Proofreading checklist Please check each of the following elements of your paper: 1.

Punctuation • Commas • Quotation marks • End punctuation • Dashes • Semicolons 2. Comma splices and run-on sentences 3. Sentence fragments 4. Apostrophes 5. Capitalization 6. Titles of sources: underlined or set in quotation marks? 7. Usage: affect vs. effect; there vs. their vs. they’re; its vs. it’s. 8. Spelling 9. Citation of sources • Parenthetical citation in text: e.g., (Glover 43) or ( • Works cited page: sources listed in alphabetical order • All information from sources must be cited 10. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point 11. Margins: standard (left and right: 1.25 in.; top and bottom: 1 in.) 12. Your title: should indicate the argument of the paper 13. Name and date 14. Rubric sheet stapled to the front of the paper I hereby confirm that I have proofread my paper, checked for each of the elements on this checklist, and made corrections where necessary.

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