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PROJECT REPORT Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the BMS


Under the guidance of MR. Prashant Patil MR. Hemant Kulkarni




There are several people who have spread their beams of knowledge and have helped me come successfully through this project. This project is a result of their initiative and constant motivation. I am deeply grateful to my mentor Mr. Hemant Kulkarni, Chief Manager (HR) Corporate; Mr. Prashant Patil, Manager (HR) Corporate for giving me the opportunity & complete freedom to work on this project.

The completion of the project could not have been possible but for the ungrudging efforts put in by a large number of individuals. I express my thanks all the employees at RCF Ltd. who have rendered co-operation at every stage of this project. I express my profound gratitude to RCF Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to work on the project and broaden my knowledge and explore new horizons.



Index :Sr.no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Particulars Company Profile Organizational structure and its significance Departments at RCF HR Department Significance of HR Department Human Resource Management Recruitment Employee’s Pension Scheme Own Experience SWOT Analysis Page no. 5 9 13 17 18 19 26 32 42 43


catalyst and services and sourced critical equipment indigenously from BHEL. which included manufacturing facilities at Trombay. 551. Mumbai and Thal. Phosphoric and Potash fertilizer and a wide range of Industrial chemicals.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. RCF is one of the leading producers of chemical fertilizers. based in Mumbai. Western and Southern Marketing Divisions. Being the first major plant in the country RCF encouraged indigenization of equipment. The Company has authorized capital of Rs. Hindustan Fertilizers Corporation Limited (HFCL). National Fertilizers Limited (NFL). Trombay. (A GOVT. Presently RCF has Chemicals and Fertilizers plants in two locations viz. RCF Ltd. Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL). RCF‟s operations commenced from March 1978 with takeover of all Mumbai based operations of the Fertilizers Corporation of India Limited. Raigad District in the State of Maharashtra producing Nitrogenous. Government of India.69 crore. Fertilizers Corporation of India Limited (FCI). L&T etc. 1956. been formed on 6the March . is registered under the companies Act. bio fertilizers and industrial chemicals in India. Many of them 5 . Many technological innovations were tried for the first time and experience gained at Thal was subsequently used for upgrading technology in other plants which came up later in the country. 1978 after the re- organization of the erstwhile Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited as a result of re-organizing Public Sector Fertilizer Industries into Five Companies viz. Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited (RCF). (RCF) is PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. paid up capital of Rs. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) COMPANY PROFILE Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. There are about 25 chemicals produced at Trombay and Thal both together.800 crore.

the Company has grown multifold since 1965. in terms of Technological developments. DMF is still first and only one plant in India at THAL. To take challenges arising out of globalization. a dedicated workforce of approx. Product range. 6 . Social Development and Employees Welfare has been linked positively to the business process. It was first started for the manufacture of Urea and Complex Fertilizers. Urea. Trombay was first planned during the year 1959. The First phase of RCF. On the firm foundation of the well trained and competent manpower.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Trombay was started in the year 1961. 5600 employees is constantly striving to achieve higher standards of performance through application of Modern Technology and Innovative Management Practices. RCF has taken various cost control and productivity improvement measures to reduce cost of production. The rapidly changing Business Environment has been posing challenges to upgrade the skills. Services and Quality of life of the employees besides fulfillment of Social objectives. a fertilizer industry based partly on waste refinery gas from existing refineries. An aid of 30 million dollars was secured from the US for the supply of plant and machinery for Ammonia. Hence RCF is in a better position to face Private Sector and/or MNC‟s even in completely decontrolled scenario. Financial results. The cost of production of urea at RCF is well comparable with imported urea. RCF is one of the cheapest producers of fertilizers in the Country and is located near a coast. (A GOVT. The concern of Environment. Sulphuric Acid and Nitric Acid. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) produced FIRST TIME in India. to improve the competence and realize the potential of the employees in the Industries. HISTORY OF RCF Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers.

OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Today RCF is a Mini-Ratna Company.000 Tons yearly by various expansion schemes like Trombay IV. Tons yearly RCF‟s Trombay unit has 20 operating Plants while its Thal Unit is the 29 Largest plant in Asia with a capacity to produce 4500 TPD of Urea which incorporates the state of the art technology.45. This has been progressively increased to N . RCF has been a MOU signing Company since 1988 and has been graded as “Excellent” under the MOU rating by the Government of India for its overall performance in the last several years. P2O51. RCF recorded a huge profit of Rs.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. RCF is a fast growing company with unique recognition amongst the other fertilizer industries and has been contributing to the process of nation building by manufacturing and marketing Fertilizers and Chemicals to fulfill the objectives of growth.000 Tons totaling 1.000 Tons and K2O .9. (A GOVT.80.000 Tons. a status awarded by the Government of India which produces 10% of the Country’s consumption of Fertilizers.20.000 Tons. 7 .90. At the time of incorporation in March 1978 the yearly nutrients capacity of the RCF was N . P2O5 . 300 Crores in the financial year of 2006-07 which shows its contribution in financial setup of the country.000 Tons and K2O . profits and sharing social responsibilities across the cross section in the Country.000 Tons. RCF has acquired ISO 9002 certification for its Methylamine product. RCF has various certifications in various fields such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Operational Health and Safety Management System which shows its commitment and reliability. Trombay V and Thal Fertilizer project amounting total nutrient to 11.20.

(A GOVT. With sustained expansion. advanced Management. 8 .COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Computerized systems of Environmental Operations. high-profile organization. 6000 crores in the year 2010-2011. RCF is entitled for greater autonomy in taking several major decisions of corporate governance without the approval of the Government. The Company had recorded a turnover of approx. excellence in Manpower Management and a planned development strategy for expansion and diversification make RCF a successful. diversification and modernization programs during last two decades the company has come a long way and is now recognized as a leader in the fertilizer industry in India. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Major breakthroughs in Research & Development.

(A GOVT. In RCF. career planning.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. He is charged with the responsibility of implementing the policy decisions taken by the board of directors and formulating the procedures and rules for policy implementation. 9 . The general manager is the higher managerial authority and is a government appointee for the day to day functioning of the company he keeps in touch with executive directors. challenges and perspective plan as visualized by RCF. swot analysis. Delegation of powers. In public enterprises government plays an important role in determining the organization structure of the unit. he reports to and is answerable to the managing directors only. Organization structure of RCF is based on concerns. The organization structure is not static. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE & IT’S SIGNIFICANCE Organizational structure of an enterprise very much depends upon its size. succession planning. There are five executive directors on the company’s board working under the overall supervision of chairman of the board who also is the managing director of the company. HRD schemes and drafting promotional policy have been carefully examined and their inter relationship with organizational structure is considered. but may change from time to time in response to the needs of the situation. the chairman and the managing director (CMD) is the chief executive of the company.


Marketing HR Below Deputy Level & Legal Activities Manager HR [Field work officers] Non-Technical [Finance. LEVEL 2 :. Secretary.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) LEVEL 1 :.DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER & ABOVE    Functions Recruitment of Management Trainees & Officers Pension Plan :. operating Manager] 11 . (A GOVT.Proposed – 1/1/2007 Approved – 1/1/2011    Admin of Security Scheme Ministry Letters 10 SC/ST below poverty line students residing within Maharashtra are given free education. Clerical] Technical [Engg.

14th Nov. LEVEL 4 :. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) LEVEL 3 :. etc.Trombay Unit HR     Industrial Relationship Issues Union Issues Recruitment Of Workers (Trombay) Public Occasions such as 15th August. (A GOVT.Thal HR Unit    Contract Activities Recruitment of Workers of Thal Union Issues 12 .COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. 26th Jan.

Andhra Pradesh. Haryana. Systems Development and Evaluation. Some of the activities of centre includes. Punjab. Karnataka. provides a full range of marketing services including sales of fertilizers. (A GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) DEPARTMENTS AT RCF MARKETING: RCF Ltd. MP. It promotes external research projects and undertakes direct research in selected areas inclusive of finding more and better uses for the industrial chemical it manufactures. Bihar & West Bengal. 13 . FINANCE: The major thrust area for the company is the optimum utilization of resources. Organizing management development programs conducting small group activities at shop floor level. Fertilizer marketing is carried out through a well-knit organization of dealers covering the states of Maharashtra. It was found for promoting the managerial excellence in organization. Gujarat. The Company has a system of planning and budgeting every year. Organizing part time Diploma course for employees of the organization as well as other organizations.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Tamil Nadu. Delhi.In house management consultancy. CORPORATE MANAGEMENT DEVELPOMENT CENTRE: The Corporate Management Development Center (CMDC) was established in 1978. UP. so as to ensure efficient working capital and funds management. promotions. Training of Vocational students from academic institutes and persons sponsored by other organizations. Kerala. Rajasthan. year after year. agricultural research and free agronomical services. The company has consistently increased its profits. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: The company‟s research and development department monitors the research work of institution so that it may be adapted for the company‟s operation. thereby resulting in increased resources and surplus.

COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Duty doctors are appointed in the plant for accidents caused due machinery and mishaps. Various Facets of Personnel Management in RCF: Recruitment Promotion Training and Development Wage & Allowances Welfare facilities Medical Attendance & Treatment Rules Social Security Schemes Industrial Relations Manpower Planning. It also reduces talent drain through a system of conducting Exit Interviews. Therefore every plant and field sectors are assigned with trained employees in advance first aid knowledge and required first aid kit is available.18 services departments include a great deal of risk and uncertainty. RCF has always been an organization with a pro. Career Planning & Succession Planning MEDICAL : 17 plants. encouraging creativity and also enhancing mutual trust in order to maintain high employee motivation. The company also has a welldesigned system of giving personal attention. creating an environment full of open culture. RCF Ltd. with medical aid and operation theatre at their disposal followed by doctors’ advice. the patient is shifted to the company hospital located nearby with necessary facilities.HRD approach. 14 . (A GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) HUMAN RESOURCES: The HRD Center at Trombay was inaugurated on 25th August 1967. guidance and counseling services to new recruits thereby keeping their motivation levels high. believes that its people are its most important asset. Post first aid.

For a major part of the public government undertakings the CISF has assisted with its services. There are chances of mishap and unforeseen events to occur. This has made transportation of heavy raw materials. 15 . (A GOVT.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) TRANSPORTATION: The Company comprises of many production units. easing work load of the employees. setup the best of security in large numbers – CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SECURITY FORCE (CISF). Delay in the delivery of raw materials would put a stop to production and wastage to initially processed goods. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: The company has engineers with different experience levels working in shifts to enable the proper functioning of the machinery. SECURITY: Having such a vast network and transaction made both on rail and road is of risk and a high tension zone as this company is a chemical and fertilizer production unit. The engineers also assist newly joined recruits to ensure that nothing wrong is done leading to mishaps and accidents at the site of production. This is another attempt to improve the working environment thus. poisonous chemicals and highly inflammable substances to come in and in the same manner supply of finished goods outward to suppliers and distributors. The engineers in departments also work on research and development of new products and updating of technology for increase in the production by the day to meet deadlines. These new introductions are usually made during shut downs to ensure proper running of the machinery and called as trial basis. Therefore to keep a track on timely delivery of raw materials the company has a huge a network of roadways and has laid a rail line passing through the company itself. The management has therefore. The requirement of raw materials is in high demand and on daily basis.

COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. services. A certain example is the latest advancement made by the Finance Minister by introducing tax deductions and the software‟s supporting the same for the whole of India. transactions and other minor details recorded on day-to-day basis. the company and its directors have set up 6 teams for those sensitive areas of the company. This helps in the smooth functioning of the existing units and services. This unit refreshes the whole account systems time and over as per the dynamic change in the government policies in order to keep up the company‟s profit. 16 . OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) VIGILANCE: Vigilance is an important procedure to be followed for the proper operati on of the plants. Hence. (A GOVT.

While achieving the heights of business and customer satisfaction. Innovativeness. 17 . Human Resources Management is actively linked to the Corporate Vision and goals. at Trombay Unit and one DGM (HR) at Trombay and one DGM (HR) at Thal assist him for the smooth functioning of Human Resource Department. (A GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) HR DEPARTMENT The HR Department is headed by an Executive Director (HR) and GM (HR) Corp. HRM sub-systems are very well established in terms of Design. At RCF. Infrastructure and Continuity. The HR approach of RCF is through Total Employee Development Focus. cost saving and product quality.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Employee Talent Dynamism and Social Responsibility are proving to be as important as effective operations. Quality of Management.

The Company participation in Management for which believes in workers various committees are functioning at both its Units. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) SIGNIFICANCE OF HR DEPARTMENT Manpower has played an important role in shaping of RCF. Raigad.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. RCF has achieved the present position of leadership in Fertilizer Manufacturing. The colonies have well maintained sports club and also School facilities for the employee children. To take care of the health of the employees and their families. near Alibag. The breakup as on 01. RCF has a strong and dedicated team of 4100 permanent employees. Dist. sports facilities and various Social Security schemes.06. House Building Loan Insurance Scheme and RCF Death Benevolent Scheme. There are different Social Security schemes operating in the Company like Group Saving Linked Insurance Scheme. The company takes all efforts to keep the employees motivated and maintain good Industrial Relations. medical care. Through dedicated and competent manpower. Housing facility is provided to the employees at colonies in Chembur and Kihim/Kurul. Excellent growth opportunities are available to the employees. RCF has two well-equipped hospitals one each in the housing colonies at Mumbai and Kurul. (A GOVT. Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme.2012 is as follows: 18 . RCF's management has always considered the Manpower as an asset and has taken care of its employees through various welfare schemes such as Housing.

The “art and science” of HRM is indeed complex.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. 19 . It tries to help employees to develop their potential fully. The various features of HRM include: a) b) c) It is pervasive in nature as it is present in all enterprises. (A GOVT. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each are met. development and empowerment. It involves three phases termed as welfare. it is a science as well because of the precision and rigorous application of theory that is required. We have chosen the term “art and science” as HRM is both the art of managing people by recourse to creative and innovative approaches. Its focus is on results rather than on rules. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Area Trombay Thal Marketing Total Officers 726 496 289 1511 Workers 1440 1041 77 2558 Total 2166 1537 366 4069 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HR is the singular most powerful factor affecting any organization.

utilizing knowledge and inputs drawn from psychology. economics etc. It tries to put people on assigned jobs in order to produce good results. i) It is a multidisciplinary activity.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. 20 . It helps an organization to meet its goals in the future by providing for competent and well-motivated employees. h) It tries to build and maintain cordial relations between people working at various levels in the organisation. (A GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) d) e) f) g) It encourages employees to give their best to the organization. It is all about people at work. both as individuals and groups.

Look ahead. f) To have right tight. Give security with opportunity. Supply the right tools and the right conditions of work. special assistance for upliftment of SC/ST and other socially backward classes. g) Personnel policy is based on the following principles: Put the right man in the right place. incentive and recognition. belongingness. d) To promote specific social objectives such as social development of its employees and their families. promotion of sports activities.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. productive and high performance manning. (A GOVT. e) To secure for its personnel a decent standard of living and a good quality of life as possible consistent with the general socio-economic conditions of the country. b) Utilizing capabilities of its employees for the benefit of organization. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) HR DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY AT RCF a) Nurturing and developing human potential. plan ahead for more and better thing 21 . d) To continuously upgrade the quality of human resources and promote organizational management development. o o o o o Train every one for the job to be done. 1. motivation and pride of the employees so that they are aware of their roles to perform better at their respective jobs. c) Creating a co-operative culture to generate team spirit. Make the organization a coordinated team.

OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) VISION To be the number one Leader in the Fertilizer Industry by the year 2010 and a major player in the global market. Employees.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. growth and welfare. To join hands in the growth of national economy. To serve the farmers and other customers with quality products along with support services. CORPORATE GOALS RCF as a corporate body and Government of India undertaking is responsible to the people of India. To help increase the national agricultural productivity by providing agricultural inputs and services with least consumption of real resources and at least cost. (A GOVT. Government as Government. Keeping these aspects in view. the Society at large and Posterity. MISSION STATEMENT To produce fertilizers and chemicals efficiently. Consumers. economically and in environment friendly manner. 22 . RCF has set for itself the following corporate goals – 1. The company is simultaneously accountable to all these agencies who have a stake in it's Successful operation. the Government as owner.

To secure as high a return on the rate of investment as possible. (A GOVT. organise and perform research and development in products. 4. erection. To continuously upgrade the quality of human resources and promote organi sational and management development. the harmful emissions. To manufacture and market industrial chemicals related to agricultural inputs and also others based on similar technology and intermediates. 23 . engineering. by-products. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) 2. To improve the environment and minimise to the maximum extent technologically possible. soil science and agronomy in furtherance of various corporate objectives. To promote. co-products and waste from the main operations. maintenance of plants and marketing of products. To obtain for it's employees a decent standard of living and as good quality of life as possible. 8. keeping in view the requirements of other competing objectives. To promote self-reliance in all activities in relation to company's operations including process know-how. 6. 5. To co-operate nationally and internationally in exchange of information and services of personnel. consistent with the general socio-economic conditions in the country. technology.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. 7. operations. 9. 3. design and engineering. commissioning. atmospheric discharges and effluents.

safety and committed in discharging its social responsibilities through rural development. RCF will also endeavor to fulfill its obligation to society at large by continuous improvement and growth. An outstanding contribution to the life of farmer community by supplying different kinds of chemical fertilizers and bio fertilizers at affordable prices. To have corporate growth at a pace consistent with availability of resources and developmental needs of the economy. 11. health. maintenance of pollution free environment around our plants and colonies but also of the most valuable performing assets namely Human Resources. organizing blood donation 24 . continuous upgradation of technologies modernization of plant and machinery. special assistance to SC / ST and other backward classes. sanitation. It has made conspicuous contribution towards protection of environment. RCF has achieved several commendable laurels over the years. ancillary industries.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. To promote specific social objectives such as development of entrepreneurs. QUALITY POLICY RCF Limited Commits to Produce and Market Fertilizers and Industrial Chemicals of Excellent Quality by using modern and Eco-Friendly Technology to meet the requirements of customers. (A GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) 10. greenery development. OUR COMMITMENT Our commitment to excellence would not only include the quality of our products . AWARD AND ACHIEVEMENTS Apart from been given ‘Mini Ratna’ status by Government of India and an “Excellent” grading under the MOU rating.

MAJOR ONGOING PROJECTS AT RCF LTD: 1. RCF has obtained ISO. relief at the time of disaster. ISO 9001-2000 approved manufacturing facility for Thal Chemical group of plants. 25 . manures and tree saplings to various schools for tree plantation activity and also for different residential societies in Mumbai. Talcher Project. RCF has also provided soil. free medical check-up of employees and school children. Thal 3 – Increasing production of UREA Fertilizers. The company has achieved the ‗Golden Peacock Award‘ for Corporate Social Responsibility. 3.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. imparting training to the ladies clubs from surrounding places for gardening etc. (A GOVT.To put up a Fertilizer Plant in Orissa. South Africa. 2. adoption of students particularly from backward classes and giving them free education. adoption of villages. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) camps. Fertilizer Project in Ghana.14001-1996 Certificate for Trombay and Thal units.

0 The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations.   Preparing the job description and person specification.0 Recruitment Process:  Identifying the vacancy: The recruitment process begins with the Human Resource Department receiving requisitions for recruitment from any department of the Company. These contain:  Posts to be filled  Number of persons  Duties to be performed  Qualifications required. 2. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) RECRUITMENT: 1. (A GOVT.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Advertising the vacancy. 26 . Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time.

Short-listing and identifying the prospective employees with required characteristics. Candidates who have completed prescribed Apprenticeship. (A GOVT.    Managing the response. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Recruitment at induction and other level posts approved by Competent Authority shall be made from the sources below: Departmental candidates those who are fulfilling laid down criteria by issuing Departmental Advertisement.   Arranging Interviews of the selected candidates. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING)  Locating and developing the sources of required number and type of employees.   Regional / Local Employment Exchange. Matching the job description and person specification vis-à-vis response.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Direct recruitment by issuing Press Advertisement (Local/ Regional/ National level as applicable). Conducting the interview and decision making. Oustees/PAPs or their dependents whose lands have been acquired for 27 .

Direct Recruitment in Unskilled category i.1 Non-Officer Cadre: 4.1 Unskilled Manpower: (i) (ii) Minimum intake qualification for lowest entry grade is SSC.in A2 grade. (A GOVT. III (A2 grade). (iv) Jr. recruitment .   On deputation as per requirement.1. DIRECT RECRUITMENT: Based on the requirement of the various skilled manpower. (iii) For the post of Ward Attendant.prescribed qualification is SSC + Training Course of State Fire training Centre (six months duration) and also holding 28 . III & Equivalent will be done in A0/A1 grade for exceptional cases.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Fireman Gr.e. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) the construction of the factory/township of the Company as per prescribed procedure and if applicable. Any other source with the approval of the Competent Authority in exceptional circumstances. the intake in Non-Officer Cadre will normally be done at the following levels: 4. where two years’ experience is sought. Junior Plant Attendant & Equivalent/Plant Attendant Gr.

COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. 4.1.prescribed qualification is SSC +Heavy Motor Vehicle License along with 2 years. experience. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Heavy Motor Vehicle License. The successful Act Apprentices are considered for appointment as Company Trainee for a period of 1 year as per the requirement of the Company. (A GOVT.1. The Company recruits Apprentices as per statutory quota either through notification to appropriate Employment Exchanges/data bank of RDAT and if required simultaneously through Press Advertisement.3 Skilled Manpower: (i) Technical Discipline(Company Trainee): On the Technical side. Draughtsman. Act apprentices are recruited in different trades such as Mechanical Maintenance (CP)/ Electrician. the direct recruitment of Company Trainee is made as Operator Trainee [those who have completed Apprenticeship as Attendant Operator (CP)/Diploma in Chemical Engineering with 1 year training under BOAT] or Technician Trainees [those who have completed Apprenticeship as Instrument Mechanic(CP) / (Diploma in Engineering) in Mechanical / Electrical / 29 . (v) Equipment Attendant Gr. 4. II (A2 grade). Machinist etc.2 Semiskilled Manpower: Direct recruitment in Semiskilled category is made in A4 grade.

These Company Trainees are absorbed in A-5 Grade.in A5 grade. (ii) Paramedical: Recruitment of Nurse Gr.) qualified candidates in Marketing Discipline will be as Marketing Representative Gr. III & other equivalent .COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. (A GOVT. Steno Clerk in A5 Grade (after completion of one year Company Training) (b) The Recruitment in Finance Discipline . 30 . III in A5 grade(after completion of one year Company Training). (iii) Non.as Jr.Technical Discipline: (a) The Recruitment in Ministerial cadre . on completion of one year Training . Accounts Clerk in A5 Grade(after completion of one year Company Training) (iv) Marketing Discipline: The Recruitment of B.as Jr. The caliber and performance of managers will largely determine the success of a business. They are the people who have authority over others and are responsible for their activities and for the operations of an enterprise.2 Officer Cadre: Manager is the dynamic life-giving element in a business. 4.(Agri. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Instrumentation disciplines with 1 year training under BOAT].Sc.

However. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) (a) Management Trainees: The Company recruits Management Trainees who are absorbed in E-1 grade after completion of 1 year training. there will be direct recruitment in E-1 or E-2 grade with the approval of the Competent Authority. Graduate Engineers are recruited on Technical side and MBA & Equivalent qualified persons in respective field are recruited for NonTechnical Discipline. 31 . (b) Other specialized categories: Normally. in case of urgent need of experienced/trained Technical/Professional Personnel OR Specialized posts. (A GOVT. recruitment in Executive cadre will be made through Management Trainee Scheme.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD.

The pension is compulsory for all the existing members of the ceased Family Pension Scheme. Monthly Member’s Pension = Pensionable Salary x Pensionable Service 70 32 . shall be computed in accordance with the following factor. the amount of Monthly “Superannuation Pension” or “Retiring Pension”. if he has rendered eligible service of 20 years or more and retires or otherwise ceased to be in the employment before attaining the age of 58 years. 1971 and new entrants from 16. The Scheme has come into force on the 16th November.33% of the Employee’s Pay (to the extent of Rs.6500/-) is remitted by the Employer to the Employees’ Pension Fund within 15 days of the close of every month A member shall be entitled for: 1) “Superannuation Pension:. 3) “Short Service Pension”. In the case of New Entrant. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) THE EMPLOYEES PENSION SCHEME.1995 onwards. 1995. viz. (A GOVT. 2) “Retirement Pension”. as the case may be. if he rendered eligible service of 10 years or more but less than 20 years. if he has rendered eligible service of 20 years of more and retires on attaining the age of 58 years.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. A part of the contribution representing 8.11. 1995.

Upto 11 years Rs.049 to 2. (A GOVT. Monthly Orphan’s Pension( payable up to 75% of Widow’s Pension) (IV) RCF EMPLOYEES' FAMILY PENSION SCHEME.1995 and date of attainment of age 58 years to arrive at past service pension payable.1995 Sl. Years of Past Service Salary more than Rs. 1.1995. Beyond 20 years Rs.11.105/3.11.85/2.992) corresponding to the period between 16.2500/-p.No.m. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Past Service Benefits on completion of 58 years of age on 16.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. RCF Employees' Family Pension Scheme is in operation since 1966 in our Company. the widow/child/orphan is entitled for monthly Widow’s Pension (payable to the widow till death).11. Monthly children’s Pension(25% of Widow’s Pension payable to 2 children (each @ 25%) payable up to the age of 25 years. More than 11 years but upto 15 years Rs. the past service benefit shown hereinabove shall be multiplied by the prescribed factor(ranging from 1. If the member dies. More than 15 years but less than 20 years Rs.135/4. This scheme will be applicable to all RCF Employees who were 33 .170/On completion of the age of 58 years after 16.

34 . (V) RCF LTD. (A GOVT.m maximum.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. This is a non-contributory scheme as employees are not required to pay any contribution. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) not covered under the Family Pension Scheme. 1971 & 'Employees' Family Pension Scheme. An employee who does not want to join the pension scheme has to submit written application by 20th February 2012 to HR department at Trombay & Thal.487.1625/.p. 1995.4000/. If an employee separates/resigns from the company before completing 15 years of service in RCF / CPSE.50 minimum and Rs. However if he/she joins another CPSE where such pension scheme is available. 10% of basic pay will be deducted from the January 2012 salary of all employees. The deducted amount in the month of January 2012 for employees not opting for the scheme by 20th February 2012 will be refunded in the salary for the month of February 2012. 15000/will be paid immediately after the death of employee. A lump sum amount minimum of Rs.(2) widow gets Pension of Rs. the accumulated funds in his/her pension account will be transferred accordingly. his contribution will be returned with interest as declared by LIC from time to time.and maximum of Rs. EMPLOYEES’ SUPERANNUATION (PENSION) SCHEME The Scheme is Optional for the eligible members at launching stage.

The amount contributed by an employee. (A GOVT. Management of pension fund has been outsourced to LIC of India. Employees’ Superannuation (Pension) Trust while building corpus for pension. the PF nomination will be considered as 35 . If nomination form is not submitted by an employee. An employee will have the option of commuting 1/3rd of total accumulated corpus at the time of superannuation in his/her name. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) An employee will contribute 10% of basic pay per month in the individual’s corpus and RCF will make matching contribution to the individual’s corpus. Employees’ Superannuation (Pension) Trust.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. At the time of superannuation the total accumulated corpus in the name of the employee will be considered for fixation of pension amount. As per present Income Tax Rules the commuted amount will be tax free. Various pension options and indicative amount based on present annuity rates are indicated at Table I There will be nomination facility for the individual fund account with the RCF Ltd. The balance amount will be considered for pension purpose. The amount will be deposited in RCF Ltd. The nomination form for the scheme will be made available for those employees who desire to give separate nomination for the pension scheme. the matching contribution of RCF and the interest on the total amount as declared by LIC from time to time will be accumulated as the corpus in the name of the employee.

the member’s accumulated corpus will be transferred to that CPSE pension scheme. Before completing 15 years of service in CPSE: dues / liabilities payable to RCF. In case of Death: Choice will be given to nominee to opt for pension or claim the 36 . In case of Disability: Pension will be paid from the date of separation from employment. member shall submit nomination for the pension in prescribed format to LIC of India through RCF Ltd. Employees’ Superannuation (Pension) Trust. the benefit of past contribution shall not be made applicable however if employee joins pension scheme in future the pension scheme shall be made applicable from the date of joining of the pension scheme and retrospective benefit shall not be applicable. The latest nomination submitted by an employee will be valid till the fixation of pension. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) nomination for the pension scheme till the time fresh nomination is given by the employee for pension scheme.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. If an employee does not opt for the pension scheme with effect from January 2012. (A GOVT. After 15 years of service in CPSE: In case of Resignation: If a member joins another CPSE with similar pension scheme. Before start of pension. The resigned member can opt for immediate pension / deferred pension. There is no option for discontinuing the membership of pension scheme before separation from the company.

Relaxation is available in case of death / disability / incapacitation.2007 to 31.01.2009 and 10% of basic pay with effect from 1. In case of Termination: The total accumulated corpus in the name of the employee shall be remitted back to the employer.01.2007 to 31. As per approval of DoF.04.2009 onwards. (A GOVT.03.2011. subject to minimum 15 years of length of service in RCF / CPSE prior to superannuation / resignation. Salient features of RCF Ltd.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Employees’ Superannuation (Pension) Scheme Pension scheme is implemented as per the direction of Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (DOF).12. The scheme will be effective from 01. The separated employees shall contribute to this 37 . This scheme is optional in nature for the eligible members.2007 Eligibility: Benefit of this scheme will be applicable to all employees who are on RCF roll and also for the retired / separated employees on or after 01. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) refund of total accumulated Corpus in the name of the deceased member.01. In case of Disability: Pension will be paid from the date of separation from employment. the members of this scheme shall contribute 5% of basic pay from 1. The terminated employee will not be eligible for pension and employee’s accumulated contribution will be refunded after deducting dues / liabilities payable to RCF.

(A GOVT. Past contribution recovery for the period will be recovered in suitable installment from employees with matching contribution from company. Employee can make additional voluntary contribution to the Pension fund in lump sum / monthly to plan for higher pension. 2012 onwards. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) scheme from 01. company will not make matching contribution against such additional voluntary contribution. Company will deposit matching contribution to the scheme from January. 100 Cr.2007. Simultaneously. Separate circular will be issued in this regard. for a financial year. In case of contribution by employee company will not make matching contribution against such additional contribution. 10% of basic will be recovered against the Pension contribution from the salary of an employee from January.2007 to 31. if the Profit after Tax dips below Rs.01. 38 . 2012 onwards. After superannuation retired employee may continue in the scheme with or without contribution from retired employee up to the age of 65. Company will deposit matching contribution to the scheme. however.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. till at least the date of their separation from RCF. Rate of Company contribution (at present 10% of Basic Pay) shall be reviewed / withheld.

employee’s Basic Pay. 39 .COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Consistency in Annuity rates for last five years. It has got capital guarantee feature built in to the scheme. Separate Pension Trust is being formed for administration of the scheme. age of employee. However in future. LIC may increase / decrease the rate of return on the fund.10% to 9. LIC of India is chosen as a Fund Manager because of following feature in Their scheme : Pension fund invested with LIC has sovereign guarantee by Government of India u/s 37 of LIC act 1956.Transfer of accumulated pension fund to pension fund of such CPSE is allowed (both in case of transfer in and out of RCF).45 %. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Employee resigning and joining another CPSE . (A GOVT.  Funds will be invested in traditional plan (cash accumulation / not unit link plan).  LIC has also given good rate of return on funds invested in above plan.  During the last 5 years LIC has declared rate of return ranging from 9. The Management of Pension fund has been outsourced to LIC of India. Pension options: The likely pension amount to an individual member will depend upon parameters such as length of service.

OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Pension Option selected by the employee.  LIC will maintain separate transaction / Pension Account of each member. (A GOVT. Pension will be paid on superannuation. Amount accumulated in individual’s pension account.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Annuity Rate declared by LIC from time to time etc. 40 .  Withdrawal of 100% or partial accumulated pension fund is not allowed at any point of time. Individual Annual statement of the fund will be given after the end of a financial year.

T. c) Annuity Card. b) ECS to Members Bank Account. Income Tax Benefit  Employee contribution will be allowed u/s 80C for Income Tax Rebate. Act. The management is happy to launch the above scheme for all eligible employees and congratulations to the members for voluntarily opting for the pension scheme. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) Mode of payment of Pension : Payment of Pension can be paid to the member by : a) Account Payee Post Dated Cheques. Further pension paid to the beneficiary or to the nominee will be taxable. (A GOVT.  Earning on accumulated members balance (yearly basis) will be TaxFree u/s 10(25)(iii).COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD.  Corpus payable in lumpsum to the nominee on death of the member is Non-Taxable u/s 10(13) of I. 41 .

phone number. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) OWN EXPERIENCE 1) Property returns of officers eligible for the next higher grade. 8) Data Entries of Employees’ Pension Past Contribution.2012. 6) Attaching Service particulars in the personal files of Management Trainees. (A GOVT. 3) Stock checking and keeping records of missing files 4) Checking service particulars .05. . 9) Data entries of Employee Contribution Scheme and Consent forms.We take dependents declaration in every 2 yrs to update their address.To send them for vigilance 2) Updated dependence declaration of retired employees in HMS (Health Medical System). 10) Entries of retired employee’s cheques towards nonrefundable medical scheme. . 5) To take declaration from employees offer their retirement age of 60yrs to know whether they are alive and are willing to continue the pension. 42 . 7) Making of Manpower report for the month 1.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD.Needed for promotional interviews and to check about their vigilance and other details. other details and to know about their dependents (wife) whether alive or not.

Suphala. The well maintained plants and equipment ensure uninterrupted production and distribution of goods. Strengths and Weaknesses.e. STRENGTHS: Company‟s strength lies in its skilled manpower. WEAKNESSES: The Plants have been in operation for a very long time.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Microla. The Farmers‟ Training Institute and R&D Centre ensure that quality services are provided to the farmers/ dealers by educating them and providing inputs for better crop realisation. some of them since 1965 by carrying out regular upkeep. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) SWOT ANALYSIS An integral part of strategic planning process involves a thorough scan of the Environmental factors internal to the firm i. Biola. maintenance and up-gradation. High Brand Equity for the Products manufactured such as Ujjwala. The wide spread marketing network ensures the reach of the products to all parts of the country. (A GOVT. as well as those external to the firm classified as Opportunities and Threats. The complex fertilizers are based on imported raw materials which can face 43 . Company has a wide portfolio of chemical products and can withstand difficult economic situations by adopting optimal mix of production. and Sujala.

mining of raw materials and marketing of varieties of products. for Collaborations / Diversification in manufacturing and. (A GOVT. All these opportunities would lead to substantial increase in the turnover of the Company by marketing varieties of fertilizers. Experienced and Skilled Manpower of the Company has been in demand for rendering O&M service in India and abroad. abroad. Opportunities: Due to Company‟s good reputation. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) severe volatility in raw material prices and foreign currency exchange rate affecting the profitability of the company.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. 44 . Alternate feedstock like Coal gasification gives an opportunity for undertaking Fertilizer Projects in other parts of the country. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) activities enable realization of Carbon Credits. The increased availability of feedstock gas would permit for undertaking major expansion at Thal. several opportunities exist.

there has been high volatility in the prices of raw material and creation of scarcity impeding production and marketing plans. (A GOVT. OF INDIA UNDERTAKING) THREATS: Manufacturing and marketing of Fertilizers is the core business of the Company. The chemicals business is highly susceptible to cut throat global market competition. 45 . In the recent years.COMPLETE STUDY ON HR DEPARTMENT AT RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS LTD. Agro-climatic conditions have a large effect on the performance of the Company.


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