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Video Shooter Second Edition Storytelling With HD Cameras

Video Shooter Second Edition Storytelling With HD Cameras

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Published by Luis Bond

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Published by: Luis Bond on Jul 20, 2012
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The shooter’s goal of achieving clean, noise-free recordings begins with opti-
mal microphone placement. Locating the mic too far from a subject or posi-
tioning it significantly off-axis will elevate the background noise and yield
unusable sound. Shooters should know that mic placement is too critical to
leave to an untrained person or reluctant friend pressed into service to “hold
the boom.” Not recognizing the value of proper microphone placement will
quickly sink the viability of any production, or at the least, lead to some very
expensive and time-consuming dialog replacement sessions down the road.

FIGURE 10.17

In many camcorders,
the headphone output
may be adjusted to
reflect either the live
(slightly delayed) audio
or the synchronized-
to-picture recorded

FIGURE 10.16

Differential audio setup CH1 and CH2. Referencing
channel that is 26 dB below channel 1 offers the shooter
protection against sudden loud passages.

The Audio Story CHAPTER 10


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