mix of nanona I'media as a mass awareness. tool complemented by the regional media, wh~dh[an be usedtor the enrolment Zllno mobilizQtion push should be considered

). [)oC)rdarshall~ region spedfk channels and partiicula rlly socia I: weHar€: pmg rarnmi n9 shoold be ,(;I critical component (l,r the media
plan , AAJ')HcAAIR is a project of national limportance w~th trernendeua soclal and eccoomlc uansio:nrnt'fttij()flill potentel dllil,ej hence a dedicated effort throuqh mulltipl€ agend'e'5 must be made tosscure special tie-ups and airtme rallies iN aitllQna cable operators and Direct-to-nome broadcasters could be' spoKen to I dlkect~yor through the Ministry of lnformaticnS Broadcasting for pro~i.ding suitabl,e CQ nte nt with in thel r scr()~isand interactive pro 9 r,ammln g


lnnovatlons will be critical to ensure the reach anideiffectiveness of the message is
strong. These cou:IGl r,ange~forexamlP!I'8lvrom special programminQl plaeernem withi n ex isti 111g SIQB ps/real i!ty shows
[I nfo:rmatioll1l

content to

,",' News

+ Across

a 1[1 ed iEli cha n ne 15 m empll(lnyrnent agdcu~ture

,. Pub~~cati()ns

+ MeiSS and sp.e(~aHzedpubllki~tions.[like
;.. Pub~icRel~t~oos

.... Sp.an n in 9 across ,aJ I tra d it~ona I an d I1€!W m ass m~d~,a

The couodl recommends tlhe. 'following information media: points to be considered whU~ usin'fJ

> S,ednng up a

dedkated PRce11which will ensure that consistent information i~ re~aYBdJ relevant .$oun:es, This will be a sm,al~ budget burt high ~ever:age to GO mmunication tool

p Special content needs,to be generat~dfo:r theinformation

media, includingl news


feeds, dccurnenteries, infomerd.C1ls, lnserts, debates etc, The' PH.firm will need to ancho r th i ssteady strea m of com rnu nkatlo n throu g h th rs ch a I'1lIiH2'lr Key o pi I'lion ma k,e rs nation a lI'y and at th e 1l'e9i()ria I ~'evel ~Ineed 'to be reached 0 ut wi to through this media, They can publish their Vi.EW5 in the form of editorials to o'eate p05.tti.ve mews-flows. to agrkultme retsted that are read by lIj'r1lemployed youth and spedfi[ sectlons of the s:ociiety

? There are many publ' lcations rel~U~ to we~lta progr arnmss, fr,om em playment d r~

O~tdoQ'r ,.. S'tal'tj,c; ,edlia: Handouts, wall pafntings, banners, hoardlings M ,. ~lI1t!1!.f-Persof!l,allMedi:a,: StBl~Is,! nfomerdailsf songfs &. dramas. n The council slLI'ggesTs the foll,O\iVing as 5Dme of the touch points for the outdoor

corom un i cstlons:


forrommunicatiolr'] purposes" touch pDilrrtts,~ould be'di,vided into lntsractlon polnts wrth the government and those that are llon-'goven1mentaL This demarcation helps: us creBlte comm unication mate ria I .aiii d messages: that can be han d lied in clearly differ,el1t ways, as elso Pf'l:lrvide us with rnultple ~evet5off control over the

media ..
. G'tiI'Velmm'ent based Iln1te~,a'dionF,lOhl'ts,; r

·+Adm:iniis:'trattive: @s1abl;i5I1ime'rni1:5: BkH::kD'ffk~sJ 'Subdivision offices, reg:istry aff~(@sj'IRDIP',anganwaciis, balwaci~s,aciu~t @du!cati;clncentres, Pancilayats (2. lakh« GlPs)etc


Health allldM,mdh:~ne': mSpetnsa:rii@s"OIPDs CM(s


[centres. OLltH~lcKh, PHCs, R.MP5~


,+ IEducation,alllnst:ittJUl1iiiJ(),ns:: Coilleges,schoois,
S! ~ali halFs, M ad arsas stc, g


centres, Khabar qhars,

.. QUmr 5lpedal~y ,u,e'iited ,c;olil'greQiariliotnrpoints: These are once in a while actil,liities such as sports oompetition.f,ailr5, entertainment activiti,es.etr, ... Nhl:nl-'GoiV eirnmlemJ1!;.'1InteraOlh:m poi l!'iJ1ts:

... IB:u:siine'5:sil(ientres:; Heats (41;000+ all: across India). rnandis (I. H)O+)" rnelas

nOD+- major ones}, cooperative banks, post o:m,~e5, milk collectlon points) $€1Wng PO"ot$.of ,agricul'I!Ulral '~Quipmems" STD booths ... liran:sporta1i ioln points,: Railway s.ta11JIOITs, (7,000+ stallions), bus stations, rickshaw stands" auto. rickshaw stands" commercial vehicle stands" two

whee Iersam:!f

oi eye! e stan d SJ' bri d ges_ bus stops,

ADVs j U ga,i:]r stands

.. R,staU .points (11"5 [rare+): Paan sbops, tea s,talk;j kirana shops, medii,cin.e. shops and dlnlcs, tailors, barbers, cycl:e repair shops, chakkis" other road s~de shops, musksh cps, mec han ks, electrl cians, ha iwa ~s
.. 'Waiter's(,H!Jlf'(~5;

Wel~sjponds, rhJlers, ghaats" frF~glat:!on points, hand pump~,.

Entertaii nrlfl'e!nt:
The entertalnrnenr medium ~sa verye'ff@ctht@ medium, 'especial:ly in til€!! ~ncli'afl rural

context They' have a high degree of ~nvolvE!merrt and typ[,ca!lly have .a high recall IT

promoted well. These wou~d ind ude:
;... C i!lemal,. Dall'ce; Arts, Theatre, M'lusk

the 1fo!ilowing points to be considered while

,,,", Endorsements. The coundl recommends entertainment channels:



should lev€rag'@i(h,is medium in a strong way; through presen ce ..pertnersh ips and cele br~tyen dorsernents

The' influence of cinerne is particularly.strong

in southern parts of the Gountry

r Innovaltive p:ropert~esIlinki1ng,cricket and other sports a:ndsportingl events should be crested to ersu Fe mass reach of the rnessaqe

+ U~,eof reg1iona Isp crt icons
an d' tea ms can be particul ar~yeffedlve

,"' CelebrHy endorSlernents, e.speCtially for social causes, can be a powerful medium exhort people to g:e1 th e.i r AAD HAAR. Tn iscou ~dbe at rn L1'liEpie staqes i IlnlllElIr--IP@fson,all

IInterpersona I eornrn IJn~;Gati,ollwi~be dI key (om pc nent of the (om mun i:cations.trtlt1egy. I It wlil!1 need! to be leverageo at ~ scale that has not been seen befor'e~ but the importance of thesame cannot be ever-stated give~ the fact that this is one of the most effect ive modes; of OJ m rnun icatio n,

The muh~p~eim{].complicated set of message'Sthat need to be conveyed, and the need to reassure agahli:5t the' many misconceptions tho! are bound to creep in ,01
technOlogicaHy l:n,1enSlveeffort like this, warr~rrts tr6lo itlon al set of statk com mu n ic.ation, 'the n'e,ed to go' iJ.ey,tM1d the

It would be a near iHrnpossilb~'e to use a coniventiof!alll~near approach to ,educate ~02 task ibimlio!F'1 Indian residents on the. benefits and usag'E!' of oEI, new produc:Vs:eNi.ce ~ike .AADHAAR. A better strategy woulld be to cr~at.e expandingl circles of c:onviFld.~g IIrifl'uenitia I ind ~vild ua lis an d ~eveirag I:ng the tr convlctton to co nvl nee




theyinfiuence" These ofigi:mlizat~ons would be lev"era qed to (O'lliV inee ~I Iargler set of I nfluenti al indMduais, who 'IiVOul then inff~ d uenoe more orqanisations and so 0111 til~~we caver the entire' country through an ;@xporu~'fltia'l effect' ,
an d ~OLlross th r'Clugh wh!ich ttl is,com m u n icaticn activity

There, are m ul~tipie ways

can b~

done.. It isesserttial here to ident~fy who will be the' ideal sources fOor this corn munication, .si nee theyshou ~d bea ble to connect with the aud ience andi also have,
thei r ronf~den ce, Some PiD!5S~blealternatl vesa reorecommended


,. ~ntroduGers-IH~luenc,~rspn:Jgr~mme
y Alliances:

~ Civi ISodety Outr-each


~ntera(tii\le COmmunication Volunteer f:>Jietwork

Ilnf~IlIElncer'l,ll1ltmdUicer !Co:mm llIn icaition
P{)lsl the registrarlilllitmducer education phase, ~here will be a whole team of

ifllfluencers who c:ou~d pDtenNdll~ymake people understandthe need for AA[)HAAR~ a nd mobl Iize th em d uri ng 'tlhe ti m e of enrol rnent, ~ The inf1lJ~ru:~'rs ill have to be reached in a,cascading ohtl,in ,starting from natioln:;3li w to state to di strict to vi II.age Ievell
).- The influerK@rs rould be offici~ls
, Other

at dilfVerent Ilevels;- OMs (600+ dlistlricts)" !8iod.

officers (7, (00) an d Gram IP anch~'Y~its2 la kh+), (

.key inf~ru:en(erscould be ~eadEr farm'ers ('5 ~.akh+). illifluentia,1retailers (3D lakh cut of a total 1..5 uore)., local media, mobi~iz·ersIVo~unteers (1 I!akh+). SHGs (3rOIakh cover~ng SO Clore HHs), AS~.A worikerslANM/Anganwadi workers (1S ~akh+).rural POS,[ offices (1.3Iakh+). rural cooperative sccetles (7,000+)

All Iii anc.e Fru'oglramll'ill!Els

There ,afiea num be r ,of priv.~te ~md pub Iic sector o:rlga ni.z~t1iafisth at reach out andi work
wilth rural and urban matPgfn.alJ.;rl:!d gtmu.ps, These groups WOL!ild have spedtic pockets: i(}T strong reach, arrd there Is.an opportunity to .~derrt~fy these to hellP reach the wider audience. If these org,;;mt2Ctitlonstill!so incorporate AADHAAR in t:halr usag,€', this (oLl~d have anadditionall lmpact OJF ,e'xpandi'rlgthe AADHAAR ecosystem, thus providing




more inc,en1l:ivefor O)I1SU mers gettrtEtir AADH'AARs.

A complete list of potentia~ all.ia!!lce pa rtnars should be drawn up for each state priori t i z.ed a 111 d ronsulted, This activity willi need to be done weill in advance to

ensu re that partn ers hips are Iin place, Clnd the partner teams are
rle,arly edlucdlted thaii could be: ;. ~ Memb,ersof the dairy
(OOP erat'iv@s

on the~r role.

Some examples of these alliances

D~~trit.uto1rsand Fi@taillersofFMCG firms


mstance ed ueation Iirms
Farmer network (e.g.1FFCO)

].. Railway and !PSUemployees A sped,;;!,1mention can be made of the D~r-ect(l'rate of Field Publidtyj' wirthin the Ministry of [Information & Blrod!dca:strn9~which has a mandate that can further the

cause of MDHMR"
Civi I SQc::ij'etyO!lllt~ela'n

me' important gmup11:hat directly interacts

(NGOs, Seill-Hel~ Group5 etc) +sa very

with manyo~ the focus segments that AADHAAR ~ntendsto include. Partnerin'g with them could bnillig a number 'of advantages; to AADHMR. enrolment as,a whole and 'to the COfllmunication efforts in particullar. Ih@;yal.soareO'ftentheones who ~1ii12 typical1iy
most educated in the c<ommunity ~IlCl thus. can asslmllate inforrnstion AADHAAR and fu rt her educate' the focus cornrm .mitiesen the groundl
S€ig rnents,


Stn ce they work d ireedy with locall

and CBn b@ utllizsd

their lunderstanding of the loca:1nuances, itSvelry strong to CF@i9itecommuniC!3rIDion that can haivea strong,@rconnec.t.



Thecoundl recommends havillig adedicated outreach programme to ridentify relevant
org:an isations that (an contribute PQ5iti.ve~yo the AADHcAAIR pmgr,amme. t

V,ollUlll1te@F'Ne!twodc .A lot of pebpile~espeda ~lly youth, you ng ad u Its a nd retired people have expressed til eir willingness to h@lp UIDAI in its mission. Their enthusiasm and willingrness needs to be' ackn Qwi,e dqed by cr~at'ifi1 a vo Iu nteer network of 1lakhsthat cove rs e¥~ry pa rt of I:nd ia. g The-se VOI!. lieerrs wi'll be educated on 'the U~DAI proqramme to spread awareneS:5 lin .H

their cormmlmilYI pn]i\fide the Authority

lnputs from ground zero as \'!\{,el'lasprov~de~

feedback d uri ng:erwol me nt and post ~enrol m.erntuse of AAD HAAR_ Ilnlt;erract'ivE!' Commun ic;ati:lOn
Apa 1Ft fro m th ese r;::::::::::::::;::=~::"":11~-::-~r.""""""--------""

i n te r- p eor


comrn urn i cation adivities" there could

be anctber

set of

corn m u n lc a t l o n act,iviti€!s revQl\dng

around 'Consumer interaction with UII D'At albeit in ·tl rernotefsshlon. " 'Te:I'El'!:JO:m:; le:lecom is one technology that has r:aptdlly peneH:a.ted the country across regions and sections of the Siodety. Thiel' rapid proHferariio11l has also been accompani@d by a visib~,e impact on the liiestylf! of the consumer; With its Wlide cover,ag,e.; teleccm i's also expeUed to play an important part lin the end usage of MDHAR. induding status updates, and authentlcatlcn. Tel.ecOITI should thus be' focused on .~5 a key part 01 'the ,overall II communifatk_),n plan in the longer run,
whi,ch lncludesstatus updates



... iMlobille malrketingl e'.g. SMSs, R:ISTs (Ring Back Iones), has now become an important tODI for creating c0l'1textu@11 aWBl'eneSS anda two way dia;logue with the


• lt can serve to provide enrolment ~nformat~on and also status updates on Ulie
P re cessl 11'9 lhe~r AAD HAAR of'


A highly imeractiv!~ UlIDAI websiite wi~11e' an important component ofthe b inte'ra,d:ive mark:etingplan. Tile website shou~d provide information pibou't U~DA.Iand about AADHAARand shoutk~ S€!l"\I1e' sss nodal point for ,2111[1 UII[.lAII enrolment mforrnation. It should atso allow residents to fill up the forms beforehand, The w€!bsite can also eid in vlira~ ma.rketllng within inflluenoers throu gil the use oT .soci~ I'n'ME:diachan n els ,Ii ke Twitter Falcebook, U 11 ked.i n, etc.

+ The

;r@g~:Strall' €nmlm@llt ,agency web5i~@s should also be brought intothe and cornmunitation team purview to ensure consistency (llf mes5ag~'ng

"'" Partner 8lgencies" lfiH1g'ing from th,ealliances to vohmt,eer group6 .should also be encouraged and lirlk~edto the UIUAI[ websiite

:r rVRS
ilVRS based eLJ sterner response SinoUiid be used ir'l m LJ Itiplf!!ways:



serve as the grievance redressal mechanism in the [post enrolment

commun~catill,on phase

+ Could

be used in innovate ways to fJrovfde a way of giviltn91 feedback onthe

issues rl@~flJtedto eFill1olmt€!f1t1autne ntirati 0111 UI D,A~S,IlIPIPort Inrftastn.l,ctl!l 1"9'

Whil'f:tn'e' above mentioned media willi provide a great amount of reach" there will still be areas wherecomrrtunkatien w[~1not reach Communication shouldthus d~'hnitely indude plans to Ileverage the UIDAI suppcrt infrestructure that is ,e'Ventuallly meant to rsach each and every re~~dentfor nrol msnt, A high aegre,e' of e planning alld execution would be' needed for this, al:ong with coordtnstlon with third lPartyag:enCi,e's. Mas;s·direct contact campafgns with residents could be p!ann~d to educate them about AADHAAR These' lndude face-to-face rneetinqs, house-to-house campaiqns &. jeeplv.anGlmpai'9ns, that gC)iv'rom village to v~Uag~.They>co¥e'r common {JoFlgH~gation points I:ik,ehaats, rnelss, villaQ,e gat1her.i:ngs. bazaar areas as weU asqo from houseto ho use tcensu re a satu rated coverage of a \I'llI[ag,e.



This effort wi1l1 be particularly useful in the prs-enrolrnent ,awareness< phaise where~n consumers, will be made aware'oT AADHlAARr and also about the precess and docu ments req LJ ired soth at thel r en rnl ment process is smooth, Thiellnfrastructu re !lIVallab~~ca n be d i.vi ded iI1tO: ,.. Recg lstra rsa n d the if Enrolment Agenci,es ~ Governm.efllt of ~ndia infras,trw::tulre

.> Ministry of mforrnation &. Bmackasti,ng

Each of the camrrnlJ.mk!3tk:m stages calli use the vast arr,i3Y communication leve'Lsin of' 'the followi ng ways. Thee dleM,i Isof each of thess Ilev~115.a fie pro:vlide d here:

IMedla Mlik Kiey CQ.Ii!1.'!IlIU, .. tiiOl!1



(Orflm!,Jnicat'il;lrl :A~erul:y

for creati\ie ."'. .

pest ressa m::::h

HieseaJn':n Ag~IIiICy f'{;lf



Meclitll ~1i1linnin!iJ and l8,uying AgElncy

2..,1.2.2 Introducers & Registrars - Enfo~ment 8. Edu(atioll1 Mecl i<ll IMlix. Ke~ CO-lllmUIf! icatio[f!Ja!Sk Pil'ffimiiiiY LJ IDA! .Support l'mIF,IlIS\rUGt!W r~ Inter"p'-erso:ni'!l~ (ommu i'!Ji'La'~1 on
;lllform~l~iQflI liMpl!eM!!l!iI'!'telfS CmnmIJrliJ2tiol1 geFlc)tfor Ed Weill!'on Mflcterjti!1

Swtea rid local GOYEfPlll"r€'flt. PrepaN~
the mind R,egiistrn


3i.1 :P'n~'· rel ment A.wa En


Outdoor Iflter"pefsOn~1 CorrWlflufi h::atiof'! Mob!1 iz:atier1 &: En raiment

Go0'erpment agendes II~e ~ie'd i1llla Ii'~bli(ity Di\i1SiOn EnrDlmel'1:t,~gerl r:.y Priv.ne M8Gi~a '( o:mpa n Ies,' Individluall Micha Channels ilFinuenQ:r §lfOUpiii like SHG. He~l1:hWorkers, Aflt-IAs, f!!aflchaya~ts. VilrlOLIS

CommlJjf![ZY In·filL!.IE.nr~,r'5l1!..g_

IQca~aH:h~evem across communitieS I ~enrrer I ~®W!l I
1 !iftimmatio!1 UIDAI' Support
Il'IiMsirU(twe Ne~glhb(n.lirtltmd !'Iet~rk~ SHGs

Mi2!nt .popu:iati .. o!,! R.~tti ilers, Youth ,at Film .sUI r Far! dubs

Broadcast Outdoor

State ,and 1.;0((11[i,owemment: Enrollment A9:enc~ On the·field M~d.a Jl.'gel"lcies



l.ntref"lpemo na I

Irrn~eri(er groups tiK.e ~H<c']. Heahh Work!±!rs, ASHA, Pa n (hayat


Carom uf'lIicart.io!1

V:a'rious Cooper-ativ€s\ R'e~fiW Armed 'forces offi ci.als, Govt. O'frldah Community Il1IfhJsli·cers~.g" I~cilll ~[hie~efs CiaQSsc,oml[ft.u niti'e~ 9(;1[1der I Cill~te

r'frastructu re

TelsDOI'll Cornpsn ie~, 1fIo.:~lOffi(e5. (,;:'1111 (efliltre




UlU)AI Support Infrastru rtu re'

Commul1icab~n )I4;~i[1In(y creiilll\l',~ for

,I n1:er~p€~Of'l~1


Post Office's, UIDA~ C.eN~l1:S, Rr:gbstr;]r ()ffices

The primary obj,edive of messagingl willi be to provok'e a dialogue ln the mind. The' strateqk.spproach to messaging wUt therefore be to des1ign messages appropriete to medium/velhiicie selected 'For example, any rnedkim which a.~ilawsfor partidpatiol1l must carry ilFlteractiv@me$sag,~. Mediums that do not allow much partidpartian and where scope for interaction is limited, 5UCil as newspapE!'rs, must CtHlry complete m~s5ag,es, A consumer's decision cy:c.I.eo consume a product goes throlligh mlLll.ttiples;tB'ges. The' t


phases and needs that are

target.ed should Of! based Gill these stages to ensure maximum resons nee with the consumer: Si!nce the time span within

wh kh the m ~nd h as to travel! from [K~owledgle to

l i mite d , ex~osu re to tTl.'U It~ le p rnessaqes needs to be ill q IjJ i elk su ccass ton i'u not sim uita nso us,


Ii, n


S Y mku:d 5;



AADIHtAAR The' resp orlsibi I ity for ersuri ng that the communication reaches the @nd consumer, and mere Consumer Dedsmon 'C,d'e im~o.rtallt!ly, is understood .by'the end! consumer. lles wlth the AADHAAR commuokatlcn plan, A~50,. with low literacy !'E!V'E!'ls and ,e'Xplosion of rnedla, the need for stan di ng 0 ut srnon 9 tn€! dutU!'ranld nilv i111 SHang rscs ll becemes more rei ffiJ.:3i1'lt. ga He nee, not on~y :a fiethe com m un icati on cha 11ne Is im!JQrtsnt; b Lit 1t is eq ua:lly j rnporta lilt

that the forms in which the rnessaqe is received ~seclsl~Y understood and has
deg ree of con n ert with th e aud lence.



l:,mderstandingl of the languages, sounds arid symbo~sthat can be assoc,iated with AAD HAAR cornrnunicati on, These she u Id have a, ~ey ro le duringi ,ex€lcutio i1 lan,S !lJI,CI'ge ,. The LIse of re9ionla~ visuals, characters and environment in any campaign liS importa otto ensure that re'sidenlts j n the state can ~ o'entify with it The cou nci Iihus t rerommendsthatt~mpafgns. be' creeft~dthat are customized for the specif:icstate. rather than chJbbiin 9 tnfj 11attona IIEngliish or H ind i eelm pa igm
Inthi:s re-glard, the council recommends a strong

~ Some states will necessltate the lJiSage of multiple, languaJgles, and not Just one
r€lgidn,~~langu~lge,.'While broadcast m~y not be cU$tomizalbll@at that I@v~~j (m the

9rounnd cornmunlcstlon material (pamphlets, wall paiotingls, banners, hoardings) and print fnf'olfmaUonshould have multip~e"language options

,. For internal cornmcnicaticnand
g ui d,e,l!j of the Governll'ne nt nes

communication wi:thetosys;tem partners, the

0 11'the USd ge·of

n atl ana ~languages caii"~ 'foil lowed be


The use of

line that is short and catchy. arid also, eff'E!,ttive!,lycommunicates the me~sage is encouraqed. This could incorporate the

ward 'AADHMR.'w~thin itself 'Sol!lllilds

Along with the brend name and logo, it is important to
have a distinct $ound '~Qr'theM DHAAR c~mpa,ign, The so und .$!h uld be ~mm ed iatlE!Ily iiCIen.1[:1i a nd associ,ated a ed with AADHAAH"

The council sUgigests the sound (an be creat~d
minor 'e,dner of 2. thing5- it could h;:;bvea distincbve asscdaton w~'th being Indhm; or ~t ceuld hi3lve a strong association with the AADHAAR. process. As an e.xampil,e

..., The sound could be in theform

of il. piece.wIth a

cHstin(ti \It! IInd ilan som d that does not need to be customized for each s,ta<te ,. Songs/poems that call be IP~ayedat the stations

and, more impOl1antly. imparted and I.S
picked up by children quid.~yshould be created. Children can then si,ng along

and recite ~t ft home as well a

, Some


of :symbo~.$~;li!1dalc0~ss,ori.es ,a$s:ocL~te(~ wi~fl th~ st,ages ef

communicatioll particularly dUlring snrolrnent. For e.gl.• the illdelib~e lnk 0111 the' finger Is a strong essociatton wall having polled lin electlons. S~miliarl% houses in Bihar have symbols a5soda:~ed with partkipsticn in the Pollio pmg.r,amme,

e d LI cationetc,

'Colours: The usagLe of all colour scbemss for MD~MIR

communication snOl,.li'Ci

dernve from the brQindillogq SChefll8'
[)is1~n,ctiv'eaPfJarel for the AADHAAR team Can also be .oeViel!oped, Of! the ~ine;$of the ye Ilow jacket: of t he Pu~sePoll (I p roqra m me
Tile use of a wiio,e,vari'ety of 5ymbo~sassociated wiith local traditionel psrforminq


arts. fs recommenced, The ,adw;jntag1e that these forms bFirllQlis a strong asscdation
of be,j:ng! ~:stindiy Indian, yet having an equa:tly strong: ass;odartion of the indiividlJal d re.g i ansJd~striias

lli,e mr:!'ssBIg!eS 'that are conve'j"ed throl..!ghall the communic.ation rhannels detailed are es:s:entially palatable 'forms O'f the br,and's val,ue pB:}pas.it~on.It hi important that these messages be rnnveyed to the tarqet s.egments !keeping ln mind! the prindples of

an gua.ges, sou nds and symlbois"
need to De- kept in

While tlhe-te are mu~ti:pl@ filBSS'dge-S$u9'ges1:ea be!low~ thefollowitilg,
mind on which otthern are finally used:




, Giv,en the [omplexity of the' product, multipl'e benefits will need to- be"ellabomted separaitely to avoid confus i on and clutter Multiple -campailgns willi! need to' be crested for each of the most relevant set of

;... Sornemessaces will h~ve glFE~ateresonance with certsln seqrnents r


hence can

be used sel'ectively }- Far the various phases O'~the' corrmunkation to be used bassdon re:lev·anc@ process, multiplle rness.21g'es:wi~~ ave h

~~JI1i!hatil(ll! "m.c!.li;!d!lJj~I~!!I1! iiJ;!t5lei!i1 im~b~nli~til;ln_.

Each of the' value propositions [an be convened Into c.annpalgns. 111s important i that these converslons are in the form of messages. that are eas.~lyunderstood by the ta rg@t segll1l11nts,
IRea.sSUfaJil (ie'S

While the above pyramra cepturesthe

key equity buil:ding blocks 'Of! whkh the AADHAAR brand ::lhoulld achieve differentiation, there could be other attributes like -MDHMR is easy toqet', 'MDHMIR j,s easyto use', 'There ilftiB: 110 risks in using AAD.HM.IRI, where th'ebrand ra,sed not differenti1aite but stm has to provide reassurance, These attributes acknowl'edge the implkit barriers and obstades that AAD HIA.AR.needs to eithers i d estep or C1'ver·come. Me:nit:aIIBalrlrie'li'$t(), Enro,llmenrt: Any comrnunketien fan only be successful if the current barriers related to the product/service are fu~ily understood.

There is likely to be a level of mistrust andinertia,rg~';,i'en tihe track record of Government proqrammes across time Many mliilYjust not believe that this couid be useful to them, and hence may
delayerlrolm~nt ,.. Providing one's thumbprint has a vle'ry strong ccnnotationof

aUe:stat[:on by 13111

individual. To do so forAADHAAR., without fuilly understanding ~Bmeaningl" may bea mental bsrrierfersemeto overcome

PeQP~£1 ay perceive proviiain9 the data as s,omething that makes them r'E!l8dilly m Bi(Cessibl,e,fo r ah use by til e Govern men! coulld b@',abarrier to some', tlloUlQlh it is likely to be

~. Privacy 'CQnaems r'E'g,Qlrdingthe secur~'try~nd Il,JIsage of th€ data
~ Givinl'9 out personal information
asmsller concern

by consumers the mental

Need t,o U IIld@rstand Consumer' M enta IIModell:s; The' rewards and rislKs as perceived
communication mental mode~s:

are often

different from that

pm~ec1Jed by the marketer, Thls is because
is often different hom

the mental mcdefessumed


model of 1Ilhieconsurrer; The

e>:ampi,es below shaw 'some inltenesting leKamples ofr be havi ou r ca used by appro,p riate The irnrrwnization

(:ampa~gns of early 19905 were targeting, multipie diseases, of

whkh most were Ilife~thrreatenin9and pollio was not, Reai~z~ing thatthe poor were less .scared! of .deatini tnldln tn:ey w€,re of a life~l()ng. burden, the: rommunketlon
.5U1ccessfullyfocused 011 onlly polio as the point of entry, rather th~liIl alk of al~ t



one offtheoth er d seases that cou Idea use death

Many urban lndisns

have a mistaken

mental model of the 5~mpli,city,olf rura~ India"

for ,example in how rurallindia approach 'berhnology" Them are documented C(JS.es In rural UP' of rural mobnlle traders, having three cell phones. Th~ idea is, to take

- one (ell phone to be' used ,i n ttl e vi Ilage" another for roam ~I'l w~thIn lJ P a nod the' thi rd for g nationi3il roaming
of netvvorlk operators TI"H:'!5JE!''~xampi,e$illustrate the nef20 to researrohand understand the relevant mentall

advantag,e' of ine ciirfferenUalltarnffs

m Od'E1'IIs", 'fa ~se assu m ptlons can reSLJt Ii1"1 i n effect~ve exeru tlon, as, I






for any c.ommun~(atiiol1plan, itis impera.tuv@to lay down clear metri(s to measure the performance 'Of the plan, These metric'S should not just be qualitative, but also have a
stro ng gm.lmdi n9 i111 q uen tilative measures that ca n be dearily eva liuated. At atactical lie'llell there wi'll be metrks for each of the communication phase, like coverage of the media, GRP5etc. for mass media The coundl also recommends tJaJ'lJing broader measures th2llt caicullate the overa~1 lrnpact ofthe ccmmunkation pl'aln~

,.. Strengrth of the brand MDHMIR that has been Heated


p Usagie'of AAmtAAR Whille there may be nI'U.llt,iplefactors that affect enrolments (regi:5~nns. tedlnollogYt cli~tri.c:~, chosen etc .. and usage (allthe'ntication ag:encie$, !ConrJt!2Ict~vity etc.), the } mettles need to be·ln Iine with 1::11 e overall AAD HAAR deploym,ent pi an. lEn r,o Imell'ilts
This represents the number ofs,uccess.ful AAD~AAR

numbers issued to U1r€

populatlon, and should be ~nline with the enrolment schedule as, al'i,'gned with the registrars,.

G ive'n the foeu s s'e~g ents, there should be a spec~ficset (l~ measu res for them.as we II m
as other breaks, to ensure the (ommunicatioflcmd ma.k:ing AAD~M.R. truly ilndusive. S1:1rength of: tihe' ,Bran d The communication efforts should foclu!Sonthe creation of a tnJ~tedj .enduring brand that is buirt over time i1KmSS a I,i:uge number of i'nte!r>1:Kticmsnd til wide var~ety of a s!i'tuations.. lh~s strength carl be graJug'E!d based 011 what thea,war€l'1Ies:s about AADIHAAR and is. on th e UJ nde.lrstan d i nglof wh at MID HAAR stan ds for. UndersitandiilnlQI WhatAAI[)'H:Iv\IRStands F,or Tihe measures here could be the Top of the IMll1l1d R'ec~ll, Unaided Recall and Aided ~R.ec.a!~ ol!1DheWp benefits that AADHAAR offers, The benchmarks torthese measures w~~~ to be di#erentfor each of the benefits g:iven that some benefits will kick in need on Iy as peop ~esta rt usin9 MID HMR i11 the ir tra nsactlo ns,Ttl rs may be a !Iongef process, consik]'ering the requilwement of systems to be 51st up anhe Autheflticat~onpoints. enrolment has readted e'\leryurll;~,



Anexamp~,e' cou~d be t!he fol.lowill9 (for illustraUve purpo.5eSOrl~~)
- -- -


2:01 '1
U niiquene55 60%




A uthen1:lic:aitioll using tethn()i~oQY

Additionally, choosing the repre:sentabve pOp'u~Citi,on for the studies should have an over-quotafor the focus segments, Giv1ent:he speclalneeds, the benchmarks (Guild beclilffiererltfor di'ff'erent focus segments, Briand Elquit.y Measufling th~ equity of the iJral,ne AAD~AAR. in the traditiO'na~ wayS! wili be ,a (hEf~~engecons~der:ing the' uniqueness of this product Hence" innovative and surrocste measures will need to beapplied for cakuha~ing ihe equiv~ale:nt()fa br~liId ,e q LIity' score .. wHialscJrbe:a challeng1e due to the lack of any other such prod uct in [itsC2l[@g:ory; in sucn cases ~op1ions that ((I!LJ Id h~ cOrlsid€!l'fld would b 8' to be nchmark it agB!inst other social welfare p rogra rnrnes, 0 r the Iregl~siJra like UC etc. rs
The benchmarking of the equity

of AADHAAW-s ~quity Gi;lO be dlQn~ with [:ts.elf as data across mu.ltiple f melnterva 15 is made avaHabile.

Over timef til1.eben'cilm@lrklillg

The "full power of ,AADHAAR win become obvious to residents. once tney be'gin regular usag'@' of AADHAA,A, ,in daily lite in multipl:e appllic;3tions, like banking, educstlcn, hea l'ih, PDS"tsxes, d irect be nef t tra asters etc, Hem:ethen~ will. be two bread set of metrics that will be dssired for usage:



use AADIrlAAR for

A'I,Jlthentk;at[on - How many times does a consumer authe nt~(atron PlJrpos,e:s:?

~ AtPplicatfi'JnS - The number usage of ,MDHAAR
IRev~ew Metlh

of applkations, and con5equ~l1tly the L1niversality, of

Beling alble to SUc.cessfullydepl.oy melfi,c based system willi H~·qLlite fc)HDW~ngs ths for UIDAI: ,. Alligni rl'g befOlrehand the

of metr'i csto be' used with all stskeh alders

;.. S'ElUung in p~.a0e business inb~·~Hgence and; alf1a,lyticsmoDlule:swithin the enrolment and auth entkation data capture 50 as to extr 21dthe metrks data

;. HI~ving a pre-def~nedresearch ph.u11halt Calptures data! ata regkH'1alleve.1 a.$the activiltyis, comp:l.ete·d and another research activity that captures it ate
national level ." A r.eview mechanlsm, where data is, 'mll~.eJ.:tedi afld provided to alii the' key

stskeholders, who can Ir®iewthe same

Why h~alrfll n'gaigenda for U1~ An' ~ D




rather than mandamfJ',enr;o/ment

S~ncethe Authority has deddedto adopt a demand-led program mel' the success of the progr-amme would depend on how best the demand can be Qlenerated and 1t wou Iell €nti3!'11 n [fig in sever a~areas as out,llned be~ow, th DUgn nat ll rntted to these: ear ).. M ea,ning of " ~dEm'~ity",nu aif1 ces of ..iden tlty" ,ano associated con structs of "~denUt)lfJ )- Differences, ~nmeanIng. nuances and asscdatsd constructs of "'~del1tity"acro5s d iff€ !refit socf,al cI asses and cornm unities


P,efceptio.n and m ea n nngrl!uih1€~5,S ()TAAD HAAR ofter~n,g

~~ Cornparanve attracton of ·the emotional payoff of "~dentity~ versus rational traction (If ,eoonom ic b@nefits,enablied by AADHlMR );- Driv€"rsof and barriers to adoption of AADHAAR at ttJ@ pilot stage, and indeed d uringl the ,efltireAA'[)HAA!R en rei rnent period ~ Idelntif~(:i;fbofl·of k~y infI11i.Jer]"cerselna drnere-nc@5in rredativ,e importanc.e ()f d~ffererit innuencers by socia I class, corrm url1ity,g'ende r a rid natu r~ of ea rn iFig Ib,'e~ ihood

;,. Pereeption of key influencers and their enthus~asmr indifference and opposition to
AADHAAR programme and reasons for the same InmHgfl::d'e,. co'mp'le}{oH-erirJg unlike tanqlble products and offerings which offer dearly defined benefits ~jnk,edto IProduct/service attribu:t'es;, AADHAAR. nlUm be I' offering of "iderrt~ty,j and enabler of other benefits ~s less tal1gl~blleaif1d more to be defined by the receiver off (om rnun ilcatinn/offie ring" lh~ benefits pr1Jm ised by AADHlAAR being mostly intangible; these \N11Ue determined b Iby the social and economic context of the receiver, nUJ:5, the most melcmillng"filu~ benefit O'f AAD HMR ca r.ci mal)! we IIII a ry across types of reel p~ents '0nd th is wi II req u ire specific v IIea fr1lin g

ilJnrave~ingl the mean ing 0] the offeri n9 .a nd how thi5 consnuct wi III,get (0 mprehsnded ~n the rnln ds;()~ recipients wi IIInecessitatea (I ear Iy cha rtedout I:eam 1m gage ndEli._ IFami[y pl1anning and inoculation an~ other social proQlrammes which may appear



similar to AA,DHAA;R;, However, AADHAAR. off,e'ring of identity'! and enabl.ing access is more oonn!JI~@x" nd thisadditional {:omple.;(ity wiiill imply ,a more (ompreh@l'lsiv @ a 'Ieamin g of differentf acets of AA DHAAR offer, iII order to d rive the' success of AAD~.AA~ pr;ogramme .

.Aldop'tilonpFo.r:ess dep'ende.nt,on trade-off.o'flJerUlfits with, appre,Il,mded risi"$: As the MDHAAR communication and offer unfolds, a :I!earningmechanism can help to as:s€ss:alillhe' perceived ben;efits., ,appreh~ndledl risks and the manner hQW these are t traded off by potenti,811 reci pi:ents of .AADHAAIR. To rodr.Jfflp'IlobalJ.ility


IGi'Vl8rn the :s(enar~,tJ! eutlined ~Inthe earlier point" there is a need to be: censclous of poss,~bl€disruption ofAAID.HAAR:adop1tion and todo SOl thefactors that cou.ld dsrupt AADHMR adoption should besensed early so they ca 11 beaded upon.

This wi IIIIeq ulii r'€a very uniq ue ele rnent in ou r Iearn i ng e.g€!nds, r
Prroactiv.e .r:ather 'r,han reactive learn/A'g o.l g~i:LS

.mustm, deli'ver UlD'A,',e:nrlO/me,nt

tt is the ,ambition of our 'f;'llfiolment target~ that demands

explidt and pro~d~y.e

learning pll'Ogra.mmeby L!IDAI. r,atherth;:!ln 'h~\am~ng dOing'. by

be hE!a,m iifl g'7'

All' learnings should be undertake:n Oll!'lllr)" irfthey have a dir-ect lirn~ageto UIIJAI goals. A~II other ~,e\arn~Iil'9s. matter how tempting they may appear, must be subjug,ated to ~ no goal-li:nked I:eamilngprogramme. lhe learninq programme .should

Ib~ dovetailed inm the activity
programm~of UIID.ALAlllleami:ng

should be derived bam what win he~p ari,v€ the act::ivity-in~(h;argle to discharge his/her set of actlvltles more 'E!lfficienttl.y so as to meetthe goalls of the respective
phase of UIDAL


[ommunkation wiU

We~1beforeAADHAAIR IDffer reaches lts recipients"AADHAAR

have to t:H~'designed •.produced and released through ap~ropdate media cnanneis to reach the poterrnal recipi.ents·afthe AADHAAR offer.

SelectIon of the key pr,~,po~it.i'On, best trlgger for adopt~ofl of the key pr('l;pos~tion, perfcrmanos of al1Le~m,ativiiE c~eatj\l1€!' tElx enJtror1l$ will mquir,E! a whQ~e lot of l~arnin91 before and dUrlill1g the Pilot phase. Communkatlon {)Dtion creation, evaluation and diissemi,llaHon w~111e'cessit~tif2lleam~lIlgin spedfic ar-eas, some' e,xamples of whi.cih are n pmv,ided beklw:

:;... Is "Identity" esufficlent

motivator for adopUofl of AAD~AAR: off,e·r- or doeslt

have to be' bundled wi'th its enabl1n;9 capabilities. fordfferent beneUts?

assodated econornlc

,. Aff!: til ~re s:~gm ents where IdellltitY"a lo:ru~ is sufficli,@ntly lPowerfu I to 9 erH~!r te a adopti Oil! co m mensu:ratle with ou r t~lllfigets(
:,... Wh~tl1ue' the rea'i~ilifeconeerns of p eop Ie where 1110'1, having an ;.... What specific State reco9nitions of AADHMR

IdentIty "is

som~w hat H rritatln 9 ve rsu s q lIIirt€! frustratl ng VNSUS e\l~n somewhat demea n i n g 7
number reinfm(~e .~ Identity"

proposHiofi most powe·rlfLl~~yt ,. iHlow do people respond to diH€lrenl creaJttive executions (l,f AAD~M.IR communication based om the learning drawn irl response to quesnens just olJtlined?

, Assessment of different inf~uencers.. and media possiiji:Hties on reach, [redib~lity; acc~'55ibi I~ty" ersuasive ness and G::l11 for action oTa possible AADHMR rnessaqe p
.:Y post-release assessment O'f the cam paign and ilts,diflerent.le!eme:nts on mmprehension.

re~ev,anGe,.lbe\liev,ab~litty, Iperrsuasive abillity andconversion to AADHMR
In addftjcHl to UID.A~ communkauon campaigns, ..several setlons 'Df the Authorrlly,its. rflgli5tJar partners and th@'i:renrolment ,agencies wH'1affect tjh~ adoption of AAD~AA.R

off€'r;As the' programme g:et enrolled, dWferenl re'g~stra,rs may li5~ different persuasions, add-on propositions and enrolment process imwovemellts.lhese along with even inadvertent d~ff'eriefl'c'€5 in enrolment process flaw" behaviour differences, of' contact personsfrom the reg istra r at pre-en rol rnent and du ring enrolme nt may leadto d:iffenm ces - sorn e.ti me siza b~e- it; en FO Irnent response r a~es.,.






Apart from the action of the Authority. its reg,lstrars and their aglencjles,. behavijoHr of locall community leaders and that of repfesentativ~5 of government departments may impact the enrol rnent le\!'le·lls AADHAA:IR. for
We would need·to put. a sp~df:ic ~·e·.~ming module in plsceto sense such <JQSS-currents

and their impact on AADHlAAR. percept~on ~ndintention-to-€nrol .AAIDHAAR !benef icia rles,

amcnq potential

As MIDHAAR. pr'Qgr~mm~ advances from Pillot phaseto nationa:1 r:oll~olu.t~the €lnr,()llment ta'f9e'ts, issues arrd, therefore, h~arnh1lgagenda, wil~ ha,ve to evo~v@ be in to I:iIle with gQ~ 1.$ f the pirogra m rn e at the res~;lif?cti;v:etag,e .Th ~ prod ud ll$eU m.ay ,eva live o s - at l:eE!t:itrinterms of the benE!·f~ts i't may E!nable- as we move form PHot phaseto
National Rol l-out ph ase,

This must. also be reflected in the' i'elamingag'e'l1da which isfine tuned to requirements

anid 'the pmgram m e' gQa~:s. each ph ase. of
What are tl1l'e 5petif~(.learnhll,g go'~dSl?
Learning goaiscan be broken down by the fol:lowing phase-wise learning goals.:

P~e-·.P.ilo,t hase P
,. Un dersts mi illl g notionss rid constructs

sunm:mdi n'g"

Ide ntirt.y" ; of "irdentity"

.. Me,aning of ",identity"

+ +.

Nluan erasof "Idlent:ity"

and associated consuucts

.. Differell ces in mea n ing" nuances ancliBtssoci ted (OlllStrlJlcts of "i dentity" across a diffetent social dasses and com mu n ities
Reall-Hfeconcerns of people where NOT hBvingafn "identilty" is som'ewhat irTutati ng versus; euite fru strcrl!i ng versus eve n somewh at demesn ing and understanding potential lnfluencers:
of key ~ ue nee rs - by Iide nltifyingl in d i'v~duats who a fiE' conside red nfl

;.. Identffying

+ Iden tifkat](l'fi

kn ow'l edqeab Ie a rid whose epi n ion 'is/'w,asconsidered val uable and trustworthy
Evidence from plFev!i'CH.lS" deptie ns of si mi la r offelrin gs.., Far €,I!.g .fa m iI'll plan riin g, a



.... Undeffitandingl differences in r€I!~tive importance of difte:rent [nfllM:~n()e'r~ by



sodsl class, community. gender, urballilrurall and IfliliIDture afeanningllivei!ll1ood and by product/service consulted for.


Iderlt~fyillg,g,nd aS~H=$sin'galternative MDHAAR o'ffer



for communication


Assessment of mediia ella nnels on reach, (red b iIity. accessl b iI~ty,persuasive ness and call foradiion of al possible AADHM,R me.ssageand ,othar.similar meSS,EB'9€S

.,. tJnderstanding differences, ~tn medla channels by social urbsrvrural and nature of earning Ji\/\e~ihood ;... Res~onsetoMDHAAR off1ering
its enabling

community, gender,

+~s "~dentityJ' a suff~cient motlvator for adoption af AADHAAR oHer - or does it have to be bundled with

capabilltlas for diff@rent essedated

economic benefits
... Alre there segments.
where' '~identuty" alone i:s slIIffici€'rltl:y powerfu'l to g,enerElle

adoption commensurate wifh our targt€'ts +- PeftJeptlon and meanin ~fulnessof AADHAAR 'o'ffe~lnQ
... (ompalrative aIUral(1.lon of theemotional payoff o,f

identity'j versu.s ratiol1a~

traction of economic benefits enabled by AADHAAR

+ What spe.oifk: state recogn itions
most powerfully

of A_AD~-LAA reirrllorce R ing




Cornmu n i ca!iion Optio

11 IE;vCihJatio n tesrn


How do people respond to alt€mat~ve creative exewtkms cornm unkatlon

of UID dev210ped

+ Assessment
," Rel:evarl

of alternative creative ,ex'eiclItions on


PerS:U.3f5liveabilitty itNIliill enroll

• A.ctiolFli Will ask Gram Pradhal1/others about more detaitsl Will tell others about IPUioltPtlaSE!

lJi D Ado:pt~on Process Lea r niin g- R:espDn~e A.A.DHM.R to






Ddvers of adoption" indifference and H2jection of AADHAAR offer at the pilot

stage ~dentifkation of k'ey influ.~Il[~rs and differences tin !le'~ativeimportance of different lnfluencers by sodal class cornmunitv gei1derand natureot earning Iliv'@'ilihood, evident during, Pilot phass as
to AADH.AA.,~ programme and reasons forth@sam€'

+ Perceptio n O'F inf;lluen cers and thei r enth uslasrn, ~ fference and oppos iti on key ndi


Pos't-rel@i3seas:sessment of ths campaign and its different el€!ments· an oomprehension" rel,evalince"be~,ievab,illlry; ersuasive abi~tity Bind converslon to p AADHAAR,

:;;.. AADH AA R AdDptio n Process Learn ~ngl Understand catalysts and ba rriers to evolV1e ,strateq ~es (ontai n barders and 'enhit!nee cata ~yst e rforrna nee to p


Undiers,tan d hom adcoters- what i rrfl uences ma d e the m 'go for enrol m ent - whether they reGeIT),I'ed cemrnunkaticn from any a ny so urce wh,i:ch rna de'them a.pprehe:ns iv.e,i!j be ut AA DHAAIR. U ndersta nd from d iff'ti! r,ent '~Ub -qrou ps of AAD HAAR la r~'~itGroups alill hat they have 'gathen~{:iabout AADHAAR offer~tn,~J' (~as;s~'fiGltion of infll~'ences as. and catalys'ts versus ciam pi€! n~;r$and by ittM:ensityoi theli r impact 0 n pot@rrlli2J1 TG

.., Understand from r~jectms

INlatt~on,allR,OinOlllt Vi rtual ~yall ieaH~ngl~aaIsartPilo~ phase wi II aliso be val idat subsequ ent roll-outs. i

registrars will differ in terms ,o,1lhe local promotions; t economic benefits bund led" rnedta charmels used! and en rolment process; a
rates in relation to resources dep'loyed and leam~ngs, on what is dr~viing better than average success and whatt:'xpla!i ns less-than-average sUU':.€SS wiill help us sp,eed up the enrolment process continuously

However, since state-wise

month~y assessment

of state-wise

IH,ow'if) d·o,t'hrii:s, II'n itng 1 Ilea

G~v:et1 ambf.Uous. timeframe T,orenrolments, it is imperative that ~eatmhg issues are the tidentrried before un dertalk.lllg each activity rather than leave itfor th e success or fa i~r'e u of t he. a~'tivity.
lit is,proposed that there should be a II!earnlng prog:ramme engil.eered to enhance the



effectiveness of k.ey activities driving@lUo~m€!nt at each phase ana this ~€!:arnilng programme should be drawn up and approved by UIDAI'r prior to commencement of each phase, so that the le'1:uning are relevant to CJnd rCJCU1,gruent with the aC~lvity
scheduleofeach phase,

The 'best way to ens lin? ieami:nQ' wOUlld be to give it Sigfllincant irnpcrtance as
compared to achievement of enrolment goa~s" Indeeo.•~nearli~'e'r hases - speoifical'ly p the Pillot phase - ~eaming~o(u5ed sharply on enhanCiing enwilmentts, may hav,e~ biQg,er a mLUltilP!~err ~mpat(t Oil the SlH2.Gf2:SS of the ,overaH programme than achievement ()If the en IfO Irnent g;oab;,in first few v,iIIag'es.
The pilot phase is IiIke!y to be' thelearningl laboratory for shaJpeningl the AADHAAiR

(10mmUll icatio n options .lhefocus of lear nklg COU be about the constru cfion of the ld AADHMR off,er, the most persuas'ive elsmsnts of this offer. the r,elatilv€ effectiveness of different channels ito add cred~:bilit.y and 'immedii.Elcy to the offer, and the abilit)1 of ccmmenication to give an irnpetusto enrolmentforAADHAAR

Our recommendaton is that senior UIIDAI resources do:sely associated with pre-P~iat ~hase of Awareness and Communication should be gliven the overalll responsibility of manag~n g'the l:eBlrlling agenda at UIDA!I.
WhatwUtrhe Ilear'l1iil!1lQI a,Q!em:llal,entaUi? The lHDAllearning progr,am:me w~111 comprise of both, BIn understanding amd evolution

of the construct of "'.iaelltity" and an ul'1de'rstarding of how different elements of:om com rnun katlo n paicikagiE! an cenrol rnent fJ roress- individlu a H~and col h;diively de live r
this,(ot!lstruct in t31 'fulhlling m,ann~r.
Typically most consumer focused organizations

spend O,5-~ % of thefr budget on
as a product is not

consumer and market krlow~edge.; Gh;,ell the fact that AADHAAR

vsry talngibl~ and! is,'likely to evolve es the proQ1ramrne untolds, the Ile,~rn~ng costs may be on the hIg her sldean d (loser to 1 % ratherjhen to rO. 5 % of overa 111IProg m e CO&t, ram

"[he rnostcntksl

resource for our learning programme wHii be' the telent

resources and their m fx, whkh wi II be In ecessa ry to do Ju sf (@ to a lea rn ingl pmg:ra rnrne of sigln ifica nt co m p I,e);ilty. Inappropriate tale nt :may w~11 truvia'lize the leerni ng r€suns. We s~@' a mix ()~three ailfferel1t activities and correspondlililg talent pools! heusen with in U ~IDAJ0 r 0 utsou roed, for successfu I(Qmpl'etio n of sa aotivi:ty:





;;...i[).ata,'(o~leEtHOI"ialildl Data C~ptl!.ll"@


Every singlle i'l"vtl?!raction of potEnt~i3J1AADHMR


benefklares with AADHMR ialgelllCY arid final product win preserrt us a leaming

opportunity. Some of these mal'! lend themselvesto



Th~:shas to be done by using! te,chnology and the AADHAAR 'techl1olo9Y team and ~reg:i r t~ch nol agy tsa rns may be abh~'to meet the' technologfcal ch aII~nge stra


data (aptu re.
Most of the cliatacollection can also be outsourced to competent data 'gathering aglen(j,es with d Uie Quail ity Control checks to be exerdsed by UIOAIlieanl i n g tea rn,

I)'ata: srtlI!.Uia'giE!~

hutexill1g, or:galrilil2ait~onalloril'gwlith. easy l'IetrilE!vall

lhis too, carl be outscurced to specialist e-learning companies" who wiWIdes:ign the system to. .spedficatjo ns 9iv,en by the iearn ill1g1 main ag ernent team of U IDA.l1 ;. Ill11Iilieli"F,lHneitat~oE'il fo:r Im,anag,el'l'11:Elnt action This wilill requ:iretihe most crit:llcal talent The team should be lied bya person of greal dlepth of k.r:Jowh~dge of market research, media anacommuni:cattol"l .The tesm could com prise th rea-four mernbers with an a11l2! iyt~caI m indset, For such aneffort, an aglen aj may be requ i red which ,c~n commit reso urees with the dg:ht$kil'l setto des;ign such a compl:ex learning progr.amme and il'llter:pret dive'rse strands of datil! tal anive at management action. liihe most critical requirements would be continued commiU~cl time of senior UII)A~ offida is tothe learn ingl·~genda dlnd the AAD ~AA.Rlea rn in9 prog rarnme lea der,

As detailed in the document, UIDAI willi need to partner with multlple agerl'C~eso be t .abl:eto sticcessfuHy execute its Communicetion Str,ategy. Below sa summary 0'1some (rf th ese pa rmers, ,and what the' UI[)AI shou ld lack as pre-requisnes to rna ke a choice: P,aritners, - Na.tiona~ , ,Ad~niisin9 A9@ncy ~ Media Aglency for Ma.ss Media


Market Research A.gencies
Call Centres~G.ri~'lfarl(e R!sciressal mechanism

,.. Publ!i,cReLatflDriS The:vendors that am chosen for the'se are the critical partners, whowii!!1 contribute in a b~9way to the planning and execution and need to be on-boardfrom the begllnni,ng. They will ileed to have.: , ,

Stror; 9 ba Iarne@sheets to btl able to rna nage a n exercse of ~:h scale is Strong re'gi:onaII presence, in theform of branch offlces in multiple states
R!e~e\lant past eXiPe;r~eneoin managi ng soci,i31 we'lf are c

mpali qns
mind the na,liona~

s- Experienc~

lin working with the G overnrnentof


~ W~l'Iingness,to ~rovidea

val~e~baSir:d costing keeping

importance of the

senior and experience persormel

:..- Be'able to provide ,a dedicated team cOlIsfsting for ~h.sproject


Strong examples.onnnovat~oil1 ~neXJecution
Reglicmalladvetltising agencies, based out 01 the capiita~or major towns of the statesThese wou~d be engaged mOist'ly Tor execution Ijeve~ wonk. They are helpful since they u'5ual~y understand the key hot-spots within the staitteficities, to get maxnmum visibility.

P,al1"t~,ers - Reg h~)!I'[!a I'

+- 1 hese agen cies.l'YP ka Ilyprovide aJ lot of' fl exi 0 IIilly fo r on~:ground suppo rt
;... locall pr1nting and deployment ageinde.s. who (an help to. create' the pamphlets, banners, posters ,etc" and be abllet:ode'~live.r it to, thecomrnmkaton touch points




~ Government bodies like the Directora:te of He~dI Publi~city,which cani provide on-ground communlcanoo support ;... Regional NGOs.,that can hl~'!p spreae the word, contribute to the eommunication. and prov,id'8 partners 'io~ the inrh . uef1ce[:5,

A larg@ amount of research woukl be requnredi.in ~he p'~anning stalge. as w@11 s on an a angloi ng basis, to rna ke su re the strategy is on trac k. The d at-a req u iln~dwould inciu de: lPlri;mary Data The prl mary data wcu Id be collected by the U IDAtilMarket Research agen.cy,spedfiGdy for thi e purp:os€ of M DHAAR These wall ld inc Iu de:
,. QU!I;JJr:!ti'mtilve 'Studiies

+ Thesle'aretypicailly

studies. dlone over a few hUlild~ed!tlhou15aIWld, sample .si~e5of the ~opull.ation., and are administered IIJsinglastandard q!w?stiormaill'e


Theseindude studies; on th~ needs, ~ttiltudes, behaviour sod profi~,eof the consumers to he,lp Ilmderstand how to stnJdme the product and its commun~'cation better for 'them. These would t:yp~cally be detaHed studies, :spanning a few thousa nd population.and be conducted once in a feW'years.

.... Another set o·fstudies 0111 strenglth of the brand and its usaqe would also be the requi:reGl.,These wOUl~d be dip-&tjd studies, conducted at regular intervals (coll.Jlid be, as fre.quently as, w.eeklylmonth1y) to understand ·the awareness,
recall, understanding and,equ.ityofthe brand

.. Studies on the impact 'of the communication iEI:nd media en the! brand's equity 2! I'1l d enrol rnent
,. Qual~iitilith/e Stuciie'5
..... These are in~d,t!pths.tLJdi@s, conducted

u.5~ngat trained moderator, and cQvB:rfng smatll9raups of peopille Of individuals, TneS8 are more unstn,Ktured in naturl@, an d are used to understa nd the n liI a 110:'5 of the ti:ug et seg ments

'+ FQCllJ$ glroup diSlcus5ions (FGDs') could be conducted. across rural and urban Iindia

They nsed to be done


ln-depth interviews

'Secor!dary Illata

Secondary dsta is "typka11ly ~m~~e)(istingdata thai! has been (r,e:a'ted by 1h~rd party agendas ..These typicaHy help supply a bit of informil;t~Dn on numbers related to
markelstz@,(ons.umptiontPafUernetc. , Househo~dPanellData-·Ni,els€ln, 'IMRS

~ Census, lNCAER,.IRS!NRS


CMIEc.onsumer pyramk:i,lndicusAnalytics

;... Media Traddng .Daita ,Anaiyth:s
Once communicarlon and enrolment starts, there wHl be no de.arth of dana com~ng into the UIDA~$ys1lem, W,hat Is 'critical]is,tOI have a clear ana~ytllcsp~i3in,to help bring this datd, to ]'ife, an d create i!ns~g thatea chstakeholder can IJS@ to the COUr5;@ co rrect. hts The'atnaiytic~module described in the feedba.ckloo,p ~nthes,edion em Me'~Jrics ill be w D:EBs:@d n interna ~data .3iVa~ o lab~efro m ti'lle syst~.m, nl~re wi II' also b@EBneed to' a rna Iyze the primary Cilllds8condary market research da~iI. Bindto Clreate further ~nsighlts.The arn.a~y'Sis should use the latest st~lctistt(C11tedmiques, Someexsrnples could be analysis of d rivers of >enrol rnent, va ~~ation off th e s.eg ment behavioulr, e1C d


.AD'fllu1::1!h.e E!:lrand ·1l.o9:0'and N!almle
Tine brand name all'ld logo for the u ni q ue n IJJ rnbers to be issu eo by tlh e U ~IDA.l1 been h dive develloped keeping the transtormationsl potential of AADHAAR in mind, Together, they communicate the essenceand spirit of the UIIDAI"SmBlndalte to 'Peop~'E! across the c.Qiuntry. The' Na,mle for Ithe NUlmbierto be Issuedl b~IUIIIDAI

The UmAI:s mandate is to provide: @v'@lrylndian rES ident a u 11iqu e id@ntifkatlion num be r ilinked to the res~dent's demograpih k and biorn etric iinformation wh ich they ca n use to
,identify themselves anywhere in India, and to access a host of benefits and services. l1he numberueferredto lJntil now as the 'UIID') has been namedAAIDHlAAIR. whli,c:h trClnslates into 'foundation', or 'su pport' . This word is, present across most Indian languages and call therefore he' used lim
brand~ng and communication of the UDAll programme acrcss the country. role of the number issued by llhe name ·AAD,~AAR· conunu nicates the fundamental

tlli@ UlIDAt th€! number as a ILmiiv,e,r:5:il'lll iidentiity inrfr,astrudu;r'E!'" af,c.mnd,atiJoll 'Qi\lier w hiidi1 publlh: eUld !pri:vaiIJe ,age;n(ii'E!'5 Ii1I buil d !Sfn'v~()f!Is, anda,p'pU(ati 01115 that ca ben,eftr1tresidienuilu;;rosiS IIIl1Ild,i a• A,QdDHAAR:'s g:uarant€€ of uniqueness and centr,aliizea '()nline~derutity velrifTcatJon would be th~ basis for .building these muUtiple .services and a~p~ications,ana. f,tlc~!lit~ting grealt:er or.lnnE!ctiV'ity to markets. AAIOHAA'R would also Igive any' resident the abi l,iIYto aCG@SS these.services an d rssou rG@:s,anytimE!<f an }"INherE! in th.e' (OU ntry. AAIOIHAA.R can for eX8limpile,provide the identity i nfrastructu Fefor ensuringl flinEmda~ ind lJJS ion across thecountry ~ ba IIIks can link the unique number to.a bank accountfor every resident, an~ use the en Iiine .identity atJ'ttientlira,!li,on ~Q all!()w residents 'to access! the aJ(counUlrom .3Iln.yv.+UE!re ~n the country, AAIllHA.A,R wou~dl a:lso be a foundation for the effective €flforcement of individua~ rights,. A (lear reg istration and I"ecognitio n of the ~ ilv~d I'ts identity wirth the state is, nd I.JEI nec€ssa.lryto implement their rights-to employment •.education, fOoo, etc. UIDAI~ by ensufing such reglistratiQn and recQQlnition of ilndividua,ls;, would help the state' delliver
these r~glhts.

The ~og(Jde5ign for the number helps, reintoeoe the message of AADHMR universal foundation, Tbe ILog,t) 1ior ttr. e'INu HIbe't' to be, 11!i!iued by th@ UlID.AI The crit:®riaforrhe IJIDAI in deciding theleqowas:
,. It should bring:out the esslence of UIDAI's purpose and goals


,... It should ,communicate that the number ij:; a trsnsformational oppLlrt.runity for ~1f'i,dljv~dlua,ls·acm:ss; the countryand ifi.will IIequalize a'~CeS.S services,and resources to
fortlh.e poor

The logo should be one that can bs easily' understood the Qounltry.

and' comrnunkated


The ahave c:h~~sign,. which has been selec~e'das the logo for AADIHI.AAR, is a sun in red and yellow, withafingerp.rinttracefj across lis (entre" The' ~ogo effect~vely corrmunicates the v~s10nfor AAIO'HAAIR. lit rep'r'e~~i't3nts new ,i g,aw" of equ.a.11ppoli'tunity ~o!r ea.t~ iima ilv~dlua.~. d~wtil·tnCliit: remeif\ges from the 0 ,ij WIni q 1iJ@ ~deMitity thiatt. t.h~ ililiUmbe'f ,guaJrarrl:ees f'()'f leach ind ~viidlUlalll".
AADttlAAR's pD<telltial ,i~ represented by the sLln lin the design, The sun symboUzes a

prJomisefhiart:sniine's on alill re5id@nt$,equa,~lly-th€l nurnberwould enalbileal(C~SS to services and r'e.5DUB~e$for eV€f)Klfl€, ~m:iluding people who have long been itlit disadvanta'ge, such asrnarqinal groups, :mi:g'rants;and women and children .. The'fintg~er;prin~ 'Withn the: sun indicates thatthe promise of AADHlAAR sterns "from its

u n iquen@.~5Til e posicthre chang es ensbled by M[) H,M R" emergerrom th e abi lijty of . re~idents to d early pfOVie their own un iiqjU e iidien6ryth rou g h the 11umber. The number will.uor sxample, all~ow i,ndividuElls to confirm throuqh AADHAAR-link€d biometric v,eriWicationt,1 the services that we're targeted for them actually reached i them; it will also ,enable tile gov,emment to confilrm e~igiibfl~ity f tlel1encijaril~s for a we Ifare servl res,



The [ombinati:of1l of the sun and the fingeqJfint thus represents a posll'!IiV1e transformation ln the Hfe ofeach lnd~vidu,allin Ind:ia;.lhe core or this trensformation is the ij n k that connects AADHM.R has 'to each hu:lilvldual's biometrics,
Theldea of '~ight' wi thi 11 the ~'Ogo also com m Unicates a.nimp ol1ant visTon aUne UlIDArl - that AADHAA.R:'s uni:quene:s.s ~n iident1ity verific~tion would allow gOl\lemmellts. to implement great€T transparency in welfare programmes, br~nrgingmor·e'light into the' del Ivery of servi ces and rescu ices.

Til is Ide,Cl f Hght (an also be used to cornm LIni [ate all oiher core prom ise of AAD HM IR D =that with thls number, the peer willi no lonqer be InvisH}ie'to the state. AADHAAR would throw li;ght on, and recogniZrEl' the ,existence of each poor individual, by reg isteri nlg their identitie$ with the governm,ent This willi be criticslto r1eoognlzing and enforcing the riglhts of the" poor- the'ir right to work, rrght to education, Iright to hee lthca re" etc ~ the country" n

red and yeHow colours of the' logO, ref:;lres.e'ntingthe shades of the sun, are also fesdve ~ndian colours, lilh.ey would help incorporate the logo leas:i!ly into localjndian art forms a nd styles. an d wi II draw a:Uention when pal inted en vi Ila'g€ wa IIs an d d i"it:rilbuted


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