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Published by: Jamil Lorca on Jan 11, 2009
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Identified Community Health Needs and Problems • • • • • • • • • • • • Low Educational Attainment Unemployment Vector Problems Garbage Disposal Open

Drainage Immunization Unutilized Health Program Nutrition Smoking Alcoholism High Dependency ratio Risk for Hypertension

Recommendation The following are a list of alternatives that the community can adopt to solve some of the problems revealed by conducting the community diagnosis:

1. Low educational attainment of most of the people in the community hinders them in
qualifying to high paying jobs. This is because now a day’s, education became the basis of most companies in hiring employees. Having a high educational attainment means that an individual is more qualified and more skilled worker. Also, the high supply of laborers in the country made the companies to take their time in choosing the best employee in the certain field. With this, students who graduated as a degree holder is prioritize more than the undergrads thus leaving the unskilled worker in vain. The community may launch career option seminars that could help the people in choosing the best field for them. They can also grant scholarships to those students who excel in class and belong to the poor, to encourage them to pursue their studies. They can also ask the help of the mayor to support and allot budget for the improvement of the facilities and supplies of both elementary and secondary schools in the area.

2. The Lack of job opportunities in the community forces the people to look for job opening
outside the community. This greatly affect the community because most of the people will be unaware to the different projects that the community will launch while their gone. This also lessens the people who will participate in the different programs of the barangay. This is a big problem because with out the support of the people, barangay officials are useless and the community will not exist along side with them. In solving this problem, the barangay officials may ask the help of the mayor to create job openings for the people of the community. This will lessen the people who will work outside the community. It will have an effect to both the community and to their families. If people working outside the community is lessen, there will be a larger number of people who will support the programs of the barangay and families of these workers will not be left alone thus maintaining the closeness of each member.

3. The presence of mosquitoes in the community increases the risk of the people in
conducting diseases cause by these insects which includes Dengue and Malaria. Each family members is vulnerable especially the children in the community. Necessary preventive measure should be launch by the community like seminars to increase the awareness of the community people on how mosquito proliferates. Certain programs could help battling mosquitoes like the “Oplan Iwas Dengue”. The proper implementation of such program will going to help minimize the risk of diseases. The continuous


observation for cleanliness especially on the drainage of the barangay could lessen the breeding sites of these insects. Also the daily collection of garbage will again lessen the breeding sites not only for mosquitoes but for other pest as well. The community may encourage the families to make their own prevention plan. The practice of 4 o’clock habit and the utilization of mosquito net will add protection to the family. Also, the use of hypoallergenic insect repellants is very effective especially for the infants and toddler’s defense in mosquito bites.


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