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Jessie's work is like 'magic'

Jessie's work is like 'magic'

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Published by: pritchie10 on Jul 19, 2012
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Health & Medicine

Chiropractic 1st Helps the Body Heal Itself
Imagine having a date set for a surgical procedure and then, like magic, the body heals itself and surgery is no longer required. For Greg and Lanessa Hess and their son Garrett, it wasn’t magic; it was the body’s own capacity for healing, stimulated by the principles of chiropractic care. “In the fall of 2009, when my son was a year and a half, he started having reoccurring ear infections—as many as six in a five month period,” said Lanessa. “Our family doctor recommended going to an ENT specialist. It was determined that Garrett would need surgery to have tubes placed in his ears.” The surgery date was just three weeks away when Greg attended a workplace luncheon seminar offered by Chiropractic 1st. According to Lanessa, Greg’s interest was sparked when he noticed the title of one of the available pamphlets—“Ear Infections.” “He started talking to Dr. Matt about Garrett’s medical condition,” Lanessa said. “A day or two later, we were in the office of Chiropractic 1st. During our appointment, I was impressed by how knowledgeable they were about Garrett’s condition, and how they explained everything.” In Garrett’s case, his spine was slightly out of alignment, possibly from a 2009 fall from a swing set. This caused the vertebra in his neck to misalign and pinch the nerves that control the proper function of his ears. At Chiropractic 1st, the experienced staff facilitates the body’s natural healing processes through gentle and effective spinal adjustments and modern technology. “Because of the short time frame, Garrett saw Dr. Matt three or four times a week during a two week period,” said Lanessa. “A week before his scheduled surgery date, we took him back to our family doctor for his two year check-up. After checking his ears, the doctor said he had no fluid in one and very little in the other.” With his ears healing, Greg and Lanessa ended up canceling the surgery. “The first time we went to the ENT specialist, Garrett failed his hearing by Susan Beam

“Dr. Jess” is adjusting Garrett. She is one of the associate doctors on Dr. Mullins’ team of elite chiropractors.

test because his ears were so full of fluid,” explained Lanessa. “Three weeks after our canceled surgery date, we had another ENT appointment, and he passed with flying colors. All because of chiropractic care.” Now a happy and active fouryear-old, Garrett no longer suffers from ear infections. “I would definitely recommend exploring chiropractic care if you have a health issue,” said Lanessa. “You owe it to yourself—and your health—to look at all your options.”

235 Bloomfield Drive, Suite 111-B, Lititz, PA 17543

Dr. Matt Mullins

Dr. David Simmons

Dr. Jessica Krishnakumar

July/August 2012


Lancaster County Woman

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